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  1. Don't worry, as far as I'm aware the 'crusaders' didn't go near Morocco. Rather it was the Moors who invaded Spain and Portugal! 🤫 Yes, the Algarve is somewhat blighted by French motorhomes freebie squatting. BH
  2. Now in Portugal (Albufeira) for the next two months, and already planning next year's trip to Morocco. BH
  3. We have just traveled up the A7 toll motorway from Marrakesh to Mohammedia, it is long, straight and flat. One of the easiest towing trips I've ever had. Quite a contrast to the normal roads out here! BH
  4. Hell Bob We are back at l'Ocean Bleu in Mohammedia now (arrived at lunchtime) and are planning the next stage of our trip, looking at Fez next. At le Relais, Marrakesh yesterday, I spoke to German couple who we became friends with. He is 81 years old and he and his wife have driven (VW camper, 2 different Unimog expedition vehicles) all over Asia including Iran and Thailand and also through Africa to South Africa. They now have a small 'teardrop' two berth caravan and are still travelling the world! Anyway, the traveled down to Marrakesh via Fez last week, he advised me against the route from Fez to Chefchaouen with our larger caravan. He said that in parts the road is okay but at times it suddenly goes to single track with very unstable edges, which made it difficult when other vehicle were coming, especially big trucks. We could follow your route, but we definitely want to visit Fez but it would be a very long way round to go back to Rabat and then up to Chefchaouen. Anyway we are still deciding what to do next, whilst relaxing in the sun at l'Ocean Bleu. There are a couple of campsites at Ouezzane, which would allow for an overnight stop on the way... Crikey Morocco is an amazing country, we are already planning our 2021 trip! BH
  5. Hello Bob Bad luck on the delay. Yes an amazing country. What route did you use to Chefchaouen? On the map the roads in look rather mountainous. BH Bob, how about Fez, N4, N13? BH We are 13.5m long, with 8m twin axle caravan + 5.5m truck.
  6. Now for a short clip from the Jaama el Fna in the main square and souks of Marrakesh: Jaama el Fna Yesterday we went for a drive in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. visited a local souk and had a picnic. It was VERY hot! You'll see why we didn't tow the caravan with us from the photos! BH
  7. Here is a video of the journey south from the A7 toll motorway to Camping LaChenaie, Kinitra, Morocco. If you are ever going there it may be of some assistance to view the route. If you are not then you may be interested to see how good the Moroccan toll motorways are and how the Moroccan drivers treat the rules of the road! On the three lane two-way stretch of road (remember them?) you will see two very near head-on collisions! The site is generally used as a transit point by French motorhomers travelling south, so is very transitory. It is a bit, no very, chaotic and run down. However it provided us with a safe refuse for three nights to chill out and get into the Moroccan way of life. There is a great souk nearby and you do get all the needed facilities, but I wouldn't chose it as a 'destination' site. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gK3mBWpJD4&t=704s BH
  8. Enjoying Marrakesh, the weather is dry, hot and sunny (25c) in the day and cool at night - perfect. We are staying at Le Ralais de Marrakech, just outside the city. Great site with good facilities, swimming pool, bar and restaurant. The pitches are quite wide and deep enough for the Challenger TA (just). Here we are trying out our new Isabella sun canopy for the first time. It went up in about 5 minutes with no fuss. The first photograph is the view of the Atlas Mountains at sunset from our roof top restaurant in Marrakesh last night. Two German registered caravan outfits arrived yesterday, the first we have seen since arriving in Morocco. BH
  9. Now at Marrakesh, hot sun, cloudless sky, great site. BH
  10. Respect to all who have done it before, especially the chap in the 1950s, with no sat nav etc. Navigating between towns and cities has, so far, been easy enough, it's finding the campsites when there that is harder and where the sat nav comes into its own. BH
  11. Cheltenham Caravanner: Three days from the Northern Scottish Highlands down to Portsmouth. One day on the ferry to Santander. Four stops through Spain (Burgos, Aranjuez, Santa Elena, Algeciras) staying a couple of nights at each one. Ferry from Algeciras to Tangeir Med then two nights at Asilah. Down to Kenitra where we stayed for 3 nights. Now at Camping Ocean Bleu, Mohammedia (25k north of Casablanca). So a total of 10 campsites over a period of 20 days. Mileage so far - 1,786 and a bit to go yet! Commander Dave: We purchased insurance for Morocco at Tangier Med (after you clear customs, which took 5 hours!) and it cost 140 euros for 4 weeks. It was a bit over the top, but after such a loon wait at customs it was dark and I didn't have the inclination to shop around! Ern: Thanks, will do, but with limited internet access. BH Anders G: Yes our thoughts as well, so we thought we'd give it a go and see what it was like and how practical it is. We haven't seen another caravan yet, hundreds of French motorhomes but no caravans. I'm writing it up as we go along and MAY produce a caravanning in Morocco guide. BH View from the caravan at the first stop in Morocco, Asilah. Mind you our 'facilities were VERY basic! But we aren't looking for 'club' standards over here, and we have a nice bathroom on-board. BH
  12. It has been a very steep learning curve and we are way out of our comfort zones, but surely that's what life is about - adventure. BH
  13. An update... Well, as was mentioned the ferry may be delayed...it was! Our 17.00 hours ferry eventually sailed at 01.00, 8 hours late! We received a text on the morning telling us it was delayed and the new check-in time was 22.00 at the latest. As my booking was done through the C&CC, I telephoned their travel service. They checked that we could park in the outside car park until the reception opened at 08.00 hours. They also emailed Fuentes Blancas to tell them we were delayed and would be parking up outside. As you may imagine we weren't the only ones. There were four others, 4 of which (including us) traveled in convoy. We took the longer motorway route to avoid the smaller roads over the mountains. As it happens it was good choice - we encountered thick freezing fog on the journey. The 5th caravan arrived at 06.30 hours, having followed the road signs over the smaller mountain road as his sat nav had failed! We left Santander about 01.30 hours and arrived (all iced up) at about 04.45 hours! We pulled up wagon train style and settled in for the next 3 and a bit hours. The Alde heating on gas soon had the caravan toasty warm. Well, that's us set up on the site now and relaxing... BH
  14. Disney beware - competition... BH
  15. Earlier this yer I was looking at a s/h American caravan with sliders, it was very nice, but the hitch weight was 400 kgs!!! BH
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