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  1. As an 'aside', Altnahara occasionally gets reported with the coldest temperature in the UK during winter and the hottest during summer! Back to the subject, we use a insulated jacket on our Aquarol and hose and heating set to 12c overnight, and (so far) have had no problems despite being out in temperatures well below freezing. A nice toasty warm caravan with Alde 'wet' central heating is joy. KH
  2. I don't know, but I'd guess that Kampa sell way more air awnings than Bradcot or Isabella... BH
  3. We purchased one (5m) for our tip to Morocco this year and found it a great bit of kit. Very easy to put up and take down, quite literally 5 minutes and you are done. Very well made and not too expensive. If you go to a 'My Kampa Air Awning Leaks Facebook site don't expect a balanced view! People with gripes shout loud but satisfied customers just sit back and enjoy... BH
  4. The problem here is that your are asking for opinions. People who prefer air awnings will say that they are better, people who prefer pole awnings will say that they are better. People who like air awnings will point out the problems with pole awnings and people who like pole awnings will point out the problems with air awnings. People who like brand A will say that they are the best, and people who like brand B will say that they are the best. We have a Kampa Rally Pro Air 330, which gives us great service for longer stays and a lightweight SunCamp porch aw
  5. "workshop monkey" That's rather demeaning. BH
  6. It's at the top of my list of what I'm buying when I win the lottery, along with a twin rear wheel Dodge Ram to tow it! BH
  7. ..how about this. I can see this going down a storm in Morocco! BH
  8. I have just spoken to tech guy at Sargent and he tells me that it wouldn't work due to the 2 controllers (he said some other technical stuff as well which I have now forgotten). To use the portable panel I'd need to disconnect the roof panel controller. As I have no desire to fiddle with the fitted solar panel the portable is now for sale on Gumtree. Cheers BH
  9. Hello folks We have a Swift Challenger 635 which has a factory fitted 80w roof mounted solar panel with Sarjent controller. It works fine and we recently spent a few days at a THS using it with no problems. Our previous caravan did not have the roof mounted solar panel so we purchased a Sunstore 100w portable panel which we attached to the battery when we were off grid. This has a built in controller. The Sunstore unit is currently sat at home in it's carry case. I was wondering that if during the dark winter months when we go off grid camping whether it wou
  10. We were at a couple of sites near Stirling and Dundee last month and we couldn't get 6kg Calor (Propane) anywhere. The dealers told us they ran out weeks ago and had no idea when they would get a restock. On returning home (Scottish Highlands) our local dealer in Tain supplied us with one and said that they had not had a shortage! BH
  11. The joys of LED bulbs. When we purchased our Swift Challenger caravan new last year the rear indicators on the 'van wouldn't work as out tow vehicle, Mitsubishi L200, has normal filament bulbs. I had to purchase a special conversion unit from Sargent at £100.00 to fit to the caravan. To be fair though it was a strait plug & go swap and has worked fine since. As I said the joys of LED! BH
  12. ...another vacant space on the ferry for us. BH
  13. Our plans are to go to Morocco again in January or February depending on the Covid-19 situation. There is likely to be free space on the UK-Spain ferries available at short notice (taking the above replies into the equation). If not then drive down through France and Spain to get the ferry from Algeciras to Tangier Med. We managed Albufeira to Calais in 4 days this year when 'evacuating'! Having done it once we are happy to set off at short notice. Of course it will all depend on whether Europe and Morocco will let us in...if they'll have us then we will go.
  14. This year we towed our Swift Challenger 630 from Inverness (well 40 miles north of actually) to Marrakesh and back with our Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian Automatic, a journey of over 5,700 miles! I wouldn't take any notice of that message. BH
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