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  1. Sorry but I have not had time to read all the posts.But my van has just had its 3rd service and yes axle has "relaxed". The new term for damaged.When looking at the end of the axle ,you can see the end of the triple rubber blocks have squeezed out.I will not name my van yet as early days.My personal feeling in all of this is my van is the same layout as the Vigo and both these vans have a long overhang.If my van has been damaged and this is my personal view it is due to speed ramps especially the table top ones where the van does bounce badly when exiting.To say the vans is overloaded is just a get out clause for the manufacturer.Also my axle is rated at 1550kg on a van weighing 1510kg. Can anyone explain that you can pay extra for a plate upgrade.You try explaining this to your wife. On holiday now for a week and I will not be using the van.
  2. I to have been there and got the tee shirt,when your storage pitch closes it does cause sleepness nights. Bearsted CMC store vans there,not sure of vacancies. But there is another storage site near Riverside Country Park called Mariners Farm,the entrance is just past the turning into the CP. This is on the way to Lower Rainham. If I remember Medway Marina was a Cassoa storage site with quite a few vans stored there,Goodness knows where they are going now. Best of luck with your search.
  3. I have just changed my air filter, oil and filter at the recommended (or that is what I thought) 12,500 miles. This is on a 2014 Kuga 2. 0l diesel. I was informed though that the fuel filter is bi yearly.
  4. https://www. kentlive. news/news/motoring/26-mile-diversion-m20-drivers-2462699 Montesa,I know this is late,but have a look at the above link for your diversion. They do advise going back up the A20 from Dover towards the Tunnel
  5. BFM Thanks for the reply. As you can see I did think you were measuring the alarm battery side. Hope you get it sorted satifactory.
  6. BFM, Even though I do agree that the battery is the possible issue, but if it was a supply issue the fuse would blown even if it was not arming,and having rung Sargent myself in the past,how are you testing the current. This has to be in series and knowing the small connector from the battery to the printed circuit this must be very fiddly to measure this. I would ring Sargent first,at least this company must be one of the best to deal with,before doing anything else. If you do need the number let me know and I will find it.
  7. Yes this does not surprise me in the least,but unfortunately this seems the future for camping sites. Don. t forget though that even the CMHC have changed tact on certain sites. Abbey wood for one,has glamping pods and an Airstream caravan or two. Strange about the out and about side of the magazine where you HAVE to apply to receive a copy. I suppose they think only people interested in rallying and the suchlike will apply saving money in the process. I personally are glad they have moved the NFOL it was gradually dying being on a Bank Holiday in the height of the season. Even organising commitee's were having issues getting venues on that weekend. Is the 3rd weekend in September correct?who knows but it does seem a strange choice.
  8. Mow Cop Ten. I was going to say there are two wheel bolts supplied in the pack. It is easy to match up when original wheel bolt is removed.
  9. I went for the Saracen Gull Wing Hitch lock. You have to fit a receiver plate into a recess on the hitch then it is fitted in seconds. Have a look on you tube for more info. For info I also purchased a Nemesis wheel lock as well. They are so much easier to fit over the Alko wheel lock.
  10. Doesn't surprise me at the least,my wife can spot a speck of dust from 300 metres away.
  11. Perhaps Cadeside has 4 wardens as is it predominately a storage site with 250 odd vans stored there. So if one set is off duty, there is cover with another two.
  12. 6 amps will give you around 1380 watts. (W=I x V)We have been abroad loads of times with a 6 amp supply and never tripped the site supply. Make sure you get a low wattage kettle and we have used water heater,fridge and battery charger plus kettle without problems. As mentioned before site voltage fluctuations can effect fridges.
  13. I to have found the Alde system excellent. I too have found the temperature even across the van and even in Snow last March at Burford coped admirally. Now answers to your question,my sensor (a round black cap ) is above the door to the right. My van is a Coachman. Also have you set the load of heating suitable for your desired temp i. e. 1kw 2kw etc. if you go the the 3kw be careful what else you are using electrical wise,and lastly if you have set your water to the second setting (boost) this will take priority over the heating. Details how to set the above are in the manual,or on line.
  14. It will not do any harm fitting them,but they are really used to stop your fridge from over cooling when using it in very low outside temperatures
  15. Interested as to see if they can be removed, due to the issue of debris ending up behind them. I have looked on my Pastiche and the gutter does seem to be fitted to the top part of the front windows. Let us know how you get on.
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