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  1. No, that's okay Mickyjb, the tip was for people who don't have one! BH
  2. Yes, I should put it on my checklist! BH
  3. I came across this YouTube video a few days ago and found a very useful tip. It is mentioned at about 6 minutes into the video. It is a solar powered led light that you insert into the awning rail and is ideal for the 'offside' of the caravan where you have your services. Great for changing the water or emptying the black waste at night. I purchased a s/h caravan wheel arch cover off eBay and also a single Kampa limpet (they usually come in packets of 8). I cut enough from the cover to enable me to double over the material and glue it together with impact adhe
  4. Hello I found this whilst surfing YouTube and thought it may be of interest here: If it has already been posted then please forgive me. BH
  5. I think the clue is in the thread title - Living Full Time in a TOURING Caravan. People do it though, so it can be done. Good luck. BH
  6. We owned a diesel Mondeo estate for 14 years, during which time it did just shy of 200,000 miles. It never needed any welding and passed its last MOT with no advisories! BH
  7. Good question...probably simply because I can and I enjoy having a good squirt. BTW I didn't say which brand I purchased. BH
  8. Get a large porch awning and you won't have to worry about it! BH
  9. I've just ordered some, so now I'm ready for the off as soon as we can, in the happy knowledge that we'll have a clean caravan for the whole trip. BH PS. And a clean truck too...
  10. If you are away for several months these products are a great way to spruce up your caravan. In the UK most sites do not allow you to use a hose or water to clean your caravan, so you can end up with a really scruffy looking caravan. In Europe it is not generally such a problem but in countries where water is short supply, for example when we were in Morocco, it would have been disrespectful to use water to clean your caravan or motorhome with fresh water when many people were going without. Also pouring your grey waste down a drain was seen as wasteful. In this case we usually poured our grey
  11. One of the problems for Lunar caravans is that the name Lunar forms a simple couplet with the word 'leaky'. The phrase 'leaky Lunar' trips easily off your tongue and therefore easily becomes a meme, whether or not it is true. For example the phrase 'leaky Bailey's doesn't exactly trip off the tongue. Once a meme like 'leaky Lunar' has entered the lexicon it endures and does the brand damage. It has the opposite effect of a good advertising slogan like the well known paint brand that 'does exactly what it says on the tin'. BH
  12. We once purchased a large suite that we knew would be too large to get through the porch and into our living room. We arranged for a glazier to attend and take out the living room window (not double glazed unit). He came back in the afternoon to put new glass in after the suite was passed straight in through the now unglazed window. Whilst they were delivering the suite the delivery chap commented, "Did the salesman not tell you that these come apart!" So, before you take the windows out check if the item can easily be disassembled! BH
  13. I have used waterless wash products on my truck and caravan with great results. On long trips of several months it is great for getting rid of road grime. BH
  14. We have (retired) neighbours who have been 'getting' a caravan or motorhome for the past 4 years. They are now 4 years older and have missed out on their 'dream' for the last 4 years. Perhaps it will be the right time next year...or the year after that...or the year after that. Perhaps it will be the right time when they are too old, or perhaps it will never be the right time. You can't spend your money when you are dead. We are doing as much travelling and exploring whilst we can and are able. We took a gamble in January 2020 by travelling to Morocco, and it was brilliant. If we h
  15. Don't wait, do it now. You could wait forever for the 'right' time. BH
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