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  1. We had a 2003 LC4 for nine years up until a year ago. Every time we went on holiday it developed a fault that required about £150 spent on it to fix Always a different fault always the same price. In the end it was rust that killed it. I should have undersealed it when I got it. Mechanically even at 180K it was fine. The earlier ones the front brake calipers seized I can't remember if I replaced 3 or 4. A tremendous number of these were are exported to hot and dry countries which is why they are in short supply. Replaced it with a Touareg which cost more than your budget but it is much more powerful and much more refined. Wouldn't like to try and fix one in a desert!
  2. It amuses me to see people, who seem to spend all day walking backwards and forwards to the tap with quite often a watering can to top up the aquaroll if a U.K. subject or onboard tank if an EU citizen. Before we had a tank we had 2 aquaroll. Now we fill the tank with the first aquaroll. Then refill the aquaroll to give us a reserve. That way I can have a shower without having to trot off to the tap first thing.
  3. I’ve got a 50l tank use it all the time. For the following reasons. It has got better pressure than the pump in the aqua roll, it doesn’t freeze, it doesn’t give tepid water in the summer and it’s more convenient to keep a little water in for use while in transit. Naturally I use an aquaroll to transport the water from the tap to the tank.
  4. I guess the only advice I could give to the OP is get an auto next time, which I think he has worked out for himself. Although aren’t there problems with ford auto boxes? If in a queue resist the temptation to move every time the car in front moves at least that way you are hopefully slipping the clutch less often.
  5. As others have said. It is the supplying dealers responsibility to sort out / give a refund. Any one else who gets involved either Coachman or another dealer are purely doing this as a good will gesture. If a PDI doesn’t include testing the services. I can’t see much point of it a functional water system is pretty fundamental. We always insist on testing all services both on gas and electricity before handing over any cash. I know this sound smug because it is. However when we bought the latest tow car last year we bought it. Had it 10 days and went off to France with our adult daughter in the back. She realised that one of the rear doors didn’t open from the inside and the outside handle came away in my hands. When we test drove the car we couldn’t open the door and put down to a child lock. Wrong! So don’t kick yourself to hard. Remember that often insurance and the CMC have legal helplines worth giving them a call, may also be worth asking about consequential loss if you are expected to drag the thing back to the supplying dealer.
  6. This question seems to come up a lot how to connect to a Bailey inboard battery. I don’t know the answer but how is the connection made with the factory fitted panel on the unicorn? Does it connect direct o the battery or via the distribution box? That should give a clue how to do it. Then you can make a similar connection. FYIW, I swapped a 43W free standing panel with a 135W roof mounted panel. I think that the performance was more or less identical. I currently have a 150W which I have recently add to with another 120W panel. I have opted for roof mounted for the convenience factor because we store and go a lot off ehu. But if the caravan was stored at home. I think I would be happy with a free standing panel.
  7. fred

    No power

    Our first caravan was a Avondale Pearle Argos 1991 iirc. This van didn’t have a charger so the 12v and the mains electric were separate systems. We just connected a normal battery charger.
  8. Has anyone actually tested the effectiveness of their respective cleaning regimes? And often do they repeat it? Me I use the van water system for everything I need water for.
  9. Stainless steel and bleach are not a happy combination. Puriclean is probably kinder to SS. The real answer to how I clean my water containers, is generally I don’t bother. I use my nose and if it smells sweet that’s good enough for me. I don’t harm the biofilm and the biofilm doesn’t harm me.
  10. Puriclean isn’t Sodium Hypochlorite. Milton is. Re safety I’m a big boy.
  11. A dilute solution of Sodium Hypochlorite. Then rinse with plenty of clean water.
  12. We’ve had 3 vehicles with a low range boxes. In each case you need to be stationary and in neutral to engage / disengage low ratio. The 4x4 for the Austin was only designed for off-road using it on road, could well end in tears. Because I’m sad I looked up the specs of the mighty AustinGipsy. Vs my puny VW Touareg Engine Power Austin 62hp, Touareg 262hp Torque Austin 110lb-ft 150Nm Touareg 428lb-ft 580 Nm My guess is, that more modern vehicle, might just have a marginal edge in performance I think that it is often forgotten, or not realised. That old vehicles were actually a bit rubbish.
  13. It is inevitable that 90% of replies are going to be along the lines of. I’ve got a (insert name here) and honestly it tows my (insert name here) like it’s not there. I’m going to be no different our Touareg tows our Hymer (1900kg) very well. In terms of engines. Afaik they came in 3 flavours, there was a 2.5L, V10 and a 3.0l V6. The most common is the V6. This came in several different power outputs ours is 2015 262hp, but there are several version I think the latest Touareg engine about 280hp. Manual gears rare and only with the early ones. Our real world non towing mpg seems to be around the high 20’s to mid 30’s ish. Tbh I don’t check that often or closely. I needed a big tow car so it comes with the territory.
  14. I don’t doubt that a MPPT controller has theoretical advantages and by connecting panels in series means that the minimum voltage will be reached earlier than, than with a single panel. The question is at those low light levels is a useful level of charge is being put into the battery? If for example a mppt controller start to charge 30 minutes earlier than a PWM controller but only puts 0.1Ah into the battery is it meaningful? I am not against mppt controllers I am against the sort of reply I have seen which is basically. OP I’ve got a 10 solar panel stuck in the front window of the van and in January it isn’t charging the battery. Someone invariably answers with you need to get is a mppt controller. I’ve exaggerated the scenario a little but I’m sure you get my point.
  15. I must admit that my tongue was firmly in my cheek when I made my comment. I do however have serious doubts over the real world as opposed to theoretical benefits of mppt. There are advantages of mppt for large installation but for a caravan I’m not sure. Until recently I had a 150W panel on the roof. Recently I have supplemented this with a semi flexible 120W panel. The cost of the panel was £92.00 add in another £20 for a tube of adhesive and a couple of mc4 branch connectors. So for £110 I have increased my solar capacity by 80% which strikes me as pretty cost effective.
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