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  1. Just remember a freestanding panel aimed vaguely at the sun, is far more efficient than a roof mounted panel. That said I have roof mounted panels because our van is in storage and it keeps the battery topped up. I find that our panels will keep the us self sufficient from March to the end of October. In the winter months they struggle but they are still good enough for a weekend and the battery is fully charged the next weekend.
  2. fred

    What PHEV

    CO2 Does not have any significant effect on the ozone layer.
  3. There is a US YouTube channel. The purchased a new defender. It did 160 miles before it came up with a fatal warning light for the engine. This couldn’t be repaired so the vechicle was replaced. They were quite complementary about JLR customer service iirc. I believe that the replacement vechicle was replaced because the dealer cut through the mainloom and they were on back order. They were given a 3 and so far final defender which I believe they are happy about.
  4. So full disclosure my company (salary sacrifice) BEV was delivered a week ago. On Saturday night I charged it home works out at about 4p per mile until I can a cheap tariff sorted out, this compares to 10p per mile for the Skoda. By teatime tonight we will have done arround 175 miles since the charge it will still have about 60 miles of range left. Ok if I didn’t have a drive then I could drive it 0.75 miles to Morrison’s and put it on a 50kW charger which admittedly is relatively expensive approximately the same per mile as the Skoda. Or take it 0.5 miles in the other direction and c
  5. You mean you sent some money and they sent you a new sticker with a different weight on it?
  6. 40+Kg on the back of something with the unimpeachable build quality of a Swift. What could possibly go wrong?
  7. It is a difficult question. Our Ebikes weigh in excess of 20kg each with the batteries removed. That is a lot of weight to be carried anywhere on a van. Actually if is a fair amount of weight to be lifted onto the back of a van imho. The question then is do you have enough space to fit a bike rack to the Short a frame of a UK van. I think the best solution if you can is to fit the bikes in the car. If you can and I can't without stripping the bikes down, needs very careful thought. After much thought I have fitted a bike rack to the long A frame of our Hymer. And given a lot of t
  8. Not the first story of an oven in a swift group product coming out during transit.
  9. You are obviously unaware of the concept of “shooting the messenger “?😉
  10. I think that Alde charge around £200 to do it. There are also some YouTube videos from Alde that might be helpful. These are posted as king of comfort might be worth a look. Finally and this won’t apply to the OP, my Alde system on our Hymer is different. It doesn’t have an external drain point which is why I took it to Alde to be done.
  11. Sounds reasonable. Regarding costs the list price is on the whole more expensive. The differential is coming down. However for a company car driver, the tax savings potentially to be made by selecting a phev or a BEV are massive.
  12. I as I am sure you knew I was referring your criteria what price? how far? Not indeterminate points.
  13. You seem happy not to provide any specifics
  14. Either charge up on route or take her Touareg😂
  15. I think that Mazda took a deliberate decision to have a relatively small range as it reduces the cost. In the real world 124miles range is probably enough for most people. For example my wife does a daily commute of 70 miles, which is a lot more than average, yet the range would be fine for her with an overnight charge. Whether or not the British public will accept that is a different question.
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