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  1. My Skoda Yeti is just 12 months old and a 1. 4 petrol. Peak torque is produced at 1500rpm.
  2. I bought a drill from Amazon that does the job just fine for less than £20.
  3. One of the friendliest and best kept sites we have ever stayed at. Spent Christmas 2014 here with friends.
  4. We have a Cello and it is far superior to the Avtex that was standard fit in our Autotrail MH.
  5. Plod

    Mpg When Towing

    Skoda Yeti 1. 4 petrol towing 24/26mpg and solo 36ish.
  6. I have only been towing for a few weeks and have really enjoyed it so far despite towing at slightly over 90%. I am an experienced driver being trained to advanced Police level in cars and motorcycles and slightly*****when it comes to correct loading and noseweights. I must say I didn't find the passing HGVs a problem as the speed difference is very small. White van man however passing at 80/90/100mph is a much bigger problem.
  7. When I retired 2 years ago at 54 I bought a MH. Now 2 years later it's been swapped for a caravan. MH was very nice but as my wife is still working it was way too much money sat on the drive not getting used. So far just had 2 weeks away in the van but prefer it to the MH.
  8. We bought a Freedom 6 as we have a Skoda Yeti and needed a 6 berth without excess weight. We did pay extra for a microwave and TV ariel. We have downsized from a 6 berth AutoTrail motorhome and the only thing we really miss is the external BBQ point. It doesn't feel dark or gloomy and has everything we need.
  9. So far apart from one or 2 minor points it's really good. We were restricted somewhat due to need for 6 berth and weight of tow car. Lack of an oven was a minus point but we didn't use the one in our motorhome that much so decided we could manage without.
  10. We have a 3 week old Sprite Freedom and the cuttlery drawer is loose at one side and has dropped slightly. As a result of this the locking catch no longer locks the drawer in place.
  11. Plod

    Yeti 1.4tsi 4X4 L&K

    Very refined and quiet car which is quite a sporty drive considering it's an SUV.
  12. Very refined and quiet car which is quite a sporty drive considering it's an SUV. Click here to view the towcar review
  13. Got back from our first trip yesterday after almost 1000 miles almost all of it towing. The Yeti pulled the van perfectly with no 'squeeky bum' moments. This was my first towing experience apart from the run back from the dealer which was about 20 miles and totally unladen. Route was M46 postcode area to Sennen Cove near Lands End for a week. Then 4 nights in South Devon and 3 in North Devon. The trip home was around 10 hours due to roadworks and idiots that can't drive. Down to third for short times on some of the Cornish hills but otherwise great. Dependant on roadworks we got between 24 and 26mpg which was about what I was expecting as around town i'm only getting low 30's. The only slight problem with the Yeti is lack of boot space so a roofbox is on the required list.
  14. We loved the MH but as my wife still has a few years to work yet before she can retire it wasn't getting used enough. A caravan won't get used any more but it's far less money parked on the drive. We also now foster so having a car when we're away will be a big plus and social services need to know where you are so wild camping is out. I wouldn't say we won't go back to a MH at some point but it just isn't ideal for us now.
  15. Plod

    X Trail

    The latest 1. 4tsi 4X4 Skoda figures from the website, 1800kg.
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