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  1. There is no such thing as "we'll just pop into the dealer, no to buy anything, just to take a look." How many of us on CT have said that and walked away with a new caravan? What you need or want from a caravan changes as your use of it changes. In our case not having a fixed bed but a side dinette and larger lounge was fine when we were away for just a few week at a time. However after being away for 6 months the thought of making up the bed again every night sent shivers down my spine. Now we have a fixed bed and a mid bathroom. Yes, there is a smaller lounge but oddly
  2. That's a good point, I hadn't thought of that. BH
  3. Just done mine and got about 1.5 litres of water out of my previously 'drained' system. I purchased a second inlet pipe to make up the unit and my local tyre depot (of whom I am a regular customer) gave me a couple of valves and half a dozen dust caps, so total cost £15.00 (and now I have a spare pipe if needed). I didn't do this with my previous caravan and it MAY not really be necessary, but it makes me feel happier! BH
  4. We are thinking to wait for our Covid-19 vaccination before venturing away to Europe, but I can't see it happening until March or April, in which case the worst of Winter will be over. BH
  5. Interesting topic and always a problem when you don't have the awning up. I wonder why this has never apparently been addressed by the caravan manufacturers? BH
  6. We have an old washing up bowl to put any muddy/wet footwear in. BH
  7. I've just ordered a new Truma inlet hose to make up the kit. I'd rather do that than swap the filter/valve over each year. Off the the local tyre depot next... BH
  8. Fifteen pounds for one of these, use the pump you already have, get a tyre valve from your local tyre depot and you are sorted. Brilliant idea, thanks for sharing it. BH
  9. We have a Suncamp Swift 260 porch awning for short stays and have used it in all weather (heavy rain included). It is cheap, does the job (buffer between outside and the caravan), lightweight, quick to erect, and best of all it can be packed wet and dried out at home. It is even big enough for the two us us to sit in at a table for meals. BH
  10. We carry two cables, one 15m and one 25m. The 15m is handy when you are near the EHU so you don't have to unwind the full 25m. Also useful in Europe and Morocco as occasionally we have had to use two to reach the EHU and also when the nearest EHU was not working and we were able to connect to the next one. I also carry the Kampa cover. It costs just a few pounds, weighs very little and doesn't take up much space. I use it when I have the two cables joined, even if it isn't raining. BH
  11. Spot on there John. The video I watched recommended an elastic band, but didn't have one so I improvised with one of SWMBO's Marigolds! BH
  12. Thanks all for the useful information, however I have managed to get the offending screw out, thanks to a tip from YouTube. Bearing in mind that it can't be in that hard, I thought that I'd try a tip I found. Using the cut out finger from a rubber glove of SWIMBO's (with her permission I must add), I put said finger over the tip of the Phillips screwdriver, pushed hard against the screw head and slowly turned. It gripped just enough to start moving the screw. I slowly, bit by bit unscrewed it until I was able to turn it out by hand. Bingo!!! Now all I have to do is find
  13. Hello I am having to replace one of the side windows on my Swift Challenger 635 because of a small 'star' crack (my fault - long story) . This is purely for cosmetic purposes, I could have put a small sticker over it, but I prefer to renew the window. Anyway, the window has arrived and it is (or should be) a very quick fix involving the removal of the two screws that hold the tops of the stays. My problem is that when I went to take the screws out I found that the head (cross-head) of one of them had been damaged. It is a new (2019) caravan and this was obviously done
  14. I just knew it wouldn't be an easy question! Thanks for ll your answers so far. We are used to low wattage as we caravan in Europe where we are often on 6 amp and in Morocco this year sometimes it was even lower. As I said the the original post, a toaster is not something I feel I need, it is simple something I want SWMBO to buy me for Christmas, a bit of frivolity really. I have my eye on this from Kampa. BH
  15. Hello A few days ago SWMBO asked me what I wanted for Christmas. "No idea", I replied. "How about something for the caravan?" She said. "Well I fancy a 'caravan' toaster", was my first thought. So, I've done a bit of googling and come up with a plethora of options, rather an overwhelming number indeed. Which is why I thought that I'd ask for recommendations here. It's not something I need, it is to be a gift, so I don't need to know why I don't need one, or what else I could use, or that I could use the grill (I already do that), a
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