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  1. I didn't actually say we weren't in the van on those dates in question
  2. UK Caravan season? Our season ends on 31st of December and Starts 1st January. The advantage of an onboard tank 1, it doesn’t freeze, 2, I only need to carry one aquaroll 3, I can have a little bit of water in it for an in journey drink and toilet stop. Apart from that I can’t see the point of them.
  3. As Alan S stated the resistance is the fixed quality therefore you can work out the current if you know the wattage. In the real world 1000W (1kW), is 4amps it’s close enough for me. If you want to increase the result by 10% then be my guest. On a continental campsite it’s not the amps that causes the problem with the fridge not working it’s the low voltage sometimes there is no alternative but to run it on gas. You may get away with ehu overnight.
  4. Yep. Another couple of pictures. One showing one of the joints fully prepped and the other some of the pulled pork being served. What you can’t see is a picture of me saying I am never going near another (swearing removed) BBQ in my life The more observant my notice that prep area doesn’t look much like a Caravan Kitchen. The field is only about 1.5m from home so I did the prep there. I bought a pizza stone from Aldi or Lidl don’t remember which cost about £3. Much cheaper than one in a Webber box and works just as well I assume.
  5. Regarding, the factory fitted swivelling towbar. You will find that there are more vechicles fitted with it than are listed on the dealers websites. Sometimes the only way is to look. The towbar switch is located on the rhs in the boot. If you look at autotrader etc you will see from the pictures where this switch is. I would say only about half the Touareg’s that have a FF towbar are listed as havin one. Saying all that, I failed to find one. This was because I specifically wanted an Escape version. Theses are rare. We live in N Wales we bought ours in York. But if you are after a standard R line I am convinced you would find one. Regarding the fan I chose to have the upgraded fan fitted. It cost me a £1000. I did this for 3 reasons firstly I tow a van that weighs in the region of 2 tonne, potentially it is towed abroad, finally for peace of mind. I have to say I am not completely convinced it was money well spent. I haven’t actually seen a report of problems with the smaller fan and it would seem that a lot of the Touaregs that should have been fitted with the upgraded fan as part of the tow pack weren’t. Mytreg.com is a good source of information. As a Tow car find it great powerful and smooth. Much more like driving a giant hatchback compared to the van like qualities of our previous Pajero and Land crusier.
  6. Yes I have had one in the past. I don’t think I have skills to use one. What I found was it. Heated up a strip about 3 inches wide in the middle to about 1000C and outside of this area cold. I hated it with a passion. My experience is a good gas bbq gives me 90% of a charcoal bbq with 10% of the effort. I see loads of Cadac’s on sites they are hugely popular. But almost always I see them being used as a frying pan on legs. Which is fine if that’s what you want.
  7. You need to find out because it’s fundamental. The trick with the picture I posted early was getting the temperature low enough to cook this for 7 hours.
  8. Not a Cadac insight. That’s not to knock Cadac’s they are useful as a frying pan on legs or for boiling up veg
  9. Also, Aldi have similar chargers at £13.00. Not sure what the difference between the 2 are. I have the Lidl old style charger and it seems to be a good unit. I think that my charger was up to 3.5amp and this one is 5amp.
  10. It’s worthwhile making sure that the panels are pointing in the optimum direction and at the best angle to maximise their performance
  11. Yes but if the batteries are float charge they don't need anything significant putting into them. Solar charging is all about supply and demand in this case the demand was low because the batteries were full charged. The alternative would be took cook them
  12. Agree with you 100%. Sorting out electricity storage is the key and as you say billions are being invested into this problem. I remain optimistic. I think that if this forum was operating 40 years ago then possibly the same people would be posting that Diesel vechicles would make lousy tow cars and always would because they aren't powerful enough. What's clear to me is at a global level things will and will have to change.
  13. You forgot about flipping Burgers Deep frying Chicken and making £3 00 cups of coffee
  14. Our Samsung TV is rated at a nominal 14.4v volts. This works fine at less than 12v. Also I have a Ruark R1 Radio which I use in the van which is also rated at 14v no problem running it from the caravan 12v system. There was an optional battery system for it that was rated at 10.8v. I think that devices are far more voltage tolerant than people think. when I looked I am sure some of the LG TV’s with a seperate power supply were 19v this was about 3 years ago so things might have changed.
  15. For the record and for better or worse. I fitted the panel a couple of weekends ago according to the instructions given on the photonics universe site. Used almost a tube of Sikaflex, I don’t believe that the panel is going anywhere. My roof is flat, so I don’t need the semi flexible aspect of the panel just the weight saving. http://www.photonicuniverse.com/upload/file/Manuals/EFLX/PU-EFLX-Semi-Flexible-Solar-Panels-Handling-And-Installation-Manual.pdf Early day’s but all working well. Actually I had two challenges. Firstly due to operator error I left a current draw on the caravan. Secondly one of the wires connected from the controller to the battery disconneced it’s self. This was after 16 Ah put back in the battery and I was miles away. Even stranger because I didn’t go near the controller all the connections were made on the roof. Middle of last week the battery was down to 11.2V. All fixed now and everything charging nicely.
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