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  1. ALDE.. I’m having an issue with my Alde heating, we use day mode and night mode, day mode is 21* and night to 10* however for some reason it changes the night temp to 20* during the night ? We got up last night about 1am and reset it to 10* but in the morning when it switched over to day mode it had changed the day temp to 10* which is the night temp ? I’ve set the timers so night comes on at 10.30pm and day switches off at 10.30pm , night switches off at 6.30am and day switches on at 6.3? What am I doing wrong ? Any advice very welcome
  2. Is there a limit to how much weight you can put on the tow hitch ? I’m aware the car dictates how much you can put on the car but if your car is 200kg can the permit this or is it limited by the hitch ?
  3. Great to see this is still an active topic despite its age.
  4. Great reply.. thank you so much. Im looking at a Vw Transporter Kombi, its 204ps, 4 motion, and DSG, The supplying dealer is a Vw dealer and the van is/was their demo, it is on a "68" reg, cn i ask which box is likely to be fitted to it ? My last post on this topic was 2016, i bought a vehicle (non DSG) however im now back looking for another vehicle.
  5. I again find myself looking for a tow vehicle and again looking to this post for advise... 8 years old and still helpful. Does anyone have anything to add about DSG to bring the post up to date ?
  6. Who on here tows with a Pathfinder ? How / Bad is it ?
  7. It would seem to be the case that this post is still of interest even tho its 5 years old Steamdrivenandy
  8. Im having the same dilemma at the moment its a 2103 2. 0 Diesel, i have a choice of Dsg of for 2k cheaper a manual same age etc.
  9. It is lower than the standard and like you i attribute this to the main problem. ... love my old Mondeo and really don't want to have to replace it, spoke the the guys at MAD but unfortunately the do kits for every Mondeo bar mine
  10. Took these today, with caravan and car laden the towball is 33-35 cm's from the ground when hitched to the caravan, unhitched the lowball height is 39cms
  11. Hi, Thank you for your continued advice, i have posted some photos of my car hitched to the van.
  12. Ok, as I keep the majority of items in the caravan I didn't fully load it hover I did put my 260 air awning inside to replicate the weight of clothes, food etc, my big awning that I use was carried in the roof box last time however as the roof box isn't fitted I've put it on the rear seats so as to again replicate the weight, when the awning is in the roof box it's usually to the rear of the box as it's too bulky to fit in the front section as it's taped to the front. Oh and I've usually two cocker spaniels in the boot who are 15kgs each
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