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  1. I think you are saying that there is an isolator between the battery and the controller. Not a great idea, the controller shouldn’t be connected directly to the sp without a battery as this can damage the controller.
  2. If it is a smart charger then it is ok to keep on charge. The original picture it looks like a bog standard generic car battery, I would be tempted to replace it. This is a good price https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LFD90-Varta-Leisure-battery-90ah-12volt/251264657900?epid=1536983798&hash=item3a808a69ec:g:u~sAAOSwhJteIWwR I have had 2 of these fitted for the last 2 years. We spend most of our time off grid. I would also be very tempted to replace your bulbs with Led equivalents as saves a considerable amount of power as well. A 2 or 3 watt led will replace a 10W halogen makes a difference and quite cheap these days.
  3. The NCC, is an advocate for the industry not the customer. There is nothing wrong with this. It is just people seem to think it is some sort of authoritative body it is not. The Caravan Club could and should imho be. So it knows that the are endemic design faults for certain caravans they should have the guts to say so. Or are they saying that all caravans are as good as each other. Actually for the long term sustainability of the industry the manufacturers and customers should have very similar interests.
  4. 1 I attended a meeting, in which a the platform included Mr G Chamberlain stated that the club is not a campaigning organisation. 2 They carried out a reliability survey, delayed the publication of the results and then eventually published them without mentioning any brands. So meaningless.
  5. Initially, there was a denial of hardstanding pitches being reserved for MH. Then the justification changed to why caravans should be put on grass and motor homes need hardstanding. So what is the position there is no reserving of pitches for mh’s, or there is and it’s ok? Because they are mutually exclusive. Btw as far as I know and I could be wrong but wardens aren’t allowed to tow with their tractors. Even if they could not sure they would get very far towing my 1900kg mptlm single axle if it has sunk into the ground
  6. Because there is a wide spread practise on Clubsites as mentioned above to temporarily close off pitches only to reopen them when a Motor home turns up. This is a conversation I had at the weekend as well, who had experienced exactly the same. Who’s trolling who btw?
  7. No the price is the same. The treatment is inferior.
  8. That’s why member’s with caravans get reduced membership. Because they get inferior pitches.
  9. Of course you can’t book HS pitches they are reserved for Motor homes surely.
  10. As far as I can see the caravan club t/a Caravan and motor home club attitude to issues regarding faults and inherent design faults is best described as supine. Recently in the magazine there has been a series of articles written by a someone who apparently reviews caravans. The theme of these articles is the experience of him and his wife buying and using their first caravan laughable.
  11. Reminds me Vauxhall Victor FE. Learning to drive in it went around a corner tried to change gear and couldn’t much swearing and blaming of me by Father. Turned out a pin the held the selecter in the gearbox in place had snapped and moved and blocked getting any gear. Then after I had passed my test same car the gear stick snapped you could still change gear because the cable that engaged reverse held it together. The changes were a bit sloppy first was basically in the passenger glove box. They don’t make cars like they used to. Thank god.
  12. I think our worst non banger car was a Mondeo 1.8td by the time the turbo had kick in you needed go up a gear so the revs dropped to below the point where the turbo was working. Truly horrible. On a a lighter note seeing the love that’s been expressed for the Marina my uncle had a Marina twin carb. My Aunt mistook the accelerator for the brake and put it through a cake shop window. She never did pass her test.
  13. As above. Or look at the frostline I you are off grid, or simply carry a spare and swap over when it runs out.
  14. About 23k in my car and 7k in OH car, which is the tow car. Ironically she uses my car more than I do and her commute is 70 miles per day. This has nothing to do with the tow car being too big for her to use and everything to do with the relative fuel efficiency of both vehicles.
  15. It is reassuring that Amazon are taking their commitment to cutting down on unnecessary packaging seriously.
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