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  1. Ours did this and came open on route as a result. I re-screwed the dropped baton and then fixed the main culprit which was the drawer runner's attachment to the drawer. This was fixed by using a small nut and bolt on each side to secure the plastic drawer to the runner (new holes required drilling). The problem with the design as I see it is that using tapping screws on the thin plastic tray is never going to last long. There's just not enough material to grip to. Edit: our drawer is of the same construction as pictured above but wider, so more prone to the forces actin
  2. I would have thought a Skids Octavia would be great Seriously, even the lightest Skoda Octavia models would outweigh the caravan and they are pretty generous space wise That's such a clever caravan layout by the way and it leaves a lot of tow car choices open. Very canny.
  3. I think it would be pretty much a rebuild/new structure. I'd also want it bigger to allow space for the washing as well as the 'van! Problem is that there are quite a few other projects of higher priority on the budget list.
  4. Thanks for the advice - really need to call the ins co. Technically my OH will half own the other house, but we won't live there. I've had my eyes on the carport since we moved in, but it is incredibly useful for hanging washing out (it's nearly as wet here as where you are!). The dream (!!!!) would be a much higher level car port that he van would fit under as well.
  5. Right! We currently can't store our van on our own drive due to the presence of a car port. As luck would have it, however, a close relative will be moving to within walking distance of us and currently it looks like she will have storage space. Is this a set up used by others? Is it possible whilst keeping the insurance co. happy? Setting up the caravan for trips would be much easier if we could make this work. Thanks in advance for your advice!
  6. Hello, we have a Freestyle like Lozzy above which I think is the same as Kudos. I've not noticed any condensation problems We had the smell from the Truma but I think it's now nearly gone after approx. 25 nights use. We do still get a slight whiff from the oven sometimes - a 'new' smell. THe cooker knobs are useless. We only have about two good ones left and we will be getting these sorted. We sometimes get the pump continuing to run. It's always been on the first day of a trip. Usually we are sure we have primed the system but it turns out that there's somehow some a
  7. Do people find the wider vans much more awkward? I guess it depends on where you park and the kind of pitches/sites that you use. Our current van is 80cm longer than the old one (at 7. 48m shipping length). Extreme care was needed maneuvering through some French sites this year and the mover was almost essential to use some pitches. If it was wider too, I think that would compound things a little. I've been thinking about using the width though and decided that our current layout (Sprite Major 6TD) could really benefit. It would make the rear lounge super comfy or the rear bunks
  8. Being at a loose end today me and the youngest popped into Leeds Caravan Centre (very friendly but not pushy people there, by the way). The 866 layout in both the Compass Casita and Elddis ranges is of interest to us, but not really as our van is not yet a year old! For those that don't know, this is a wider than normal van, with standard front dinette, decent sized dinette in the middle with the kitchen and a good bathroom, fixed bunks and mini table in the back. The middle dinette converts to a small double bed, making it a 6 berth. It's interesting because, like our own van,
  9. What a great idea! We'd be up for this once the kids are bigger and maybe into tenting more
  10. Well what a good job we all have different taste! It does look to me like an unhappy marriage between Audi Q5, Chrysler PT, Montego Estate and Rover 25.
  11. Of my first four cars: the first, a Mini Cooper does indeed have a modern 'equivalent' with the same name the second, a Peugeot 106 has a direct replacement (the 107) the third, the Mitsubishi Colt has been replaced by the Mirage and the fourth, the Suzuki Jimny, is still on sale. Cars 3 and 4 are still on the road
  12. We're a fair way from Cheshire so I can't confirm, but I was always under the impression that they tend to have a sporty coupe and the most expensive Range Rover they can get (for the kids!) Obviously someone in Bradford thought it was worth a punt
  13. Anyone interested in this beast? http://www. volvocars. com/uk/cars/new-models/v90 Finally, not an SUV! 190hp, 450Nm, 1800kg max tow, 1840kg min kerbweight A worthy replacement for those who own labradors?
  14. Saw my first one in the metal yesterday, In Bradford. In a lovely shade of metallic brown (mmmmmm). Suffice to say, I've only just reopened my eyes in case it comes back. What is it with luxury brands, especially SUVs? There are some truly ugly cars out there.
  15. It has 400 or 450 NM, depending on tune (180 or 210 ps). So slightly more power than Red Ken's choice, though the higher powered model is down on torque. kerbweight is significantly higher, which is important to some people.
  16. the brochure says tow weights are 2000/2200kg, depending on gradient Kw is 1912kg for manual and 1949kg for auto.
  17. I was thinking with regard to 'playing out' etc. There was more scope for being out of sight of your parents (or there was for me!). I'm not saying that meant I was badly behaved but I was probably better able to get away with it than today's kids if I had been! I guess I don't see much evidence for today's society being any better or any worse than previous generations in this respect.
  18. Have they? That's certainly not true of the parents we know. Thinking back to my childhood, I don't recall things being better in this respect. Wasn't there more 'freedom' back in the old days?
  19. I do ours on my own. Stand on the step when it gets near the van and secure the central Velcro strap, then the two ends. It's also a 410 and I'm not tall!
  20. Yes, most have the sunroof and the Diamond pack but not the ATC. Few have the alarm or solar panel (which are dealer fit) and of course most won't have the other stuff that the dealer specials add. The MTPLM upgrade I was talking about was to 1550kg on our caravan. I believe (though am not certain) that the Sprite will only upgrade to 1500kg. This isn't a boast as the dealer special has a smaller payload to start with but it may show that the Dealer Special vans are actually quite different from the base van in some cases. As I said before, I'm not being one-upmanish here as we
  21. Yes, but although most Sprites (all?) Get the diamond pack added, I doubt that applies to the ATC and other options. We also got an extractor fan, the proper comfy sofa bolsters, extra cushions, extra lighting, the proper door bin as well as the stuff already mentioned. Oh and an MTPLM upgrade that I think is higher than the standard van.
  22. Which extra equipment do you speak of? Ours certainly has a lot of extra kit over the Sprite. You also have to factor in the deal. We got a lower price on the special than we would have done on the Sprite with just the few options we really valued.
  23. Sprite with two shots of the dealer's 'special'. It has a different name depending which bar you go to. Ours calls it a Freestyle!
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