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  1. We have a Kampa Rally Air Pro 330 awning and a Sunncamp Swift 220 porch awning. We purchased the Kampa second hand over three years ago for less than £400.00 and it has given us great service. It is heavy though and it is a two person job to put up, having said that it is simple (and you can't forget any poles). I wouldn't put it up for less than a week though, and keep an eye on the weather as I need to take it down when dry as if packed wet it is difficult to dry out again. It is solid in high winds The Sunncamp porch awning is lightweight and simple to erect, there is in effect only one pole and it can easily be done single handed. It is 'cheap and cheerful and only costs about £150.00 brand new. We normally use it for long weekend short stays, if taken down in the wet it is quick and easy to dry. We have used it in 'breezy' conditions with no problem. Any awning, large or small, is a boon for keeping chairs etc. in and for changing out of muddy boots and wet coats, which can then be left in the awning to dry. For our winter trip next year, we are leaving the Kampa at home as I want to save some weight in my vehicle (the Kampa would eat up most of your payload if stored in the caravan). Apart from a couple of months at the C&CC rally at Albufeira, we will be doing quite a lot of short stays as our trip will include Morocco, Spain and France as well as Portugal. So we are taking the Sunncamp porch awning (if it gets too windy it can be taken down quickly) and an Isabella Shadow Sun Canopy (not too expensive at about £240.00, but high quality). The sun canopy is light and can be erected in 5 minutes and taken down in seconds. It will provide shade to sit out and eat etc. The Sunncamp and the Isabella Shadow are quite light and could be transported in your caravan. BH
  2. Hello I am looking at these Easimat non-slip tiles for a small porch awning, are they any good? Thanks. BH
  3. Here are a couple of wound reels I saw at a campsite just last week, they were on the pitches each side of us. They were both motorhomes. The one photographed in the rain was German and had two women and a small child (toddler) in it. The other was a UK registered MH with two 'mature' adults. Not only is there a risk of fire, but look where they have been placed, in just about the best position to set the vehicle on fire. I did not see the UK MH set up, but the German registered MH was plugged in at the mains first and then plugged into the MH. What does one do? If I went to every one that I saw doing something incorrectly and a bit dangerous and told them about it, I think I'd spend more time policing campsites than relaxing. However I have flagged down the odd passing caravan or MH (when on a site) and told them they have left a window or roof vent open. This has always been happily received. I have also been informed that I have left my jockey wheel down, left the aerial up and the odd other potential catastrophe. I was happy that someone intervened. However that was a 'mistake'. Telling someone that they are doing something WRONG is a little different and invites not such a happy response. BH
  4. I've just had the answer form Swift-Talk forum forum, but here it is for anyone else to learn from: To remove the covers unscrew the plastic screws whilst holding what looks like the plastic washer - to stop it turning. (I use a small flat screwdriver). When the screws are far enough out the screw and it's receptor will come right out. Then slide the end cover off to reveal an "L" shaped metal rod. Pull this out and the mounting point cover will be released. BH
  5. Hello folks I'm looking at mounting the long horizontal marker plate (required for vehicle/trailer combinations over 12 m in Spain) to the bottom Thule Bike Rack fitting on my caravan. Can anyone tell me how you remove the plastic pieces that cover the holes (marked THULE) please? Thanks.
  6. Update: We booked into Roseland on Bute for three nights. Good site, water on each pitch in the Lodge Park section. The only 'niggle' was that the black waste dump was difficult to use. We crossed onto the island from Weymss Bay and off from the north at Rhubodach. No problems with either. KH
  7. Well, from our experience, yes. Firstly with the rear bedroom and mid bathroom, I can get up early (as is my habit) and sit in the lounge reading and not disturb SWMBO. If in the evening one of us (usually me) wants to go to bed early they can (also good for an afternoon nap). Secondly, whilst the lounge area is a little smaller, it actually feels larger as there are effectively 3 rooms in the caravan. We refer to the bedroom as 'the north wing'! If on a long trip you want a bit of 'self time' one of you can go and sit in the bedroom to watch TV or read. This is particularly useful if you are in transit and haven't got the awning out. Good luck. KH
  8. Thanks I checked with the dealer and the Conqueror was sols within two weeks (it was immaculate and had been very well looked after)! I hope they enjoy it as much as we did.
  9. An update... After all of the above, for our travels I have purchased a TA Lock'n'Level! The 'planks are great for our drive and allow me to level the 'van fore & aft, but I didn't want to have to lug them around Europe and Morocco with us. I took the L'n'L with us on our inaugural trip to the isle of Bute and needed to use them on the site there (Roseland - the only caravan site on the island) where the offside needed raising about 5 inches. The other sites we stayed at were all billiard table level. I must say that I found the L'n'L a breeze to use. KH Hello I need two for the drive as it slopes... KH
  10. Crikey, I'd have thought you being an ex-policeman would have spotted that! BH
  11. That 'numpty' was more than likely a computer program using artificial intelligence. BH
  12. Hello 'Poltergeist666' Congratulations on your new caravan, we too are very happy Swift owners with a Challenger 635, purchased this month. Our previous caravan (and our first) was a Swift Conqueror 530, which served us very well for three years on a couple of 6,000 mile plus European trips as well as several thousands of miles in the UK. Before the Conqueror we had a (Swift) Bessacar motorhome for a couple of years and took that to Europe too. Make sure you join Swift Talk which is a great forum for Swift specific queries (obviously ). Remember that 'complainers' always make more noise than the 'happy bunnies'. BH
  13. My father was driving an electric goods vehicle over 55 years ago! BH
  14. Thanks for that. We are off on Monday and I'll get the caravan out and on to a wider road just outside the village to measure it. BH
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