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  1. Ok First thing you need to do is get a multimeter a basic one only costs a few pounds. Then when it is sunny check the voltage coming from the panel and going to the battery. If you get no voltage from the panel. The problem is the panel most likely nothing more than a loose connection. If there is voltage coming in and nothing going out then likely you need a new controller.
  2. Am I missing something or is there only one wire coming from the panel going into that controller.
  3. Because we Rally, we are used to pitches that require levelling probably use a ramp at least 50% of the time. What I thought was interesting this year we have been on 2 Rally’s on clubsites. On both occasions most of the Ralliers had used ramps. Almost non of the other guests had. Perhaps it is because we are so used to level a van it becomes instinctive ?
  4. Of course if you save yourself 2 minutes per trip. You can apply the following formula to assess value for money Number of trips to achieve payback =(cost of system/( time saved/minimum wage)) (£3000/((1/30)/£8.21)) = 10,962 times. Bargain! 😂😂😂 Obviously if you pay yourselves more the equation changes. But of course most of you are pensioners crying poverty. Equally if you buy the system on finance that also effects the equation. Edit I realise I haven’t been fair because I haven’t included the costs of my system Ramp £5 carboot Drill £19.99 Aldi Winder socket £7 online
  5. Practise. Arrive on Pitch Non Driver gets out opens van door and reaches for spirit level. Assesses the need to ramp. If ramp needed, get it out of locker. Discuss forward or back Level and chock (normally) Unhitch and level front and back Legs Down. Job done. Notes Add a couple of extra minutes if we have to put blocks under the ramp to lift it even higher rare but it has happened. Have got a motor mover but honestly can't remember last time we used it to site.
  6. If I can’t level a caravan in 5 minutes I’m going home. NB 5 minutes includes 3 minutes arguing if we are going to back up or pull on to the ramp.
  7. fred

    6 amp...

    Or simply divide the wattage by 250 Eg 1500w / 250 = 6A If you must add 5% to the Amps = 6.3A Or even easier realise the every 1kW = 4amps Exact no, but then again assuming the voltage is actually 240v isn’t necessarily correct. But close enough and easy to do in your head.
  8. Personal opinion is that a Standard width 2.3m or less is too narrow for a transverse bed to work. I also think it doesn’t work particularly well with a extra person. Our 2.4m that’s, 7foot 10.5 inches wide works really well as a 2 berth not so good with a child in tow. Ours has an Alde convector at the end of the bed. It only ever gets warm never hot. So that’s not an issue but I suppose that depends on the installation.
  9. Actually your key switch is probably a very good idea. I would probably go that way if I was doing it again. PS to State the bleeding obvious the switch key or rocker need to be feed from a permanent live feed.
  10. The rocker switch doesn't have to be Red I did leave mine on by mistake last December. I came back to a flat battery 2 weeks later. That is with a 150W Solar panel on the roof. So a buzzer might be a plan.
  11. I faced a similar issue with the current van and I used relays. The issue I face is that the battery is sited under a seat opposite the door. Initially I fitted an old power touch mover 3 and the 80amp relay shown on the left. I decided that the mover wasn’t really up to moving a 1900kg caravan. So invested in a powrtouch evolution mover. When that was fitted the isolation switch was put next to the battery. To use this I would have had to go in to the van remove the cushions and go under the seat to switch the power on. After moving the van the reverse to switch it off again. I asked the fitters if I could fit a relay and they said no. But they couldn’t tell me why. Which I took as a yes so I have left the isolation key in place and fitted the somewhat beefier relay shown on the right to cope with the 120Amp load of the new mover. The switch for the relay I have hidden in water inlet box on the van as shown in the second picture. Works for me but I very rarely use the mover because reversing is quicker.
  12. Last year on a particularly dull December day our 150W SP put a grand total of 3.6 Ah in to the battery.
  13. I keep our TV on the bracket when towing to be fair it is only been 3.5 years and we have never been further than Spain. However the bracket did cost more than the TV.
  14. According to the docs the charger unit in our van charges at 14.3v and has a float voltage of 13.8V these are very similar parameters to my Solar controller 14.4v and 13.7V float. A van charger giving an output of 13.8V is simply a dumb charger and will only charge to about 80% of capacity.
  15. You need to set the 7 -9 and 18-23 to the same temperature 20.5? As the default and then use the day mode between 9-18.
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