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  1. You didn’t buy this caravan from Elddis. It is the dealer that is responsible.
  2. The only thing I slightly disagree about is. They more than harbour bacteria. They provide an ideal environment for bacteria to multiply. The filters themselves are made out of carbon, they are damp and have a large surface area. It’s like an all inclusive hotel for bugs. Although I mentioned Brita by name all of these filters tend to be activated carbon so are the same. So if you think they improve taste then great, but they don’t do much else.
  3. If you take your filter jug because you think that it improves the taste of the water. That’s fine If you take your filter jug because you think that it removes bacteria from the water. Then I am afraid that is just plain wrong.
  4. We drink water from the tank, never clean the tank, won’t use a filter not come to any harm yet. My job, I sell pharmaceutical grade filters for a living.
  5. Story 1. When we knew even less than we do today. I watched someone hitch up using the following method. The raised the jockey wheel to the maximum extent manoeuvred the car under the hitch, undid the jockey wheel clamp and crashed the hitch onto the tow ball. I pointed out how I would hitch up. The person thanked me and said last time out the caravan had fallen off the hitch. They had bought the van from a leading dealer ship and hadn’t even been told how to hitch up. moral don’t assume that people know even the basics and it isn’t necessarily their fault. Story 2
  6. Neither did my 57yr old BIL who died in February.
  7. Just check what colour the liquid is. It collects in the bottom lip of the outside vent, assuming you don’t have a roof flue. A mate of mine had a similar problem and it was the glycol mixture coming out. He needed to replace the boiler unfortunately. Hopefully your diagnosis is correct.
  8. Erwin Hymer Died in 2013. Thor bought Hymer in 2018/2019. The interesting plot for a movie is when Thor were doing due diligence, they uncovered a massive fraud in Hymer’s North American subsidiary which substantially reduced the sale price.
  9. Undo some of the small screws that hold the rail on. Then you should be able to pull one end down enough to slide the hangers on. I also wedge a piece of wood at the other end of the door, to stop the door slamming back and hitting the stop in the rail which does not do the hanger much good.
  10. fred

    B+E test.

  11. fred

    B+E test.

    If someone passes their B+E test in an automatic car, does that limit them to towing with an automatic? This an academic question as far as I am concerned because ie passed my test in 1979 in a manual car so have B+E entitlement and secondly why would anyone want to tow with a manual?
  12. This thread reveals a typical problem everyone ( including me ) recommends whatever they currently have.
  13. We tow our 1900kg mptlm single axle with a 2015 Touareg and it does it really well.
  14. +1 we have it in our Hymer. The dogs certainly love it.
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