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  1. surprisingly very easy. .....never mentioned show plates. ..they are sold as road legal, i have purchased plates this way for a few years and will continue doing so never once been stopped by any authorities to state otherwise, and if i am correct number plates are part of a vehicles mot never been advised on them there either, surely if people are that concerned then dont buy from the internet,personally i have better things to do with my time than stand in line with documents, life is way to short.
  2. ebay number plate creator, its where i got ours all road legal and delivered within 24hrs, may take bit longer this time of year, also get to choose which flag you want on side
  3. would have thought a 4x4 better for grip than 2 wheel drive
  4. we were looking at European sites and wondered why some dont allow twin axles our van is single axle was just curious as they dont look much bigger
  5. it doesn't apply to us but just wondered why some sites do not allow twin axle caravans,
  6. We keep a dairy in the van. ...... crikey how big is your caravan
  7. they are a great idea, ours are permanent live when driving
  8. brakes all sorted now just needed servicing as some parts were not moving as freely as they should.
  9. thanks for this, will be replacing all timber at front rather than cutting and replacing the bits that are damaged. i have a decent size shed/workshop so like the idea of the bath. made me think twice about pressure treated timber as i will be cutting and scribing quite a bit of it recommendations from experience are the best
  10. will be using pressure treated timber. . i will be shaping timber to caravan and joining with half lap joins so will have cut edges
  11. in the process of sorting out damp, i want to treat all the new timber before installing into caravan wickes do a clear one that seems right for my needs but want advice and preferably recommendations beforehand thanks in advance
  12. stripping all the front out, seem to have been lucky with the side walls as no damp or rot there, floor all good too apart from some in the front locker, took out all front seating to give better access so looks worse at the moment. ..well thats what i told the wife anyway
  13. think the draught from the gaps may blow them open again
  14. when we got it we were told 1991 but now believe its older, eccles elite. my winter project looking forward to having it up and ready for march.
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