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  1. I am sorry, but you are wrong again, my Arrival cover is valid for both myself and my wife in any vehicle even if only as a passenger anywhere within the EU. Wrong again - where was I wrong before? Mayday, do not cover the trade vehicles we drive, Arrival will cover any vehicle, so yes, I accept I can have more comprehensive cover through Arrival. BUT MY POINT WAS I already have cover with the RAC if the truck breaks down and this information was difficult to establish. I can pay another £37 if I want to and join C&CC thus upgrade to Arrival and I may chose to do that, or I may not. I just wanted to highlight to others in my situation, that their caravans will not be left on the roadside, if their towing vehicle breaks down, despite what two separate RAC telephone advisors told me. Really, I didn't need a lecture on joining the right part of the RAC in the first place, because in the first place, Arrival was not relevant or necessary. But thank you for taking the time to point all this out. Cheers Jane
  2. Two members of their staff actually. My husband called and I called, so if 2 separate phone calls to two separate operators gave the same info, then chances are others will. And. ..... I never advocated that anyone should change their policy, so yes you have missed my point. It being, under a normal RAC cover, your caravan is covered if your tow vehicle breaks down. Up till April of this year, we have only had an old van, which we never really towed very far. Now we have a new van, which we are towing across country this summer, but were already into our RAC term. So not that strange a situation and I'm sure others might be in the same boat. I realised the caravan was not covered for breakdown and didn't have a problem with that, what I wanted confirmation on, was the fact the caravan would be taken somewhere safe if the truck broke down. This is covered, but RAC seem reluctant to admit to this. I'm delighted you clearly feel Arrival offer a good service and wouldn't question that, I'm sure they do, but I wasn't shopping for a new provider, merely trying to establish that my current provider provided safe harbour for my new van if the truck broke down. Just as an aside and to explain to you why not everyone might be in Mayday or Arrive, my husband deals with a lot of different vehicles over the year, our RAC policy covers this, the caravan orientated ones do not. Cheers Jane
  3. Steve W77, you've missed my point, it isn't about what or which company to change to. My point was for all those currently with RAC, in the same position I am in. If RAC give misleading info over the phone and tell people they are not covered when they are, then I am hoping to highlight that with this post. Cheers Jane
  4. We have been with the RAC for 30 odd years, currently pay £120 pa, have commercial vehicle insurance ( husband deals motors) and do not expect to have to quibble about their own cover to them. Their tele sales team should know what is covered. We were left with the strong feeling they knew very well, but were loathe to admit responsibility. It took them an hour to admit our caravan was covered for recovery if the truck packed up. We don't have to change, we are covered, but shouldn't have to fight to prove it. Sorry, but RAC's response just isn't good enough. My aim with the post, was to draw it to the attention of other people who may be in the same position as us. RAC may not admit to cover, but yes you are covered if tow vehicle packs up. Jx
  5. Having checked cover out, Mayday cover is excellent, but we are halfway through our RAC year. Am still considering cancelling RAC and going with Mayday, just for peace of mind. Jx
  6. Hi I know strictly speaking this isn't insurance, but RAC breakdown cover, however I thought I'd share this experience as it may help one or two in a crisis. All our cars and trucks etc, are covered by comprehensive RAC breakdown cover. For some reason best known to himself my OH decided to ring RAC to confirm the situation re caravan recovery if our towing vehicle breaks down. We will be towing within UK for a week or two and just wondered what would happen to our precious caravan if the truck decided to throw a wobbly. We're glad he did ring. The telephone operator said in event of a breakdown, the vehicle would be recovered, but not the caravan, they would leave that at the roadside, because over 4m they didn't have any recovery trucks big enough. If we joined the Caravan and Camping Club however, then they had a reciprocal agreement and our caravan would also be recovered. Well that didn't stack up to start with, they either have suitable vehicles or they don't. Mick got a bit hot under the collar, threatened to join Green Flag, AA, Blogg's Roadside Assistance - whatever. As the voice of calm and reason in our household, I called the RAC back, having checked their website and breakdown terms and conditions very carefully. This is what I found on page 8. *If the Vehicle should break down whilst towing a caravan or trailer We will recover Your Vehicle together with the caravan or trailer. If Your trailer or caravan breaks down then We can arrange for the recovery of Your trailer or caravan but You will be liable for the recovery costs. Please refer to page 15 of the term* also on page 10, the maximum size covered for recovery. * Caravans /Trailers 3. 5 tonnes 7. 6 metres (25ft) including tow bar Width 2. 3 metres (7ft 6in) So I got a nice lady on the phone and asked what would happen if our tow vehicle broke down. Oh, she said, your tow vehicle is covered, but your caravan isn't. Not so, I pointed out and read her the page from the web site. Silence. Well I asked, it says clearly on your web page if the tow vehicle breaks down, both vehicle and caravan will be recovered without extra charge. The RAC on the phone, didn't seem to be differentiating between the vehicle breaking down and the caravan breaking down, whereas they are 2 different breakdown scenarios. If your caravan breaks down and you want the RAC to remove it from the roadside, unless you have Camping and Caravan Club membership, they will charge you - fair enough. But I was trying to clarify what would happen if our truck broke down (we tow with a Nissan D22 - they have been known to throw the odd con rod). Anyway after an hour on the phone, a supervisor was summoned and the RAC clarified that if your vehicle breaks down, your caravan is covered for recovery as long as it is within 7. 6 m They are supposed to be sending us an email to confirm this. I hope no one needs this clarification, but if the unthinkable happens, you don't want to be on a mobile phone on the hard shoulder of the M whateve, in rush hour, trying to argue the toss with the RAC Cheers Jane
  7. Thank you to all for taking the time to comment. As the fridge will be cold when we leave the off grid site and as we are only travelling 3 or 4 hours, I shall pre freeze the numerous ice blocks we have, use them to wedge my wine bottles and a smidge of milk if I can fit it in and then leave fridge off till we get to cc site, where I will turn it back on. If this doesn't work satisfactorily, I shall drink all the wine before we leave for the 3rd site and fill fridge with something entirely irrelevant (like food), put the fridge on to 12v for the 3 hours we will be towing and then assess which worked best for future use. Jx
  8. Hi and thank you for your replies. We live near Skipton, so are used to the weather!!!! actually very good this summer - and thought we might try a season or two with the caravan in situ, so it's more like a bolthole for weekends away and short holidays. We know the area well for walks etc and it's not too far to get to on Friday after work. It's just finding somewhere suitable is proving a tad tricky. Jx
  9. Hi I wonder if anyone could recommend a site that offers seasonal pitches, preferably in South Lakes, near Grange/Cartmel area? Thanks in advance Jane
  10. Hi again We are caravanning off grid and the fridge will have been on gas for several days prior to our journey down south. It will be cold. In the past I have never tried to run the fridge whilst towing, just turned it on when we got there. But this summer we are travelling about a bit and I wondered what others did re having the fridge on whilst towing. Jx
  11. Thanks for your replies. I'm not sure what you mean by additional wiring or leaving the battery on charge. The Bailey has a black and white socket, one plugs into one side of the towbar and the other plugs into the corresponding colour on the other side. Thus, I assumed the battery was always on charge when hooked up to vehicle and vehicle running. Cheers Jane
  12. Hi, just wanted to ask what other folk do re towing and leaving fridge on. I have a Dometic fridge and will be using it off grid on gas for a few days. We are then driving down country before going on various CC sites for a couple of weeks, so will have hookup. On the journey down, is it advisable to put the fridge on battery or would it be better to just turn it off for a few hours? Strangely never travelled between sites before, so always just turned fridge on when got there, I know theoretically it's supposed to be ok to have fridge on when towing, but wondered if anyone had run into subsequent battery problems etc. Cheers Jane
  13. Hi we have a solar panel fitted to ours, not a factory fit, it was there when we bought the caravan. We also have an inverter - this is a box that converts the 12v from the battery to 240v and a 3 pin plug. As I understand it, it's the draw on the power source you have to consider, so a TV either plugged into the inverter, or plugged in via a 12v plug is fine, it doesn't draw that much power. Anything that heats however (hairdryer, kettle etc) will have a much bigger draw and probably deplete the leisure battery quicker than the solar panel can recharge, particularly on a cloudy day. The solar panel is more of a trickle charger and not a massive electricity source. TBH I only use the inverter to plug my mobile in to recharge, as I haven't got a 12v adapter for it. We have 2 leisure batteries connected to the solar panel and have just spent several days off grid. Battery stayed at a fairly constant 13. 4 for the trip (until a wire came loose on the solar panel controller - all fixed now) and I had the tv, radio etc on a lot. Cheers Jane
  14. Thanks Stevan. Took husband and multimeter to investigate, it would appear one of the solar panel leads into the controller was loose, so now seems to be working again. Having researched the controller and not found one good report on it, will seriously look at replacing it in the near future. Cheers Jane
  15. Hi, Firstly I'll apologise in advance if I've posted in the wrong place, this is my first post and finding my way around the site. We have a Bailey Unicorn Valencia 2, bought 2nd hand with a solar panel and Ysmart MPPT30 controller fitted (not a factory fit). This was working fine, up until the weekend. We were off grid so no hookup and panel was keeping the battery charged ok. Whilst in the van I heard a beep, looked round, couldn't find anything, half an hour later another beep. Still couldn't find anything. Went to get phone on charger off socket on inverter and noticed that it wasn't working and now solar panel doesn't seem to be charging either. Husband and I googled the controller and found out it's a rather cheap and nasty one, so may look at replacing it, but in the meanwhile does anyone have any idea as to what might have gone wrong? It was a sunny weekend and up until it stopped working battery was maintaining a 13. 4 charge. Now at 12. 4. Need to fix asap as going off grid again in a few days. Any suggestions gratefully received. Cheers Jane
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