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  1. Towing 1500kg with a 163bhp 4x4 2014 model.Very happy with vehicle.Solo I would guess around low 40’s mpg and towing low30’s which I seem happy with.Probably only slight down side is smallish “boot” meaning folding rear seats down.
  2. Wildwood, not really much info on the estimate, just a breakdown of costs, labour etc. The insurance company just dealt with the repairer direct.
  3. Thanks for the reply,I have photo’s on my iphone so see if I can download them.The damaged area must be 12” square.Even though it punctured in 3 places it did scratch further down van. Decals are being replaced as damaged.Surprisingly this was the concern of insurance company. I just wonder if they cut a square section out of aluminium and then fill. At least my insurance excess is not too bad.
  4. I had an asbestos sheet,8’x4’ lift off a nearby shed, and puncture the aluminium skin in 3 positions during storm Ciara.A claim was submitted and permission was granted for repaired. The van goes in later this month for repair, but the van goes in at 08:00 and should be available to pick up the next day.How will they repair,paint,and replace decals in one day. What procedures do they use for repairs.
  5. Yes you can find vacancies on the CCC web site.It is unbelievably confusing but goes like this. Go bookings Select an area you want to visit. Do NOT select site you have in mind. Fill in the date period you want to travel Fill in awning, length and width of unit etc. Then press make a booking and it will bring up all sites in that area that have room for your dates. Select site you want to visit and a calendar should be visible of vacancies. Green shading means room. Why they make it so confusing is anyone’s guess.
  6. Go onto the Thetford website and then,find information on service doors.When you scroll down all info is on there.
  7. With shops opening soon, especially with the shopping centres like Bluewater, Lakeside et al, it will be interesting to see how they will operate their toilets and washrooms facilities. I Would guess both the Clubs would come under the same sort of guidelines. Also on another thread, yes all DA’s have been informed no rallying for July.About 10 of their smaller sites will not open for this season.There is a list on their web sites.
  8. My sockets in my Caravan are protected by a 10 mcb, so a 1.5mm cable can take roughly 14 amps, in a situation like this 1.5mm would suffice
  9. We had a window cleaner on our estate.Doing his normal rounds, surprising he hasn’t returned lately.
  10. There’s nothing like the old “toilet in the van “thread, to get people typing away.
  11. Following this thread, as I have had mine “removed” by a person who new how to remove it without a key.Unfortunately I cannot find missing door on storage site. I would be happy with an £80 bill.I just need this virus over and done with so I can get out to the van at least to do a temp repair.
  12. I did quite like this site.One thing was my pitch, which overlooked Morcambe Bay.However a couple of pitches near were completely jacked up at the front corner steadies. It was worth the walk to Grange over Sands just to see the railway station.
  13. Not sure if this helps you but I managed to photograph damage to my van caused by Storm Ciara.This was accepted by the repairer for quote and insurance company. I have been told parts can take 4 weeks to arrive and the decal can be difficult to obtain and match up. Mine is due for repair in early April
  14. I have an outdoor revolution speed 1 ( I think).I can get it to clear the window just, as the gap between the door is quite narrow, but it does foul the outside bed locker door.So chairs are removed before inflation.
  15. Rather than edit my previous post, the black is the neutral, it looks to me it has a top connector bar, above the 5 amp mcb I can clearly see the connecting bar, through the broken rail cover this will be live when connected to site supplies.
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