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  1. After a long lay-off I went to engage my Reich mover yesterday, but found the remote control wasn't working; no red light. This is one of those black jobs with red buttons - 2006. Checked the battery, and it was indeed a bit low (7v) so bought another one. Still no go. Whereupon I looked through these forums and found a similar problem from some years ago (now closed) where the gentleman had exactly the same problem. But learned that a replacement unit would cost £145 Arghh! So, nothing ventured nothing gained, I took the thing apart (four screws from the back, and four screws from the circuit board. Simple. Bingo! I found the fault - easypeasy You will find that the CB is connected to the front button-face by a plastic ribbon strip which plugs into a small white connector block. Pull the ribbon out of the block and, using a magnifing glass, carefully and gently scrape or clean the tiny exposed ends of the wires. (With any such contact problems I usually make a point of lightly wiping surfaces with a little Vaseline to prevent future oxidisation.) Plug the ribbon back, reassemble, and you're ready-to-go. Hope this will help others in a similar predicament Shaftmonde. PS I only charge £144 for this advice
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