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  1. fred

    Gas Level

    Considerable thread drift. But the debate about auto change over valves. Seems to be like the perennial debate about Automatic vs manual transmissions. There are 2 camps, those that know that they are rubbish and the other camp is those that have actually got experience of using them.
  2. fred

    Gas Level

    10 weeks takes us to late November. If it is cold and we go off grid. Then we could use close to 6kg of gas. At £28.50 as per Lead farmers post it makes it pricey. However as I have a refillable bottle the same 6kg of gas costs me only about £7.
  3. fred

    Gas Level

    In about 10 weeks a 6kg cylinder would just about last a weekend. That would make for an expensive weekend.
  4. fred

    Gas Level

    I recently acquired a 6kg calor “heavy” bottle as well as the wt in pounds and ozs on the collar it also had the tare wt in Kgs stamped into the foot rim. I’m not sure how recent an innovation that is.
  5. fred

    Gas Level

    My expensive gadget was cheaper than the Truma regulator that had failed and it was purchased to replace. It simply and automatically switches to the other gas bottle when the primary gas bottle is empty. My safe bottles are translucent so I see the gas level. I also know how much gas I use and we will be off grid next weekend I have fairly shrewd idea when the bottle will be empty. Unlike other posters for whom a 6kg bottle can last 2years. I filled this 10kg bottle on 24 August, at a cost of about £12 and now it is nearly empty. Would I pay £££’s for a gas level gadget? No for me it wouldn’t tell me anything I don’t already know. If I was a low gas user would I buy one ? Again no, but I might spend £5 on a luggage scale to weigh a bottle if I was interested. Luggage scale
  6. fred

    Gas Level

    I suspect that my current gas bottle will run out Saturday afternoon / Sunday morning. Assuming that I remember to open. The valve on the second bottle, the indicator will turn red And seamlessly switch to the second bottle. Going home on Sunday I move the selector to point towards the second bottle the indicator wheel will turn green. I will remove the empty bottle and refill it and put it back next time we are away. Simples!
  7. fred

    Gas Level

    Fortunately I am not red/green colour blind and have the ability to open the gas locker to have a look. I am truly blessed with ability.
  8. Can’t quite see why they shouldn’t work together. I would assume that the output from controller on portable Panel would connect direct to the battery.
  9. fred

    Gas Level

    Search auto gas change over regulator. I think I grabbed that picture from Huddersfield gas £38.99. I’ve had one for about 10 years (yes I know it is due for a change) and it has been brilliant.
  10. fred

    Gas Level

    This solves your problem. Less than £40 Or for a mere extra £20 you buy just the valve section From gaslow and add a separate regulator.
  11. I wouldn’t describe the advice given by the NCC as impartial.
  12. The trick would be to identify what the element is. I would bet my house on Truma not making the element and my car on it not being a unique design
  13. Your fridge will have 12v supplied for the interior light and control circuit. So you should be able to pick up a supply. But I would question the need for a fan. You say it gets hot. How hot is the ambient temperature? Does it perform in the same way on gas. I would suspect that you may have fault with the fridge which a fan isn’t going to solve.
  14. Sikaflex is wonderful stuff. But it permanent and an adhesive, so if you ever need to remove the rail you will struggle.
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