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  1. Hello Ern The answer is both. The design of the rail, as you will see from the diagram, has an built in weakness. When you get onto the bed all of your weight is on the flimsiest part of the rail. Having looked at the latest 'vans it appears that they have changed the profile to strengthen the rail. I can't imagine that were were the only ones this happened to! BH
  2. Hello folks, here is an update... Persistence pays as usual. The fittings 'B' were indeed a 'captive' screw fitting. I removed the inner screws and managed to push out the 'captive' fitting by inserting a bradawl into the hole (from the side you see in the photo). I then slid the panel 'C' out which enabled me to undo the two self tapping screws on the underside at 'A'. You then have to systematically undo all the screws that hold the rail in place. For example, to get to the screws at 'D' you need to take out the 12v fuse panel holder and to get to the back of that with a 'stubby' screwdriver you need to take off the back of the end set of drawers, and to do that you need to slide out the slats! Of course you need to undo the 4 screws that hold the chest of drawers in place and remove the chest. In all the were over 40 screws to remove. Having undone that lot you can slide the rail out. I then cut the new rail to size, making sure that the small slot to slide the slats in and out was at the top (front of the caravan), transferred the wood support for the front seat base section, drilled holes to match the ones on the broken rail to take the myriad of screws. The fuse holder panel is a bit of a pain to get back as access is limited (use a small stubby screwdriver) but the panel at the back of the chest is easy to replace. The slats can then be threaded on again and the chest of drawers screwed back on. The whole job took me about 4 hours but I'm sure that anyone who is good at DIY could do it in about an hour. Having done the repair you can stand back and admire you handiwork and congratulate yourself on saving some money by not having to pay a dealer to do it for you. Cost of the replacement rail - £84.00 including packaging (in a VERY large cardboard tube) and delivery by courier. BH
  3. Hello I have to replace the bed rail (as pictured) as it has cracked. I see that the latest frames have a strengthened design! I have the replacement rail and have removed as much as I can to get the old rail out, but am now stuck! There is a self tapping screw underneath (A), next to the panel marked (C) which I can't get to. If I remove the panel (C) I should be able to get to it. It appears to be held in by screws (B). However I can undo these but there seems to be some sort of 'captive' fitting into the panel from the other side which are holding the panel in place. Anyone already done such a repair please? Any ideas? The 'van is a Swift Conqueror 530 (2011), but I think that these bed frames are common in many caravans. Thanks.
  4. Total towing mileage = 4,256 Total mileage = 7,188 The Emovis toll tags for Portugal and Spain (1 tag) and France were great. They saved a lot of stress and with the Galp fuel discount in Portugal (and Spain to a limited extent) this more than covered the monthly fee (£5.00). Regarding the gas, we have 2 x 6kg Calor on board. We found a local garage in Portugal that would fill the tanks at 9 euros each. For the whole trip we started with 1 and a half tanks and had two fill ups in Portugal, and still have plenty left. From the start of Castilo de Banos in March the two full tanks were more than enough. BH
  5. Thank you. Moncarapacho - 61 days, Castillo De Banos (C&CC Rally) 30 days. Elsewhere 2-3 days with an occasional 'overnight'. Big! No, very big! There are two 'sides' to the site, touring and 'permanent'. The touring side has good facilities and despite the huge size of the site, the pitches being delineated by large hedges, felt very private and peaceful. The 'permanent' side was a bit of a shanty town. Would we stay there again? Yes. BH
  6. Back home now for a few days before going down to a THS in East Yorkshire. Here was our trip (10/01/2019 to 28/05/2019) BH
  7. Cheers, I've had a reply from Grantham Caravans (Swift dealers) and they have the correct part for me. BH
  8. Thanks, I'll get a complete new unit then. BH
  9. Hello, Swift Conqueror 530 - 2011. The roof light in the kitchen/dinette area has been ripped off with a gust of wind. The casing has cracked a little (but would still be serviceable) but the plastic roof dome had its hinges broken. I have gaffer taped it back on to get home and it is quite secure for the moment. However I want to replace the unit asap. It looks like one of these: https://www.leisureshopdirect.com/ventilation/caravan-roof-vent/dometic-heki-rooflights/dometic-micro-heki-without-forced-ventilation Can any one please tell me exactly which bits to measure to get the right part? Thanks. BH
  10. Hello Can anyone please tell me how to remove the cover of my awning light so that I can replace the LED strip? Thanks BH
  11. Quick update... We stayed at Camping Arena Blanca, just 1.6 miles from the front at Benidorm so we were able to walk in from there. Nice site with good facilities and a nice 'buzz to it'. Thanks again. BH
  12. Thanks 'Bubble', that'll do us. I have found a campsite in Benidorm just 1.5 miles from the seafront, so that will make life easy as we can walk there or get a taxi. BH
  13. Hello Sorry, parking for the car only. We can't take public transport as we have our dog! BH
  14. Hello Posted here hoping for a quick reply as we will be on the move on Wednesday. On our travels north through Spain we are stopping near Alicante for couple of nights with a view to paying a quick visit to Benidorm and Alicante just to take a walk along the 'proms'. Can anyone suggest a parking area for us. I've looked on Google Maps and I can't see much by way of car parks? Thanks. BH
  15. My post is indeed referring to the blade in the cassette. It is operated by the lever and ratchet you see in my photograph which is in the base of the toilet and connects to the blade in the cassette when you insert it. BH
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