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  1. Bought our Aguri 720 Deluxe in January for a third of the price it would have cost to have a manufacturer fitted one in my new SsangYong Turismo and I use it for every long UK journey whether I know the route or not. In car or caravan & car mode, it has never once let me down. It took us on our 6 week adventure to France in Spring this year and was 'spot on' for each and every journey. Using it as regularly as I do, I manage to operate it with it's many different apps, procedures for navigating in UK & France, as easily as I do my home TV or PC. Worth every penny as far as I'm concerned. But........each to their own. France 2020; here we come!! Regards to all.
  2. I made my 2020 ferry booking Hull > Zeebrugge > Hull yesterday by phone with the CMC. Out on SATURDAY 9th May returning on SUNDAY 28th June. I did an online check a few minutes ago using a THURSDAY outbound & a MONDAY return. The Sat/Sun sailings were £100 cheaper. For a variety of reasons we prefer the Hull/Zeebrugge/Hull route. We live in Scotland and our daughter & family live in Durham so we have a few nights at Durham Grange CMC at each end of our tour. We also consider the pleasant overnight crossing with meals and a double bedded cabin an acceptable cost and integral part of our holiday. With a refreshing night's sleep we are ready for our first journey to Guignicourt on arrival. We intend driving to the French Riviera with 3, 4 or 5 one night stops en route before making our way back via The Dordogne, Salbris & Guignicourt. Regards to all.
  3. Thanks for that advice Brecon. Remember Milton very well from my days as a brand new Dad...almost 40 years ago. Will be visiting Boots tomorrow. You're a reassuring star. Regards.
  4. How does one remove the top cover of flush container (2017 Bailey Unicorn Cadiz 3)? I wasn't even aware that this was an option but keen to clean the inside before winter sets in...providing it's a relatively straightforward task. I'm great at decorating cakes but DIY is not one of my attributes. Thanks in advance.
  5. JamesLewis

    It pays to ask.

    I proudly carry my Defence Discount Card, similar to a Blue Light Card available to members of the emergency services. The discounts provided by many well-known companies and some not so well known are often generous. Anyway, to my point. ..... I recently agreed on a new pair of specs with my local optician, a small to medium sized regional company. When I asked if they accepted my Defence Discount in order to obtain a discount, I was politely advised that they didn't. My specs BTW were going to cost £600. Yes.... they are bi-focal, transitional, non-scratch coated lenses so expensive. I then advised the member of staff that I wouldn't finalise my purchase until I had been to Vision Express in an adjacent town. She asked my why? I simply stated that Vision Express along with some other UK wide opticians provide a 10% discount on production of my Defence Discount Card. My optician saved me a journey by knocking £60 off the price. It was worth asking.
  6. I fitted my boards in Scotland (from HGV Direct) using a strip of white, commercial grade VELCRO at top & bottom of each board. Travelled to Portsmouth over course of 5 X days and not stopped. After arrival in Bilbao a couple of weeks ago, travelled up into France and overtaken on 3 occasions by police vehicles and not stopped. These boards are not going anywhere in a hurry so until I'm ordered to they will stay attached. I will of course accept the fine for having them on when I shouldn't if imposed but quite honestly, I am of the opinion that in this day and age, police forces across the European mainland have more important matters to be keeping them busy. Happy travels everyone.
  7. Thanks for your informative replies folks. Will do my best to clean the offending screen in situ with an anti mould cleaner and if that doesn't work, will try and get it off without breaking the clips and give it a good soaking. It's only a year old and the shower has only been used once. Regards
  8. I want to remove the screen to give it a good cleaning. It looks as if the plastic hinges simply pull/clip off with a downward tug but apprehensive to be too brutal in event the clips break. Any advice folks? Regards.
  9. Collected our 12 x month old Cadiz on 24/02/18 on completion of its first annual service. Having expressed my concerns to the dealer's Service Dept. regarding these ongoing axle problems, I was delighted & relieved to be advised that our 'van has no axle problem and that the space between top of tyre and wheel arch is 25mm. My heart goes out to those who have had problems in this regard and keep my fingers crossed that I won't be troubled in the months & years ahead.
  10. I would like to add my support for Mr Plodd's earlier comment (also supported by Matelotdave) that disparaging comments from one member toward another serve little or no purpose. As a newcomer to caravanning and to this forum I registered with the sole purpose of furthering my knowledge and indeed, I have learned much in the previous 12 months. Please folks, don't put people like me off by posting unnecessary point scoring - it achieves nothing. Constructive comments are more beneficial to all and no matter how many towing miles we have under our wheels, every day can be a school day. My Lock 'n' Level for my single axle Cadiz is £100 well spent. Regards.
  11. Beermonster - I've been reading these posts on various forums regarding problems with chassis/ axle on Unicorn 'vans. Our series 3 Cadiz is 12 months old and I don't mind admitting to be a little concerned. You're absolutely correct that there is a small plate in the gas locker. I've just been out & checked mine and it provides the following, applicable to my Cadiz: MTPLM - 1550kg; Mass 1 - 77kg; Mass 2 - 1473kg. The 2 latter figures make up the MTPLM. Not sure what the difference is between Mass 1 & 2? As a a 'Learner' caravanner of only 12 months standing, I weigh everything that wasn't fitted or supplied by manufacturer/dealer and where possible carry all large & heavy items in my tow car. Good luck with your new S4. Regards
  12. Hi folks. We are still beginners & setting off on only our 2nd tour in our new Unicorn Cadiz 3 in a few weeks. Still getting to grips with all that caravanning has to offer and thus far have coped reasonably well despite a few school boy errors (temporarily misplacing important keys & forgetting to remove break away cable after unhitching). I am now enthusiastically doing my best to digest the contents of the owner's manual but I'm having difficulty getting my head around the particular reference to our central heating system which states at the bottom of page 59: "Use gas & electric heating simultaneously for the best performance". I'm not a technical person of any sort so any assistance in helping me get to grips with using gas & electrical for one appliance at the same time would be greatly appreciated. I hope this is not a dumb question. Regards to all, Lew & Irene.
  13. Slightly off tangent but regarding carpets nonetheless. Just bought our first caravan (brand new) and we (my wife & I) are undecided about whether to use the new carpets, use the 'van without carpets or buy carpet runners that will fit (ish). Comments would be appreciated. Lew
  14. Hi Cadiz III owners. What width Duvalays do you have? Thinking of buying two sleeping bags but not sure which widths would be best - 66cm or 77cm? Do I go for 4cm too narrow or 7cm too wide? Regards, Lew
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