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  1. Hi All, please could anyone with experience of the 2019-20 coachmen’s offer any reviews or advise, as I’m thinking of getting one? and I have no experience of them,. Thank you Terry
  2. Hi All, I love a moan and get frustrated rather easily and dealing with my local Ipswich branch can make you become disheartened rather quickly 😖 But Charlie at elddis solved my levelling problem and got all the warranty paper work sorted out and with the help of E&P it got fixed through the Sussex branch and I’d like to say thank you through the forum because I rearly do it. .. “So thank you Charlie for going out of your way to help me, I recommended this lady 100% 👏” The best of wishes Terry
  3. I’ve read your blog and have enjoyed it. .. well done for doing what you want to do and leaving your dream 👏
  4. Hi all 👋 can I ask were about you go for the service is it Nottingham? Thanks
  5. Yes I believe you just push the button. .. but didn’t ask
  6. I was told it’s just a design upgrade. ..
  7. Hi all👋 Thank you for all your replies they are most welcome. I also believe that’s it’s an oil problem and the axle jacks don’t have enough oil to retract them. The emergency pump looks to be the problem as there’s fluid with dirt stuck on it. today I contacted E&P who were helpful and positive, I also contacted there agent Roslin in Sussex who again went out of there wat to help. ...thank you ! I then spoke to customer services at Elddis and the most helpful lady called Charlie said she would go to my retailer in Ipswich and ask them to do the required warranty claim, but she called me back to inform me that there computer system was down. At 4. 30 today I again phoned my retail dealer in Ipswich who’s computer system was still down so they couldn’t do the required application. ..to a shame that they were not as positive as all the above people😔😖 but I’ve come to expect this. ... I was also told that the emergency pump valve has now been replaced to a push button and this can be retrofitted for £100 fitted
  8. Thank Simno, I’ve folles the instructions and tried it about 10 times there’s no resistance at all when I pump and I did it for around 30 minutes and nothing happened.
  9. The corner steadies did go up. . but back ones are not now. .. i only use the main control board and the jacks don’t retract so cant reset the hand set. but I might disconnect the supply and try again. thanks for the help👍
  10. Hi, Please can someone help. We we’re supposed to go away today and when I pressed the up button the middle axle cylinders refused to retract. The override valve and hand pump doesn’t work. ..the cylinders will lift the van but refuse to retract. 13. 2 amps on the battery so is okay and I have a 3 meter extension lead so plugged it into the car and still no difference. ..just in case the battery wasn’t any good. dors any one no what’s wrong as it’s stuck up high and I’ve a family of moaning kids disappointed about not going on holiday, will Ep come out to repair ?
  11. Hi, after being messed about by my dealer, elddis recommendation to me was to use AK leisure in wickford Essex for all my warranty work.
  12. I was recommended an approved repairer by Elddis and today they found and fixed the leak. The loom hasn't been sealed in properly that goes through the panel. This took all of 20 minutes and they even helped to fix some other faults. They are going to check for damp when they repair the other things that need doing. Elddis customer services did call me quickly and I thank them for this but not happy that it leaked, but at least they helped✌️
  13. Hi Oh the joys of owning a buccaneer this is the second one in under a year with a leak. ..and this ones the replacement. It would seem my dealer in Ipswich hasn't submitted the warranty claim yet. ..but then that's not surprising either as they are profit driven it seems So here I am about to start the fun of sitting on a bucking horse and hoping to stay on again. I
  14. I have had it 2 months And now imagine the caravan will be full of damp . .. but I'm wishing for the best and maybe Elddis will give me good news if they call Monday But I doubt they will call
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