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  1. We tow with a Mk2 Kuga 163 Diesel Powershift twin clutch "automatic". It's a joy to drive with or without the caravan on the back. It has a manual and gear hold mode but I honestly have never needed to use it. I pop it in Sport mode up the hills when towing and never had to 2nd guess it's gear selection. Really nice gearbox, engine and car; very happy with it.
  2. Our 2013 Kuga has a capless filler neck with miss-fuel protection. Problem now is even a small amount of petrol in a newer diesel car will wreck the pump (lack of lubrication), this then sends metalic debris around the fuel system ruining the injectors etc which is a very costly repair!.
  3. What's the Teslas max tow weight and range when towing it?.
  4. We bought out 2nd hand Sterling Moonstone from them last year, very nice people. to deal with and no sale pressure at all. They took time to talk us through all aspects of buying a caravan even though there was no sale to be had as we were only looking, went back and bought it a fortnight later though!. Will be going back if we ever decide to part ex for a newer 'van!.
  5. Instructing you to check wheel nut torque before use every time is just passing the buck and covering the manufacturer and service department against any claims (as someone's said). I've checked mine a few times with no issue. If they can't design a hub/ wheel combination correctly then passing the buck is the next best thing. .
  6. Powrtouch Evolution Auto Engage on our single axle Sterling. Only an 85ah battery but amazed at how far it goes even on that with no issues at all (gravel is no problem). Very pleased and it will be an easy swap onto the next caravan if we change. Worth getting the Auto Engage version.
  7. Where I did my B+E training they were taking a lady out for 2 hours towing training as she wanted to buy a caravan. Most Driver Training schools will do the same.
  8. Our 2 are 5 and 10 years old, both love it going away in the caravan!. All the electonics stay at home apart from a fold up DVD player if weathers particularly dire. Our boy always managed to find friends to have a kick about in the playing field and our daughter loves the play area (swings etc). No rush to do anything and no work stress makes it enjoyable for everyone. We went to Northumberland last October and had a lovely time (wouldn't have dreamed of doing that in the tent!). Just been in in the caravan and not in the house is great for the kids.
  9. I was sceptical of the extra mirrors at first, but when driving especially on motorways they are invaluable. I doubt there are many vehicles that can see properly down the side of a 2. 2m 'van but until you've tried a pair of towing mirrors how would you know?. As has been said, not enough/ any Traffic Police left to uphold the law unfortunately. .
  10. We had a motorcycle in for MOT today with a towball on the back, never got chance to ask him what he towed with it though. .
  11. My friend bought a Chevrolet Captiva. He's been in the motor trade since leaving school, car mechanic and now MOT tester/ DVSA eforcment. Worste car he owned he said, turbo failed, horendous fuel consumption, smoke issues. He sold at a big loss just to get rid. . Had a Seat Alhambra before that (same as Ford Galaxy) and saud it was a big mistake changing cars. .
  12. I take pictures for customers now and they really appreciate it, photographic proof the engine has been in pieces and good to print out and keep with service records. With grease, less is more. .
  13. I've seen cables ruined from using grease as a lubricant, as said all it does is attract dirt and turn into grinding paste. Saying that my steadies are covered in the stuff and work well, just a pain if you get it on your hands and clothes. Silicone spray or even 3 in 1 oil now and again would be a lot cleaner!. Suppose grease had the advantage of stopping corrosion especially over winter in storage. .
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