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  1. Thanks 'Bubble', that'll do us. I have found a campsite in Benidorm just 1.5 miles from the seafront, so that will make life easy as we can walk there or get a taxi. BH
  2. Hello Sorry, parking for the car only. We can't take public transport as we have our dog! BH
  3. Hello Posted here hoping for a quick reply as we will be on the move on Wednesday. On our travels north through Spain we are stopping near Alicante for couple of nights with a view to paying a quick visit to Benidorm and Alicante just to take a walk along the 'proms'. Can anyone suggest a parking area for us. I've looked on Google Maps and I can't see much by way of car parks? Thanks. BH
  4. My post is indeed referring to the blade in the cassette. It is operated by the lever and ratchet you see in my photograph which is in the base of the toilet and connects to the blade in the cassette when you insert it. BH
  5. Thanks to all for your replies, and having read them we have decided to give Andorra a miss. We'll try Luxembourg instead! Thanks again. BH
  6. Hello We are currently in the south of Spain and will begin our journey home towards the end of this month. The plan is to go up the east coast (of Spain) with a couple of days at Alicante and then Barcelona. SWMBO wants to visit Andorra on the way back. We will then drive through France with a few stops to get to the Channel Tunnel. However, looking at Google Earth the roads in and out of Andorra look 'challenging'. So I have two questions for those who have been that way before. 1) On the east side of Spain what is the easiest route from Barcelona into France? 2) Is there a campsite with easy access anyone knows that is within an hour or so drive from Andorra? Thanks BH
  7. We used to have a MH so I know how they work. My point is why would you spend tens of thousands of pounds on a MH to park up in a crowded, insecure, dirty car park or bit of waste ground? BH
  8. Just how many motorhomes can you fit onto a small patch of dirt next to the bins? BH
  9. Agree, it would be impossible for me to push our caravan up the slope onto the road. BH
  10. Cara01, we have a drive which slopes down and a tight turn to get into it. The road is very narrow so you can not get any 'swing' to reverse in or to pull the caravan out, so our situation is a bit 'worse' than yours. You will have no problem getting the caravan onto your drive with a motor mover. I have to park parallel to my drive then use the movers to pivot the caravan and then reverse it down into the gap. Getting it out I park my truck on the road then 'drive' the caravan out to meet it. It only takes a couple of minutes, and always provides a little entertainment to neighbours or any passers by! Parking on a slope is okay as it means that the rain does not pool on the roof. Our caravan is used as an occasional bedroom annex and I can get it just about level despite the slope by lowering the jockey wheel right down and putting blocks under the rear steadies. I put chocks against the wheels and after the steadies are all down I release the handbrake. You will be fine, enjoy your caravan. BH
  11. We are currently in The Algarve, I had one of my standard UK 6 kg propane gas cylinders refilled for 10 euros at a local 'gas' station. You just take the cylinder along and the chap produces the correct fitment and you get topped up! I have spoken to others and it seems that many small local 'gas' stations will do this. I have seen the same place filling up UK propane cylinders on motorhomes. BH
  12. There is an article in 'The Portugal News' about Silves Council and also Vila Real de San Antonio Council who have begun to enforce the regulations that prohibit 'free camping' due to 'effects that are undesirable and harmful, due to an abusive use of public and natural spaces...' Also the detrimental effect of free camping on legitimate businesses. The Motorhomes Association of Portugal have the cheek to dispute this in court! Anyway, here is another example of MHers being unable to read! BH
  13. Find the location on Google Maps, right click, select 'whats here' and get a co-ordinate location down to 6 decimal points, enter this in your sat nav and off you go! For example, type this into the search on Google Maps 37.021109, -7.970701 and you'll get right into Faro Airport. I'm having a parcel delivered to me at the site we are on near Moncarapacho. There are no street names in the countryside here, and the post code for the address is huge. I asked the owners of the site (small 8 units only) about getting the parcel delivered and they told me that the delivery drivers Google the location and then get the co-ordinates for their sat nav. The co-ordinates took us right into the front yard of the site when we arrived here. It's a great (existing) system and is perfect for locating rally fields etc. back in the UK. It seems to me that there is already a universal location system in place, and has been for years, are they 'reinventing the wheel'? Or have I missed something obvious? BH
  14. ...they just keep getting repaired! The first one (white(ish)) was actually being used! It was towed to the Market and was towed away again by the trader. The second (corrugated) one looks like it came from the set of Mad Max IV. BH
  15. Living the dream 2. Spotted today, about 80 MHs on a dusty car park. Note the MH with the couple enjoying the view of cars and other MHs UK registered). They are parked directly under a sign prohibiting MHs! I wonder if when they go home they tell friends and neighbours that they spent the winter in various car parks? I can imagine the letters they would write to their local council if the same thing happened by their house! BH
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