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  1. ...and I made some blocks for the rear steadies (whilst on our drive) to match!
  2. Hello Dave The symbol on the far left adjusts the display of the screen. You can turn it so that it is 'inverted' so that it does not disturb anyone sleeping in the lounge. Press it to 'invert' and the button goes green The 'shower' symbol allows you to turn off the domestic hot water during the night. Again press it and it goes green to show that it is activated. Here is a useful video from Alde You'll soon get used to it, it does seem a bit complicated at first though doesn't it? BH
  3. Oddly enough this morning I managed to figure out how to set the 'day mode' and 'night mode' Alde heating in our new Challenger. Here are a couple of diagrams that may help. BTW you will need to ensure that the Alde clock is set to the correct time and date. Hope this helps BH
  4. Handbrake off, with the wheels chocked for us. BH
  5. Update: Having acquired my 2A caravan and measured the gap between the wheels, the above split ramp won't fit. BH
  6. We live up in the Northern Highlands and if I hear on the radio warnings for high sided vehicles on the Kessock bridge (A9 crossing from Inverness to the Black Isle) then for us it is too windy! Mind you the advantage is that the 'midgies' won't bother you! You can check it out on Traffic Scotland. BH
  7. You can easily remove the chest. I had to do it to replace the plastic bed rail on our 2011 Conqueror 530. Take all the cushions and seats out and you will see the 4 screws that hold the chest in place. Undo the screws - and that's it! Lift off the chest and you are done. The attached photo (which was used in my thread about replacing the plastic bed rail) shows the slats without the chest in place. PS. You will be amazed whet you will find has fallen down behind the chest and hidden itself underneath! BH
  8. We have the Aguri RV729DVR, we purchased it prior to our 2019 European trip. It performed brilliantly and guided us right to the entrances of the campsites we were using and anywhere else we wanted to go. I entered decimal format co-ordinates (often from Google Maps) and on European campsites this is what are normally given (unlike post codes in the UK which are often hit and miss). Over 7,000 miles of routes through Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium with accuracy. The downside - it does take a little while to boot up, and yes you go through the built in dashcam first. But we did not find it a problem, just have a little patience. The upsides - clear maps, good directions, it has a built in dashcam, simple to use. Updating is a breeze via wi-fi. Their website has loads of video tutorials which make updating the speed camera database, software and mapping very simple and easy to follow. I certainly recommend their satnavs and I would definitely purchase another. BH
  9. Yes that's what we did, but finally, after spending almost 6 months away the thought of making up the bed and packing it away again each day made us succumb to the fixed bed! BH
  10. I haven't, and I'm not going to. They seem to do the job and they'll travel in the back of my L200. Of course I'll only be taking one set with us as the 2nd set is for only for use on our drive. Oh yes, and the first night sleepover on our drive went well. BH
  11. Update. Scaffold planks purchased £44.00 for two! Ramps cut, and treated with wood preservative. Then tested on the caravan. Bingo, they worked! I made two sets of three ramps as our drive is on a slope and to level the caravan for and aft it needs a bit of extra height, and of course one set for each side. I needed to modify the backstop (where have I heard that before!) a little as the one on the middle size ramp was hitting the tyre when fully back. I don't mind the caravan not being level on the drive normally, but when all the family come to stay (as they have today) we use the caravan as extra sleeping quarters. Usually one of the girls sleeps there, but guess who's sleeping in the brand new caravan this time? BH
  12. Then, "You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din" BH
  13. Hello I had an Alko wheel lock on our Conqueror, and it was a real pain to use, even when on the level, never mind if you had to use ramps. So much so that it was hardly ever used. I can imagine how difficult it would be on a TA. I now have a pair of Nemesis Ultra locks which are the same Thatcham category but are really easy to fit! BH
  14. ...or even three! BH
  15. Cheers Chaps Off to get a scaffold plank on Monday then. BH PS. Drawing amended...
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