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  1. 22v is a typical open circuit voltage for a panel. My controller takes the battery to about 14.3 v then it reduces the voltage down to 13.8v which is its float voltage. So it might depend where your over voltage cutout is. If it is 14V then it is in my opinion set a little low.
  2. We had a starter van for about 6 months. Then we bought our first van privately in early 2004. At this stage I was anything but an experienced tower. I towed that van from Chesterfield empty in snow it was interesting and not in a good way. However after that when I towed the van properly loaded when I hit the A483 dual carriageway it felt unstable and was unsettling. I realised after a period of time. The point the van felt unstable was at the same point on the road each time it must have been the road. I don’t actually think it was dangerous just not pleasant.
  3. I agree to an extent, an unloaded van can feel worse than a fully loaded van. However no one has ever accused us of running a lightweight van. There are stretches of the m56 that I find particularly bad.
  4. Some of the inside lanes of motorways and dual carriageways are shockingly rutted and you can feel a caravan climbing up and down the ruts which can be unnerving.
  5. I didn’t realise that you wanted a XC70, rather than needed one. That changes everything 😂😂😂. Get yourself down to the dealers ASAP.
  6. The problem with the OP’s comments (I’m not having a go) are they are subjective. As it he is an inexperienced, what he is experiencing might be totally normal and nothing to worry about. On the other hand it could indicate a problem with the car or the tow vehicle or the road, it is impossible to say. I would if it is possible get someone who is experienced to sit with you and observe, might put your mind at rest.
  7. I’ve been towing for 20 years and I always know it’s on the back. Often what takes a little time to get used to the nodding motion.
  8. I fitted the Thule aframe rack to our Hymer. Thule offer a version that is smaller for the shorter U.K. aframe. After I bought and fitted ours, I realised that Hymer list the shorter version in their lists of accessories not the longer version not sure why. The bikes fit on the longer version with ease. I did get our electric bikes on to the roof of the car once. Never again.
  9. When you get a refill how do you carry it? Someone asked what I do, I told them end of.
  10. The front locker of our continental van is designed to carry 2 x 11kg gas bottles and the spare wheel. So when I carry the bikes on the front I takes the spare and a gas bottle out.
  11. So I have taken a look at the information from our tow vechicle plate Mam 2900kg (although the kerb wt will be lower arround 2,200kg iirc GTW 6440kg 6440kg-2900kg so I could legally tow something with a mptlm of 3540kg (122%) Would I ? No it would be stupid. But there is a difference between what is sensible and is legal. PS my daily driver isn’t certified to tow anything so weight ratios in that case, are irrelevant.
  12. I would start at the battery what is it’s history? If you are normally on ehu then you can get away with a battery that is basically shot, might be time for a replacement. A 100W panel maybe a little under powered. Getting either another panel on the roof or as a free standing unit to supplement the existing one. This would most likely be cheaper and absolutely certainly quieter than a “silent” generator. We did in this August 17 consecutive nights off grid, using a 3.5 year old 90Ah battery, but with a total of 280W of Solar panels on the roof. We watched TV, used iPads phones a mifi unit an echo dot radio etc etc, without any problems. The really interesting thing was the maximum current recorded as going into that battery at anyone time was 10.4 amps, a fraction of the theoretical maximum value. This is simply because by the time the sun was high enough in the sky to provide a high output the battery was fully charged and not needing it. It can be done but go back to the beginning and check that your battery is healthy, before shelling out £££s on something that might tell you your battery needs replacing.
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