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  1. I bought 1 length (3 x metres) of each 40mm & 32mm white plastic pipes from Screwfix. Cut each length into 3 equally sized pieces - the 3 narrow ones travel inside the 3 larger ones in a nylon bag. I have a small number of assorted joining pieces of each size (elbow, angled & straight) to cope with the various pitches as we travel around UK & France. A narrow pipes inside a larger one can be lengthened telescopically if needed. Works for me. Regards.
  2. I've got two new turnbuckles arriving later today. Spoke with a neighbour (a retired civil engineer) this morning who suggested I attach two straps of wood of suitable width to the back panel using 'NO MORE NAILS' adhesive - one near the top and the other near the bottom, effectively increasing the depth of the wallboard. Using suitable wood screws, I could then attach each of the turnbuckles to the straps of wood. This, with a piece of stout sponge to prevent rattling could provide the answer and unlikely to encroach too much on caravan payload. Thoughts?
  3. I can see where you're coming from Mr P. I would still surely need some sort of solid & permanent attachment on the wall board on which to use the Velcro strap? Thanks for prompt advice.
  4. One of the turn-button retention clips which hold my dining table in it's designated transit storage (back of wardrobe) has failed on two occasions. The screws have simply not been sufficient to hold the retention clip in place and consequently have not retained the table properly during transit. I have used Gorilla Super Glue on the turn-button clip for the second time but it will undoubtedly fail again soon. Have any of you had similar problems and what can I do to make the transit position more secure? We really appreciate the benefit of having this table with us on our travels so leaving
  5. Most grateful for your input SGT - I will check out your recommendations. Regards.
  6. Sorry to hear health matters prevent you travelling to France next year Paul. Hope recovery is quick. I hadn't intended pre-booking too far ahead but will certainly take account of your advice and will make contact with the site, perhaps a couple of months in advance, to determine the lay of the land. I understood that in May, there was seldom any problems with fully booked sites. Perhaps naivety on my part could be detrimental to our plans? That said, we probably wouldn't want to stay any longer than a couple of weeks. Regards, Lew
  7. PR1 - on recommendation from friends, we hope to stay at Camping Le Floride & l'Embouchure from about 17th May.....however, in view of your recommendation Moorgate, we might be a little later. Thanks for your comments thus far. Regards, Lew
  8. Appreciate your point and question 'Moorgate'. Our France 2020 adventure is of 7 weeks duration and as we near the French Riviera, we thought we might pitch up a little short of the Med, get out in our car and do a bit of touring before heading to Le Barcarès for a lot of relaxing. If the climate gets too hot there, we intend a return route through Aquitaine, Dordogne and eventually back to Zeebrugge. I'm also a disabled driver and therefore long, drawn-out drives in excess of 150 miles aren't beneficial to my aching joints. Regards, Lew
  9. In May 2020 will be towing our outfit after arrival in Zeebrugge, from Guignicourt to Le Barcarès with 3 or 4 stops of 1-2 nights duration. I've got 3 on my list (Camping Paquier Fane near Chagny; Camping Le Soliel Fruite near Châteauneuf-sur-Isère & Camping Les Micocouliers near Graveson) but no experience or knowledge of these. Have any of you stayed on any of these 3 sites or perhaps can recommend alternatives. With kind regards & thanks in advance. Lew
  10. I consider myself a relative newbie on CT with only 24/25 posts since I joined 2018. Have no idea how many 100s of interesting posts on here that have been worthwhile reading. I'm a member of a couple of FB caravan groups but at 67 years young, I find CT of more interest to me. Have done 2 tours in France since commencing life as a late-comer to this enjoyable pursuit in Feb 2018 - the first for 4 weeks followed by 6 weeks earlier this year and as some may have noted from other posts in this section, have booked ferry for 7 weeks in 2020. Will deal with whatever the political results are idc.
  11. You're very welcome Clive. We had 6 weeks in France earlier this year (May/June) & have booked our Hull/Zeebrugge ferry for 2020. 9th May to 28th June so that gives us 7 weeks to get to the Med coastal region, spend a couple of weeks in La Barcarès and then a nice leisurely return journey via the Dordogne/La Rochelle area. Regards. Lew
  12. This is a very belated posting to the original regarding concessions for disabled drivers/persons (Blue Badge Holders in UK). I have copied the answer directly from the Libert-t Tag/emovis tag website. I'm a Blue Badge holder with a military War Disablement Pension but as my car is not ADAPTED in any way to assist my driving, I am not entitled to any concessions. The same applies if I was driving a motorhome. Q. Are there any discounts for disabled people? A. France - Liber-t tag Yes. Blue badge holders who have a Class 2 vehicle (not valid for car + caravan) a
  13. Have already posted on another discussion regarding differing costs/routes/timings etc. so won't repeat the majority of that post. Just to say that we had such a pleasant experience on Hulll/Zeebrugge/Hull earlier this year (May & June) that we have decided to repeat it for 2020. Booked for outward journey 9th May '20 returning 28th June '20. We live in the West of Scotland but spend 3 nights in Durham either side of our ferry crossings. Our daughter & family lives 1 mile from Durham Grange CMC site which is 90 minutes towing to/from Hull Ferry Port. Anyone else travelling same dates?
  14. Bought our Aguri 720 Deluxe in January for a third of the price it would have cost to have a manufacturer fitted one in my new SsangYong Turismo and I use it for every long UK journey whether I know the route or not. In car or caravan & car mode, it has never once let me down. It took us on our 6 week adventure to France in Spring this year and was 'spot on' for each and every journey. Using it as regularly as I do, I manage to operate it with it's many different apps, procedures for navigating in UK & France, as easily as I do my home TV or PC. Worth every penny as far as I'm concern
  15. I made my 2020 ferry booking Hull > Zeebrugge > Hull yesterday by phone with the CMC. Out on SATURDAY 9th May returning on SUNDAY 28th June. I did an online check a few minutes ago using a THURSDAY outbound & a MONDAY return. The Sat/Sun sailings were £100 cheaper. For a variety of reasons we prefer the Hull/Zeebrugge/Hull route. We live in Scotland and our daughter & family live in Durham so we have a few nights at Durham Grange CMC at each end of our tour. We also consider the pleasant overnight crossing with meals and a double bedded cabin an acceptable cost an
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