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  1. The sensible advice is to remove the TV for traveling. Ours has stayed permanently fixed to the wall for the last 4yrs without ill effects. So do as I say not do as I do.
  2. @BOAC The Varta LFB range, there is a Bosch version which is identical and just re branded are supposed to be suitable for installation, within the habitation area.
  3. My current Varta batteries came from Tayna, good service so I would have no hesitation using them again Regarding the orientation of the terminals. I can confirm the positive terminal either being on the left or right. Unless you rotate the battery when you will find it will front or back Actually apart from me being a smart ass, this is good advice. We had a Pajero which had 2 batteries and the batteries had opposite terminals.
  4. Eggy smells = Hydrogen Sulphide, could also indicate the charger is duff. Re batteries, never off ehu and no motor mover the cheapest rubbish you can find. Off grid / motor mover. Yusa, Banner, Varta, Bosch etc. I have a pair of Varta 90 LFB's, which I am happy with.
  5. 5’6”, giant I’m only 5’5 and 3/4’s. I just think that a transverse island bed lends its self to a wider van. But that is a personal opinion and if it works for you then it works.
  6. Only it is not. The declared width of a Swift 580 is 2.23m 7’4”. The length of the bed according to Swift is only 6’1” extended. Then you need to take into account the Alde convector at the end of the bed this results both a short bed and precious little space at the end of the bed. I know someone who bought this layout of Swift, they kept it 6 months because of the space issue At the end of the day it is not my problem, but I think it is something the OP should consider. We have a van with a transverse island bed and it work well, but the width of van is 2.4m and even then there is not much room at the end of it.
  7. I agree with Mr Plodd no way would I go back to a manual for towing. On occasions I have knocked into manual for going downhills, into sport for pulling away at junctions and even locked it down for towing of particularly muddy fields. On the other hand my missus, same vehicle, actually it’s her’s, same caravan. puts it into D to go forward, R to go backwards and P after she has stoped. Don’t think she has had any problems. I think it is a matter of getting used to the characteristics of your particular tow vehicle, but it is going to be easier than the same vehicle in a manual version.
  8. I would have concerns about the width of some of the swift vans. I am not convinced they are wide enough for a transverse bed.
  9. As I post this nearly 37% of the National Grid’s supply is from wind generation. Who would of thought even 10 years ago that would even be possible?
  10. fred

    Good advice

    Agree with above. Coals only on one side of the bbq. Meat on the other side. The charcoal was lit at 5 and we ate at 7:45 so no hurry.
  11. fred

    Good advice

    Just thought I would post the output from last nights BBQ. Roast Shoulder of lamb, flat breads, Greek salad and a nice Rose to wash it down.
  12. fred

    New to solar

    Decent battery, which most likely you have because the mover would find that out, plenty of gas and you will come home wondering what the fuss was about.
  13. fred

    Good advice

    I don’t think you will go too far wrong. If you follow the guidance here https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2020/jun/22/chefs-top-10-barbecue-tips-cook-meat-fish-veg-lockdown-rules?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other top tips imho. Don’t cook meat at too high a temperature. Unless you like the burnt outside raw middle taste. Get a chimney starter. Ps, Chimney starter 20 minutes after lighting in the garden. No fire lighters and not instant lighting charcoal. Just a bit of cardboard in the bottom.
  14. fred

    New to solar

    This time of year I don’t think you will have any problems at all. With one proviso and that is as long as your battery is healthy.
  15. It amuses me that a lot of the time the same posters that go on about nanny state and PC gone mad are often the very same that complain and want government intervention the moment it applies to them. Me I bought enough bags of plaster the weekend before lockdown to do the small jobs I need it for.
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