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  1. Hi Jim, sorry I missed your post. I presume you picked up your van and hopefully everything is OK. Here is an update: Ours went back to the factory on the 5th April and we picked it back up from the dealers on the 20th. So it was back at the factory for only 2 weeks. The scheduled time was 4-6 weeks. We have not received the repair report via the dealers but from checking the van and comparing before and after photos (checking wood grain patterns etc.) It seems that the partition wall, the washroom sliding door and the rearmost wardrobe unit have been replaced. The floor is origina
  2. Yes I agree and I would not want to put anybody off a rejection option after the 6 months and quite rightly 6 months should not be the limit on a leisure vehicle not used everyday. But 6 months is specifically mentioned, I believe, as a one repair attempt where one has to be satisfied with the result, the time scale and convenience factors and then rejection. I would rather have the wording completely on my side. I think it is vital that 2018 Cruiser owners check there partition wall fixings especially for cracking to the wood beneath the KD fixing and any sloping panel gaps between t
  3. They should, you would think, unfortunately I am passed the 30 day "rejection without repair' window". We are now in the 30 day to 6 month window under the 2015 Consumer Rights Act as we took delivery of the van at the end of November 2017. We have to let them attempt one repair and one repair only. Some good news though. I put the issue on the Buccaneer Owners Group on FB and someone else has just checked their brand new 2018 Cruiser and has found the same problem after a short trip. Photos are almost identical to ours. Not sure if are allowed you paste a Facebook Link on here?
  4. Thank You. I’m sure it will be. Would rather be getting it ready for another trip than hanging in limbo for a decision to be made.
  5. Unknown quantity at the moment. General concensus from discussions with bodyshop guy and my engineer that Elddis are relatively quick with turnaround. It will not stop us getting out camping. We have a great Cabanon Biscaya tent set up that we can use (Just got to sort out some underfloor heating though!). It has served us comfortably well and will do again if need be. Bit disappointed with this caravan lark though. 2 vans in less than 12 months, both with structural problems. Thanks
  6. Yes an update is due. Started to write this morning but got distracted! Took the Buccanner into the dealers yesterday. Aftersales Supervisor, Body shop head, my caravan engineer and myself were present. I left the bodyshop guy and my engineer to check the wall - floor seperation issue. I joined them 10 minutes later to point out all the sloping gaps under the shower tray and bathroom furniture and wardrobe. The bodyshop guy said that it was probably a job for the factory as if they (the dealers) just replaced the wall it would fail again at the wall to floor KD fixings owing to the
  7. Hi The salesman at the dealer said, when we bought the van, that although Elddis had changed the chassis to Alko they had kept the original BPW carrier. He said that we would have to have it changed to an Alko spare wheel carrier at a cost of £300 to give clearance to fit the Reich AWD mover rear units. This I paid. When I was checking the van at home I noticed that the spare wheel carrier did not look like an Alko unit and that it was the original BPW wheel carrier. The dealer refunded the £300.
  8. Hi Thank You This is interesting, So Elddis possibly have a mod. Myself and the independant caravan engineer discussed the use of a cross brace and it is good to know that Elddis (or Erwin Hymer as it is now) have a proper mod. I have since thought that just having the partition wall replaced wouldn’t solve the problem. as the floor is not springy and has remained in the bowed position. Any replacement wall panel, unless it was oversized in depth and then scribed to the bowed floor would end up trying to pull the floor straight with the fixings and it would fail again. I am
  9. Hi thanks for the reply out of interest, what aerial are you using on your Schooner with your replacement DAB radio.
  10. Hi there not quite clear what reason you are referring to as its not quite clear in your post. But I know one thing, my wife is also looking at the Commodore layout right now in case we have to reject. Any reasons for changing to a Commodore from Cruiser? I like the feeling of space you get from the Cruiser. But because of the layout and not having a partition wall going across the rear of the van (which looking at the large unsupported floor area at the rear any flexing of the floor might not be show up as drastically as in the Cruiser. I am not a nit picker and expect a degree
  11. I would be interested in your DAB set up if you have any photos of how you fitted it, position of aerial etc. Would such an installation invalidate the warranty. (Although I realise doing anything more or less anything invalidates a caravan warranty). Thanks
  12. Thank You for your replies. Thinking about, it without a cross brace the rear chassis extensions bolted on could be pulled inwards this would cause the floor to sag. I notice from the BPW Chassis diagram that there are no extensions This would give a more rigid structure together with the cross brace than the Alko extensions alone. I will take some measurements in the morning to gather more clues. Once again, Thanks I have tried to PM you but it says: smino0_1 cannot receive messages
  13. Yes, the caravan engineer has confirmed that the bowing is showing externally using a straight edge. A photo of your bpw chassis at the rear would great. Here is ours
  14. Thanks, I will take it up with the dealer. I just wanted to ask Teleco if their aerial was suitable for FM and if not then why have Erwin Hymer connected it to the radio. A less expensive option probably. Along with the decision to swap to an Alko chassis from a BPW. Cost! If some of the European manufacturers could make a van with the attractive exterior and interior style of the Buccaneer with a high UK market orientated specification with a their build quality. I would buy one and so would more people, even at a slightly higher price.
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