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  1. There are two sides to every story, and here we only have one side! BH
  2. Thanks Ivan8 That'll do for Plan C. I checked with the campsite at Burgos and their reception closes at 23.00 hours. We have been there before and I remember that the car park outside the gate for the park is rather large. That will be Plan D! BH
  3. Hello Grumpy2 Relax, enjoy your first trip and if you need to know anything whilst you are away just ask the site wardens/owners or any other caravaners and you'll find that you will get plenty of help. You learn something each time you go away, then one day some newbie will ask you something and you WILL know the answer and YOU will be able to help them. Then you will be able to bask in the subsequent glow of satisfaction that you are no longer the newbie! BH
  4. It will be interesting to see how you get on. How abut some 'before' photos? Good luck. BH
  5. Hello Moorgate Thanks for that. I'll bear it in mind as a plan B. KH
  6. Thanks Andy, but I tried both those sites and they state that they do not accept TA units! Having posted the question I decided to bite the bullet and go for Burgos. We have stayed there before and will do a couple of nights to take another look at the city (El Cid). Yes, it will be dark and yes it will be winter, but at least I'll have been relaxing on the ferry all day. I did the booking through C&CC (I booked the ferry and rally at Albufeira through them) and they assured me that a later arrival is okay. Well, I guess that I've answered my own post! BH
  7. Hello We travel over to Spain in early January (Santander) and will be arriving at 17.30 hours, so I need to find somewhere fairly close to pitch up for the night. However I'm struggling to find anywhere open at that time of year. Any that are open within 40 miles either don't accept TA caravans and/or dogs. I have scoured the internet, ACSI, Pitchup, etc. and the nearest I can find is at Burgos, which I reckon would mean a drive of at least 2.5 hours, therefore arriving after 20.00 hours. Which I don't really want to do being winter and after dark. Any suggestions please? Also has anyone done the journey from Santander to Burgos after arriving at Santander in the evening? Thanks in advance. BH
  8. Our drive slopes, so I load the van when we are going away, get it out of the drive using the movers (it is a narrow road so it can't be towed out) and then hitch up and drive about half a mile out of the village to a flat section of road which is also wide enough for me to safely stop and check the nose weight. I use a Reich electronic nose weight gauge (the one for TA caravans), then do any adjustments with the loading to get the nose weight to 85-90 kgs. The caravan limit is 100 kgs, my truck (Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian) limit is 115 kgs. It sounds a bit of a faff but it's only a 5 minute job. Now we have used the new 'van a few times I have a good idea how to load it in the first place. First couple of times required a bit more jiggling about with weight distribution. BH
  9. As John says they porch awning sides don't fix to the side of the caravan. Here is a photo of our Sunncamp porch awning attached to our Swift Challenger 635. The bottom peg on the side is placed slightly under the caravan and this pulls the awning side against the side of the 'van. There are also tabs to fit poles here if you wish to, and as John says you can either buy Sunncamp poles or use universal poles. We use ones from our Kampa air awning (not fitted in the photo). BH
  10. We use a Cadac Safari Chef, however I just use it on the ground not on a table. BH
  11. The C&CC two day minimum can be a bit of a pain. Living in the Northern Highlands it takes us a couple of overnight stops to get down south for the ferry or Euro-tunnel and the C&CC site at Moffat is in a convenient place for our first stop down and last stop back up, also the site is nice and the town next door is great. However if we only want the one night we can't book it. We have taken the chance out of season and just turned up and been given an overnight pitch, however there are times when you need to KNOW that you have a pitch reserved. This year we have traveled 'up and down' twice and have booked into the 'Green Frog' small private site next door to the C&CC site. It is cheaper and they are happy to book you in for the night. Each time we have seen that there are plenty of spaces available at the C&CC site (it is literally next door). So on 4 occasions this year the C&CC lost out on our business due to the 'two night' rule! BH
  12. No, actually it's a 5th wheeler! BH
  13. We have a Kampa Rally Air Pro 330 awning and a Sunncamp Swift 220 porch awning. We purchased the Kampa second hand over three years ago for less than £400.00 and it has given us great service. It is heavy though and it is a two person job to put up, having said that it is simple (and you can't forget any poles). I wouldn't put it up for less than a week though, and keep an eye on the weather as I need to take it down when dry as if packed wet it is difficult to dry out again. It is solid in high winds The Sunncamp porch awning is lightweight and simple to erect, there is in effect only one pole and it can easily be done single handed. It is 'cheap and cheerful and only costs about £150.00 brand new. We normally use it for long weekend short stays, if taken down in the wet it is quick and easy to dry. We have used it in 'breezy' conditions with no problem. Any awning, large or small, is a boon for keeping chairs etc. in and for changing out of muddy boots and wet coats, which can then be left in the awning to dry. For our winter trip next year, we are leaving the Kampa at home as I want to save some weight in my vehicle (the Kampa would eat up most of your payload if stored in the caravan). Apart from a couple of months at the C&CC rally at Albufeira, we will be doing quite a lot of short stays as our trip will include Morocco, Spain and France as well as Portugal. So we are taking the Sunncamp porch awning (if it gets too windy it can be taken down quickly) and an Isabella Shadow Sun Canopy (not too expensive at about £240.00, but high quality). The sun canopy is light and can be erected in 5 minutes and taken down in seconds. It will provide shade to sit out and eat etc. The Sunncamp and the Isabella Shadow are quite light and could be transported in your caravan. BH
  14. Hello I am looking at these Easimat non-slip tiles for a small porch awning, are they any good? Thanks. BH
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