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  1. Hi hope somebody can help I have a tourer caravan and all of a sudden the gas is running out very quickly I have tried the orange and the blue bottle but all the same, when I bought the caravan it had the regulator (showing) unattached in the front and I was informed I didnt matter what regulator you use? But was wondering that these problems are happening because they are not attached to this regulator in the picture. We noticed these things happening with the fridge stopped working. Hope you can help .Russ
  2. hi i have a bailey pageant 2004 my problem is when i take the hook up of the caravan the meter hits 0. So i think its the battery and buy a new battery and bingo its fine until the morning and i woke up to 0 again? My caravan has the battery charger in the box with all the fuses under the seat. The fuses have been checked and they seem fine, i was thinking of buying a quality battery charger to by-pass the onboard charger but then was thinking the same things going to happen? i think maybe something is draining the battery. PLEASE HELP
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