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  1. Seat Mii EV <£20k just Mini electric £24400 Not arguing that these are the best or even good EV’s but they are indisputably less than £30k from mainstream makers
  2. I quite agree. Problem is anything manufactured has both an environmental and a political impact. So progress is going to be incremental not revolutionary and not always positive. Two certainties are the future will be different and our predictions of the future will be wrong.
  3. Despite this carrying Topgear branding I found this interesting and informative.
  4. In the real world my endurance / capacity is less than that of my fuel tank. I can’t drive 500 miles non stop. So I need to refuel more often so even a 50kW charger is going to put 120-200 miles of range per hour. So even as a rep, which I am, an EV looks a practical proposition.
  5. Just my personal opinion, but it seems to me but EV’s make perfect sense for personal transport. Cars spend most of their time stationary so charging time for a lot of us is a moot point. If I can plug in at home and charge overnight, then it is both practical and convenient. For HGV’s then fuel cells seem to me make far more sense due to the need for Range and energy density. Off topic but worth a watch an example of an EV in action https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwjvm5v0rKPtAhVfThUIHfwiAR0QwqsBMAB6BAgEEAM&
  6. Genuine question how much electricity is needed to produce Hydrogen?
  7. When the ATC led packed up I ended up getting a replacement from AliExpress cost me iirc about $3 not for 1 but for 100 of them. Don’t know if they are same but pm me and I will get a couple to you for the price of a stamp.
  8. It’s not that they are faulty. It is just they are rarely selected from the options list.
  9. To my eyes one of the ugliest cars on the market today. And there is strong competition in that sector.
  10. As they are all built from the same parts bin. I can’t see any real difference in Build quality of VAG cars. It’s just how much of a premium you are willing to pay for a badge. I have a 2017 Skoda Superb as a company car it has got almost 80k on it and I can’t think it has a single fault. The near side mirror creaks a bit when it folds but it has done that from new. Previously had 2 Passat’s no real problems split washer reservoir after 200 miles. For balance I did have a 2001 octavia. It had coil pack problem, needed a new master brake cylinder wiper motor, exhaust and kept flat
  11. Can be difficult if you are like us an have dogs. Just take a change of undies and a couple of pot noddles and you will probably within the mptlm.
  12. The truth is they don’t care. They know that the average punter just loads everything including the kitchen sink and go off on Holliday for 2 weeks. In my opinion the low quoted mptlm is a cynical marketing exercise. It actually gets worse, the MRO can be a calculated value and has a +/-5% tolerance. So a Buccaneer with a quoted MRO of 1830kg could actually be between, 1738-1921kg. A bit unfortunate if your van actually weighs 1921kg and runs on a 2000kg chassis.
  13. I used to have a Bosch cordless, when the battery gave up the ghost it was cheaper to buy a drill from Aldi with 2 batteries, than a replacement Bosch battery. Bit of a no brainier tbh.
  14. Are you claiming some sort actual knowledge? If so you have nothing to add to the debate of here😂😂😂😂😂
  15. We do a lot of Rallying (or we did pre COVID ) this entails a loads of muddy fields and touch wood, the Vredsteins have not let us down, they don’t have a super aggressive tread but good enough, they are 3 peaks mud and snow. For the record I have needed to be towed out on both the Grabbers and the BFG AT’s so nothing is invincible, the terrain and the stupidity of the incompentance of the Driver 😄🤣
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