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  1. Ours takes less than 1 hour to heat up. Our van is in storage so if the outside temp is -2c then so is the inside. But then again our previous vans had most of their ducting inside. The exception was a 1m length that bridged the shower. Like I said the efficiency is as dependant on installation as anything else.
  2. If all other things were equal. I would choose the Alde system. Even heat no cold spots quiet, good back up from Alde. Disadvantages, cost of fluid change, slower heat up than the old Truma fire. Also I believe that it’s efficiency is very dependant upon the quality of installation and if corners are cut then it won’t be as good as it could and should have been. The only problem we have had with ours is in extreme cold weather I’ve had to get out of bed to adjust the temperature because it’s just been to damm hot in the van.
  3. I’ve got a spare regulator as well. As the one I had seem to stick about 3 months ago. It unstuck itself so still using the old one. I also sometimes take a 4kg /hr regulator if we are running lots of bbqs from the same point. A few posts here wittily mention spare booze. All our spare booze used to go into a supermarket basket sized well basket, when cleaning out the old van I could hardly lift this basket I weighed it and it tipped the scales at over 17kg so a lot of payloads so be careful!
  4. As Above plus multimeter , Jack and wheel brace. Extra gas bottle and spare wheel count as essential items.
  5. I’ve had a jockey wheel drop down several times. I’ve had the clamp handle sheer off. Now I use a Bungy cord to stop it dropping during travels. I don’t want to sound heartless but things happen and you just move on. Or you become defined and paralysed by the knocks that you encounter. True story. Last year I attended a rally one of the organisers turned up 2 hours late. The reason he was late was because his tow vehicle a D3 burst into flames completely burnt out. He managed to unhitch his van and push it away. He called his son who drove him home he picked ups his works van which had a towbar picked up the van and continued with his weekend. A bit more serious than a jockey wheel dropping I would suggest.
  6. My responses would be, why so small? 100W isn’t that big these days. Don’t confuse the output of a free standing panel with a roof mounted one. This weekend my 150W and 120W panels put out no more than 3 amps. In the summer I have seen over 12 amps. Truma panels are imho rip off prices. Do they make them? Of course they don’t . Finally if you have a solar input point you will still need a controller it just means you don’t have to connect direct to the battery.
  7. Love the rosy glow of nostalgia associated with old cars. Truth is they were all pretty rubbish, in every aspect, compared to today’s cars as a daily drive.
  8. Just remember Sikaflex 512 is an adhesive sealant. It is what I have used in the past but it not something you want to use for a temporary fix. I’ve generally bought mine off eBay. Edit. James F posted as I was typing. But on our old land cruiser the drivers plastic door panel fell off in the sun. Most of the clips had broken and I glued it back on with Sikaflex. It stayed in place until we got rid of the car at least 5 years.
  9. For self charging read you can’t plug it in. Rather than you don’t need to plug it in.
  10. Haven’t Toyota, solved the problem by inventing their, self charging hybrid. Which is either : a) A perpetual motion machine. or b) More marketing BS.
  11. I should of fact checked 😂
  12. Thegwpf aka the global warming policy forum. Founder That famous climate scientist Nigel Lawson. I’m not saying what they are saying the information in the link is untrue. What I am saying is they have an agenda and are not neutral anymore than Greenpeace are.
  13. There may be 6 coal fired power stations, but they contribute very little to the electricity generated. According to here. https://www.gridwatch.templar.co.uk/ currently 1.14% compared to over 22% for wind. Whether or not biomass is really clean is a different mater. The most important single source is gas. Back to the original post. The game changer is and excuse the pun , is the internal combustion engine has reached the end of the road. Electric propulsion makes so much sense. If you want an analogy it is not Betamax v VHS it is the cathode ray tube compared to flat screens. You can argue if these electric motors are going to be powered by batteries, Hydrogen fuel cells or unlikely nuclear. But the age of the internal combustion engine after over a century of dominance is coming to a end.
  14. Not my figures the US Government’s. But, I guess you know better? Who’s si by the way? Glasshouses and stones come to mind.
  15. Question why does no one spend 30 seconds researching the answer 🤬 https://www.energy.gov/eere/fuelcells/water-emissions-fuel-cell-vehicles
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