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  1. fred

    German Caravans

    The door on the wrong side question is interesting. Our 2001 van wrong side 2007 van right side 2015 van wrong side. We find that the door on the wrong side has a number of advantages. Firstly on our tight storage we park blank wall to blank wall to if that space is reduced the space on the doorside is increased. Also when socialising having doors facing makes it far easier to get that all important third bottle of wine from out of the fridge. Seriously the door doesn’t worry or inconvenience us in use at all. 3 windows never had them so don’t miss them.
  2. If you tilt the bottle then you are going to circumvent the float safety valve. But I don’t understand if the problem due to an overfilled bottle, then why did the problem not occur straight away? Rather than after gas had been used for a period of time. My 10kg bottle takes approximately 20 l to fill from empty. If you find you are putting 24l then it is too much Btw afaik the Truma regulator is a twin stage regulator. It is the Cleese that is a single stage.
  3. My experience is, it isn’t the Aquaroll that freezes, but the pipe.
  4. The speed controller on the pump isn’t easy to see, but it is marked with speed settings 1-5. I might be easier to to take a picture and then you can see the dial. Also when bleeding the system the pump needs to be off.
  5. Yes, because you don’t have to queue to pay. From memory ours arrived within about 10 days.
  6. fred

    German Caravans

    On our third Hymer so can only Talk to that brand. Spares most of the interior fittings are standard makes you know and love. The only difference is, it is normally the heavy duty version you need. Model specific parts longest we have ever had to wait is less than 3 weeks and that was for a cushion cover for a 7 year old van which had only had that fabric for 1 year. Current van mptlm 1900kg mro no clue. Tows beautifully on a single axle. Even last Sunday when it was a bit breezy and it was Mrs Fred’s turn to drive. End bathroom separate shower, used every day. Heating Alde including underfloor. Took it to Alde for fluid change, they told me it was just about the fastest heating system they had experienced. Maybe they tell everyone that? But what I really like are the little touches. The hidden plumbing heating and wiring. Actually there is about 15mm of exposed wiring if you know where to look. Drainage through traps, 2 in the shower. Drain sloped solid pipes. The whole installation is incredibly tidy Gas locker 2x 11kg gas bottles plus spare wheel. Hatch under bed oversized so the 40l Aquaroll travels under the bed Problems. The sliding washroom door doesn’t adjust properly seems to be a general fault But some people will dismiss, them because single front window and door on the wrong side. Each to their own.
  7. fred

    Which Caravan

    I am not sure that any U.K. van has a space heater. They all require a fan. That’s the bad news the good news is Solar has become so cheap these days you might as well maximise on this. I have added a 120W semi flexible panel, so the weight is negligible so the 150W panel already fitted. Going away without ehu for 12 days over the May Bank holiday the battery was fully charged the time we got up. Most vans these days are fitted with led lights so nothing to convert. I wouldn’t worry or over think it.
  8. Agree we had a van that had a frame size of 1001cm. The Awning was 1000-1025 cm it was always slightly too big.
  9. I have broken one cable as result of unhitching and moving the car. The part that failed was aluminium ring that attached the cable to the van.
  10. Buy a preloaded SIM card these work out cheaper than topping up. I am currently using a 24gb one from amazon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Three-Mobile-Pay-Broadband-Data-Black/dp/B01M3VJ2B2/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=Data+sim&qid=1560762805&s=gateway&sr=8-3
  11. You need one of these any accessory shop should have them.
  12. fred

    8k tug

    Unfortunately everyone is going to recommend the car they have, or have had. For the record I have had 2 VW Passatt’s and now a Skoda Superb, I don’t tow with any of these, but in terms they have all been very reliable. The Superb which is a 2017 so probably more than 8k but it is huge, so very practical. But I’m sure a mondeo or Vauxhall could be just as good. Personally I wouldn’t buy a BMW or Mercedes or even an Audi, because I think you pay a premium for the badge. Auto vs manual, for towing opinions tend to be very divided on these . It is divided between those that don’t like automatics and those that have actually driven one! There are loads of threads on here auto vs manual and generally they come to the same conclusion, which is “I wish I bought one years ago”. They make towing so much easier, personally I wouldn’t consider getting a manual car. Obviously you need to do research if specific models have problems, but in general I think they are reliable. Good luck!
  13. Actually this statement is simply not true. If for instance I believe that the earth is flat are you saying my opinion is as valid as some who believes the earth is err earth shaped. However this statement does explain why we end end up in the sorry situation we are in today. And I don’t just mean climate change.
  14. Don’t know. But sort of linked. A couple of years ago we did the tour of the pumped storage hydroelectric plant in n Wales aka electric mountain. Built in the 70’s with state money and operated by the British engineering giant err Hitachi, makes me proud but I digress. They saw Electric vehicles as a long term threat as obviously they buy electricity when there is low demand to pump water up to the higher lake and generate it when demand is high. Obviously the tendency both for convenience and cost will be to charge cars overnight so there won’t be as big a variations in demand during a day.
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