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  1. Their website.They still haven't replaced the "My Bookings" section,which is over a year now,and their late availability page is laughable if it wasn't so important.
  2. Just fitted Kargomax to my Coachman.I purchased them from Asda tyres for around £72 each.Fitting was £18.00 and tyre fitter came to storage site. When google searching they can be found under GT Radial.
  3. Stayed at Daleacres CMC site from Monday to Wednesday,last week, and not saying it was fully booked, but limited pitches available. Even had to queue to get in on the Monday!! I would have thought the CMC would be very happy with the occupancy level.
  4. I have actually run my heating up to temp without water in the boiler before.Time was around 45 mins to get up to temperature.
  5. Jaydug Sorry I haven't read all the posts,but I have just repaired an outer door infill panel.I used Caratech for the infill panel and if you google Thetford service doors all info is on their website. By looking at your photo's its just the handle arrangement that is different. Whilst so annoying look on the bright side that it didn't hit the van. If you do require further info I have saved all the receipts somewhere in my garage.
  6. It is advisable to have a battery in the circuit.It acts as a reservoir or filter for the 12v system.Also a working charger will supply 13.7v normally some 12v items may not like the larger voltage. Also the unconnected leads could short together if no battery fitted.
  7. I can remember travelling to a CCC rally in Holland in which the UK had a severe outbreak of Foot and Mouth.The Dutch had used their cadets for fridge searches.We willingly "gave up" our small amount of opened milk,but he went further and confiscated a bar of Dairy Milk. He did then turn a blind eye to the bacon and ham in their plastic wrapping.
  8. Not sure of mileage as I never log it,but I do notice I am now getting over 3 months to the gallon. I do class myself as lucky as Oxford CCC site in January then lockdown, New Forest Centenary CMC Site not my first choice but hay ho! Castleton and Conkers. Various rallies and meets cancelled though. All CMC sites I used the £120 for £100 offer. Nothing at all since September 2020 which is unheard off to be laid up that long.
  9. Please do not mention Tom Jones,I am almost over it now.
  10. I had the same issue,my van worked out to 18' 10" which in laymans terms is 19" .I was advised to get the larger size of 19" to 21" rather than 17" to 19" The other way around it is to actual measure along the skirting rail and any protruding bodywork.
  11. One quick story of my Lunar Quazar is I had it for 6 years,yearly serviced,nothing went wrong ,no damp,nothing but the problem was a CD of Tom Jones stuck in the cd player,it was a free Daily Mail offer,every time I switched the 12v master on all I got was "You can keep you hat on" playing. Every time I hear it now I just shudder. Eventually I managed to remove it by pulling it out with a thin pair of relay pliers. Shame about Lunar,it just makes less choice now.
  12. I had an issue with my Sargent alarm and contacted Sargent directly.They talked me through the set up on my mobile with me programming and fault finding to their instructions.Most helpful caravan related company I have come across.
  13. There are a couple of minor questions to ask,you say you are turning the "mains on" is this the 240v mains or the 12v master, because you will need the 12v master turned on to power the Truma heating panel and the battery meter. Even a duff battery should show something,even if it does not hold its charge.
  14. I too find his You Tube videos clip helpful,yes the toilets filming is well quirky ,and quickly fast forwarded,but I do watch the site arrivals especially for the sites in Scotland. One helpful clip was the arrival at Dulverton CMC site where you have to cross a major road a junction just before the Exebridge site,and the two narrow bridges before you turn left into site. All very helpful with a van in tow. I just get sort on envious the amount of time Bob gets to use his van,and I am retired!!
  15. Can you trace the other side of switch,sounds to me like a heater control for an awning.
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