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  1. Was this socket clicking before you plugged in your multimeter which I take is what you call a multibox.
  2. I have seen this type of fault before but on a car.Sometimes what can happen is the receiving fuse holder the jaws open up creating a bad contact causing arcing,the arcing leads to a holder ending up like the photo of yours. I am not saying this is the cause or yours and if you are electrically minded replace the whole assembly, and you can purchase an in line current meter with a blade insertion probe to measure the amps you are pulling.
  3. Without sounding too gloomy,I would look at the Caravans with a dealer nearest to you.If you have to return it,you are not travelling miles.I know of someone that purchased from a dealer 160 miles from where he lived,he got a very good deal,but a real pain to get things sorted. Also I think the CCC do a reliability survey of new vans, but not sure when I would find this info.
  4. Well there is a lovely pub just down the road.You go past it just before turning into site. Cannot remember name though and they do food.As for walking there are the old reclaimed pit area dead opposite the site.There are maps or leaflets showing the paths.If I remember there is still a pit head still open as a museum.Steam powered for the lift shafts which was my old industry so I found it very interesting. There is a cafe in the park on the path on the right,has old machinery dotted around. Teversal is a amazing site,lovely loo blocks if you are in to the sort of thing.
  5. Another one for Nemesis wheel lock,and hitchlock. My insurance does stipulate tha Alko wheel lock and that is a right pain to line up.One other tip to make it even more unattractive is to put the van in nose first. In relation to using motorway service stations I would never leave it unattended.Even if it was locked securely.If you need a cup of tea or a wee just use your own facilities on board.
  6. Yes it is derived from Ohms Law but in Caravanning we do not know the resistance of appliance's, so this can be worked out from W =I x V which is known as Watts Law. I'll get my coat.............
  7. Mine is on order from the CCC and mine is yet to arrive too.
  8. Uk voltage in this country is generated at 240v ac Europe generates at 220v ac the 230v ac is a harmonisation of them both.
  9. Brian I have replied to a similar thread on the CMC forum with the same issue as this,so not sure if it is you.As for the OP no I would not think you could change this concertina door to a solid sliding door.I actually find it ok and easy to use,but there is only two of us,with exception when the grandkids come away with us.If you require a solid door then best look at the 545 model with middle bathroom/toilet.
  10. If polarity is reversed and the "neutral" is shorted to earth, the fuse won't blow. Kelper Yes the fuse will blow in your statement above.The fuse is still part of the circuit.So much is made of RP that we have to sit here and read peoples understanding of electrical theory.I still cannot work out in your previous reply about being on a different phase.
  11. I would have thought Swift are scaling back production because of a decline in advanced orders from the recent NEC Caravan show.Only guessing of course.
  12. If the smaller handle doesn't stay up on its own, I can press the pad at the 6 o clock position under the hitch with my thumb.Then I can hear a click and hitch handle will stay upright. (12 o clock is front of hitch.)
  13. It never seem to amaze me that this can be an issue.When picking a pitch I just request "Away from toilet blocks" "Evening Sunny pitch" Quiet pitch" etc etc and never have been disappointed. Keswick this year was very busy even after the kids had returned to school,so pitches available was from only from a few and still they picked me a suitable pitch. As it has been said before with the CCC they do it their way,and their way only. I get more frustrated at the 13.00hrs arrive time.
  14. Lutz Thanks for the clarification.
  15. I am not sure what you want the manufacturer to say.They provide say 155 kg allowance for my van.If I want a motor mover fitted that is my choice.When an axle fails like mine,everything is down to us.If its not overloading then its pot holes. When it was repaired and weighed it only had 4kg allowance left with just everyday items in the van.No clothes ,no food,no drink,no awning etc etc All the time the manufacturers get away with it,and no one is on the caravanners side unless you get legal advice.
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