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  1. Hi, hope you enjoy it here
  2. I still have one of those, it is not as good as it used to be, but if I need a back up when off grid it gets me through a day and night with tv and fan heating etc, and has enough left to power the motor mover. It gets a charge on my return journey so still able to use the motor mover when I arrive home, wouldn't like to try pushing my luck getting much more than 36 hours off grid though.
  3. I've looked at some options, the weight advantage of lithium batteries appeals to me very much, to a slightly lesser extent the discharge - recharge attributes are also very appealing, if money was not a major consideration then I would have LiFePO4's now. I know someone who bought Lithium Ion batteries and thought they were the same as Lithium Phosphate (LiFePO4), he spent an awful lot of money and is now very disappointed as he could have had LiFePo4's for the same money had he done his homework. If my existing lead acid battery gives me another 5 years, I expect more as I look after my batteries, it will be intersesting to see what the cost of Lithium batteries are in 5 years time. If there is not a significant reduction by then I will probably purchase another lead acid battery at not much more than £130 or so, that's as far ahead as I care to think about at this time.
  4. http://letmegooglethat.com/?q=sanyo+em-s1298v+manual
  5. A motor mover may not be man enough to get the caravan up the slope but it would be able to turn the caravan 180 degrees from the parked position shown. Assuming that there is sufficient turning space then using the contra rotation function of the motor mover means that the caravan can rotate within a small area. I accept that the diagram may not be to precise scale but the diagram suggests that a motor mover option is a possibility.
  6. Me too, I enjoyed the pics etc. .
  7. Vaseline or Waxoyl, never had a problem since I started using them what seems like eons ago. Copper slip, thoroughly clean it off and apply one of the above, incidentally, Waxoyl is great on lamp contacts, lamp holders and other electrical contacts, use the 'clear' stuff.
  8. OP, buy decent towing mirrors, you won't go wrong with Millenco Aeros. And learn how to set up your mirrors, I set the car mirrors to view down towards the caravan wheel arches area, this lets me see the relationship between caravan wheels and kerbs etc.; and the towing mirrors to view wide and and rear of the caravan with the caravan body only just in sight when the car and caravan are in a straight line. In effect this means I am observing what is going on using both pairs of mirrors, it becomes easy with a bit of practice. Enjoy you new caravan and have a great time with it .
  9. Andy2504, do you already have an alko side lift jack? Bear in mind that a trolley jack has to 'travel' as it is being used, they don't travel at all well on gravel or uneven surfaces, I had an occasion where a trolley jack became locked between the gaps in block paviours and caused the trolley jack to shear a pivot pin. Whatever you use, be cautious and chock the opposite side wheels, lifting a wheel so that it just clears the ground is one thing, lifting a caravan 150mm brings significant changes to the pitch of the caravan and consequently the vertical alignment of the alko jack or a bottle jack changes with an ever increasing likliehood of the caravan pivoting or the jack slipping, I've got the tee-shirt for that and I won't be adding a second to the collection.
  10. OP, I suggest that you should be very cautious in considering jacking up one side of the caravan without the caravan being attached to a towing vehicle, there is a very high likliehood of the caravan pivoting and sliding off of the jack (damhik ). Couldn't you ask the site to pre-level the van for you and tip them a few quid for doing so, or bring along some planks or plastic levellers and ask the site to pull\push your van up onto the planks or levellers after you arrive. P.S. Does your car have a towbar, even if it is not suitable for towing you caravan it will be more than likely be very capable of moving the caravan onto ramps or leveling planks.
  11. What size of soalr panel do you have. If you have an antenna signal booster this should also be switched off to save some power. If your battery has been allowed to deplete to low levels then it would be worth connecting it to a smart charger and monitor the results.
  12. If fitting to metal you could use self tapping screws, because I was fitting to plastic on the caravan I used 5mm stainless steel nuts, bolts, washers and spring washers. They are pretty lightweight and do not require particularly robust fixings. Hope this helps. John
  13. In a word, No. I regret that it is probably not the answer you hoped for, hold on to your money and save yourself a lot of grief and regret.
  14. OP, is the caravan design like this ?
  15. CeePeeBee Johnaldo gave you the correct information in the first reply to this thread. Don't fret, your new plate will fit, . btw, I find these quick release fixings very secure for holding the number plate, link below. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2X-Trailer-Number-Plate-Clips-Holder-Quick-Release-Spring-Loaded-Stainless-Steel/143365304682?hash=item21613cf16a:g:8GoAAOSwPERdY4T7
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