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  1. No I haven’t fitted a bike rack I decided that I am probably over weight enough already. That said a million Dutch can’t be wrong btw we don’t have an A frame we refer to it as the patio or Terrace.
  2. Picture 1 590 on a tight pitch in Spain Picture 2. It’s the only caravan I have seen with skids on the rear of the chassis rail to protect from grounding.
  3. They are well hidden some run in the grey trays at seat level and in ours some run behind the shower cubicle.
  4. We have a 2.4m Hymer /Eriba Nova 590,we previously had a 2.3m van. I can’t say we have had any particular problems. Actually I look a caravans such as yours and think they look very narrow. Particularly when it comes to a transverse bed. Our is also 8m long and that makes a difference. You may need extension arms on your towing mirrors we did when we had the Landcrusier but not now we have a Touareg which is slightly wider. We have been to Spain and France in it as well as rallying which means some narrowish entrances on occasions. We have found it to be a superb van. The only problem the washroom door catch doesn’t work properly. Drop me a pm if you have any specific questions.
  5. Covid 19 is an enveloped virus and as said above soap will break this layer down. In Pharmaceutical production products that are made with animal components, have undergo viral reduction steps. One of which is known as a solvent detergent hold precisely to destroy the virus by destroying the envelope. Soap is a detergent. The virus is a large virus quoted sizes vary between about 80-200Nanometers in diameter to put that in perspective if the diameter of a virus is 100Nm, then you would require a row of 10,000 of them to make a 1mm long line.
  6. To add a freestanding panel is more efficient than a roof mounted panel. The only reason to fit a roof mounted panel imho is convenience, this is particularly true if you are in a position to plug your caravan into the ehu between trips to charge the batteries.
  7. Outside of winter a 150W panel should be fine unless you want to run an arc welder. A 150 W folding panel is simply 2 75W panels hinged together. You need to work out how to attach the outputs to the battery. But it is quite straight forward. Some people try to over complicate it.
  8. You will of course posting the sources of these “facts”
  9. Sounds to me they have shorted a wire somewhere. Does the fuse still blow, when the panels aren’t operating ie in the dark? It shouldn’t happen ever, panels were putting out too many amps ( unlikely) this would blow the fuse or controller itself on the input side. The output should go to the battery. Note some 12v distribution boxes have a connection that allows you can connect the output from the controller there, rather than wiring direct to the battery, mine does. Tbh your dealer sounds a bit of a cowboy. Btw we have 280W of panel on our roof and the most amps I have seen is around 12. Simply because as the battery gets close to fully charged the controller restricts the amps going into the battery.
  10. Separates Reverse and Drive. Also you need to be in neutral to select low ratio in my experience.
  11. Most of the advice seems sensible but. Normal body temperature is 37C
  12. I have re read Silversurf's original post of 23rd January. I don't consider it to be racist casual or otherwise. Actually it seems to be temperate and well considered, some of the posts that followed were not. It also reflected the state of knowledge as of 23 January. We have moved on which is why I believe the title is no longer appropriate.
  13. But this is no longer the case. It has been named and it has spread outside of China. There you go. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/11/closed-borders-and-black-weddings-what-the-1918-flu-teaches-us-about-coronavirus One credible theory of the origin of “Spanish” flu was it started in the British army camp at Etaples.
  14. Well yes. There is plenty of evidence that rates of infection not just of this go down during school holidays. PS shouldn't the title of thread be changed? I would hate for anyone to be accused of casual racism.
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