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  1. Well, several days after and a couple of runs and all seems well. The garage's diagnostic kit confirms no further evidence of a drain, no fault codes, hopefully no more problem. Bearing in mind there will always be a draw for the alarm system that is active when everything else is off. We also have a modern BMW 4 series Gran Coupe and the electronics on that are of another world. All sorts of systems do their things after shutting down. I have a dash cam powered from a cigarette type socket and that continues to run for 10-15 minutes after switch off before it closes down too. Things are getting far too complex. How I miss the simplicity, and dreadful reliability, of my 105E Anglia in the 1960s!
  2. matelodave, sorry no idea whether it was BMW or aftermarket (I'm guessing the latter) but it hasn't given me no end of trouble as you describe. The company that did it are very reputable and knew exactly what I needed when I described the requirement to add fridge facility. Very common in their world, upgrading German cars all the time. Paul1957, yes I wondered that but the answer the way it was explained to me is that, providing the resistance is adjusted properly, the relay goes to sleep when there is no connection. It seems in my case it never went to sleep but was "active" continuously to the tune of a third of an amp, enough to flatten the battery over a prolonged time. Of course when I was using the car more it replenished the battery on each journey and I wouldn't have be aware of the drain. Whatever, the BMW diagnostic kit initially shown the 0. 3amp draw after everything was off and shut down, After the relay adjustment it sat overnight in their garage and when checked in the morning, nothing. Good enough for me.
  3. Thought I'd share the saga of my battery issue in case it helps other BMW owners who, like me had to have the additional power to fridge and leisure battery added to the trailer wiring. Last year I had the additional wiring done (in truth they removed the original loom and installed a new one incorporating the extra power feeds). All was well and everything worked as it should on the few trips we made. The car was used regularly with and without the caravan but in the Autumn when my wife retired full time the X5 didn't get used anything like as much. (There is a clue in there!) In November it was sluggish to start and on one occasion went flat and I charged it back up over the weekend with my CTEK charger. All well for a week and then flat again. Car due major service in December so had a new battery fitted as the original had had a good innings. Last week, went to start and. ... battery flat as a pancake. Charged "new" battery overnight and took car back to garage, a local independent German car specialist. They detected a drain of 0. 3amp and tracked it to the trailer wiring. The car mechanic contacted tow-bar installer who advised him to micro-adjust the relay to the fridge power line. Fixed! It seems that while the car was getting plenty of use the drain wasn't sufficient to flatten the battery before the next start up, but when the car stood for longer periods it did. Even the tow-bar guy was surprised as he always fitted the wiring, relay and all, as factory set and had never had to adjust one before. A quarter of a turn with a watchmaker's screwdriver was all it took to solve the problem. Maybe this will help someone who might ever have a similar problem, especially if having the extra wiring installed retrospectively. If it is okay I'd like to give a big shout out to Rutland Prestige in Oakham who responded to my problem immediately and to UK Tow-Bars Ltd in Cambridgeshire who couldn't have been more helpful.
  4. I have somehow missed this. Really sorry for not acknowledging your post Ian. What a great collection of boxed combinations. They are fantastic. I think my favourite is your third one down, the Range Rover with what looks like an identical caravan as mine (son's!) but in different colours. Thanks again for sharing.
  5. Gulp! Fortunately I seem to be lucky. It looks as though it is being pulled apart, which it probably is if there is any sag. Have you had it repaired? If so, what has been done?
  6. Thanks for the tip. I have only just read your comment and zoomed straight out to the van, flipped off all the front window catches and lifted each window from the outside. Fortunately they are all sound as a pound. I think the previous owner could only have used it a couple of times and it looks like the front windows have never been opened before I acquired it!
  7. I think you'll find that is an "OZ" hitch (the clue is in the name) and is an Australian off road trailer hitch. Video link
  8. I agree. Our 2010 Coachman is a joy to own and cost us a third of the price of an equivalent new one. It does seem the combination of need to reduce weights in every conceivable way (such as lighter cushion stuffings!) and smaller, lighter tow cars is the culprit. IMHO the caravans made 10 to 20 years ago were better engineered and less likely to have had the problems prevalent today. There are some absolute bargains to be had with models traded in for new ones. And my little 4 berth Dethleff Nomad that I hooked onto a 1600 Jetta in Germany in the 1970s was probaly the best ‘van I have ever owned.
  9. I have just seen a BBC News website video featuring the Barefoot, which may have prompted the OP's comment. It looks like the "news" aspect is that it is designed and marketed by a solicitor without experience in manufacture or design. Linky And I agree Geoff, there are several videos, including a Caravan Club review on YouTube. Cute but very pricey.
  10. How awful for you. My sympathy for how you must be feeling.
  11. Thanks for replies. All is very well as I'm just completed a hook up and test. Multimeter across battery (off mains) and with car running shows 13. 6 and with car engine off 12. 6, so all is well there. Next, fridge on with car engine off, flashy blue light as expected. Engine fired up and light off, fridge indicator showing 12 vt supply. So all is well there too. At last my deficiencies with the wiring are over thanks to UK Towbars rewire exercise. Big up to them (no affiliation of course). Thanks everyone for pointers.
  12. Another thought, another question. To check that tha car is running the fridge (during a journey) does the fridge need to be run on mains or gas first, to bring temp down, or can I hook up, start car and switch the fridge on to see 12vt selected by auto setting. I hope that makes sense. IOW does the fridge have to cold for the car to take over? Thanks
  13. Thank you matelodave. I'll do that.
  14. A completion update: UK Towbars were as good as their word and were waiting for me at the due date/time. We discussed the issue and they had the same job on another X5 the day before, so nothing new for them. It was agree that to try and solve the existing setup would be more trouble than it was worth and they took out the original electrical installation and installed a completely new one. Took a couple of hours and they ran me into the local town and back while I waited. They tested it on their diagnostic kit and assured me all is well. Today I motor-moved my caravan through 90 degrees on the drive making it easier to tow away and later I'll hook up and check everything works as expected, before our next trip in it. Interesting note: whoever fitted the original tower and electrics (Witter detachable) it seems they were a bit slack with the connections, using scotch locks and insulating tape! This company has soldered all connections and repositioned the 13 pin socket.
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