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  1. Sprite compact I'm pretty sure has walls of aluminium with polystyrene squidged inbetween. The roof is made of wood with aluminium on top and some form of thin plastic composite material on the bottom. For repairs I'm going to take mine to a professional but having heard lots of advice on the compacts it's best to either commission a new roof out of different materials (fibreglass maybe?) or to repair in sections. It's easy to get to the rotton wood from inside, however I haven't tried it myself so can only give limited advice!
  2. Hi, No I haven't yet, unfortunately stuff got in the way. It leaks around the sunroof so I'm going to reseal it when i get a chance for the moment. In order to replace, I believe the roof is a wooden support grid with lightweight ply on top. Having thought about it, I might replace the bits of the bad roof from the inside without taking it off, but it depends on the damage I find. at the moment i'm just going to leave it and hope it lasts. In the long run, it would be easier and probably cheaper to pay a professional to do it, as I would probably just mess it up. Let me
  3. Hi, I've got a sprite compact which has a pop up roof. We've only ever put it down once in a gale, that was just because of the noise of the canvas flapping more than anything. I like it as it fits in a normal garage, and is also cheaper on ferries usually being classed as a trailer rather than caravan. Very easy to tow.
  4. That's brilliant. Thanks Can you paint on top of the galavanising spray or do you buy it in colours? Trying to get it back to its original white (will take a bit of doing though!) So, Galvanising spray on stabilisers, Wire brush back all the rust on chassis, Apply rust dissolver, Paint with hammerite/rustoleum paint. Thanks, i'll probably start work in september (hoping to take it away for my birthday over the bank holiday!)
  5. I took these this morning, do you think it would be something I could handle (from a DIY point of view) or is it worth forking out and getting someone else to do it?
  6. cj07714

    Sprite Chassis Rust

    Any advice?
  7. Hi Everyone, Thanks for all your advice. It was the battery, I bought one in Go Outdoors for £45 and it did the trick, everything working as it should be! Thanks again
  8. Not wanting to sound dense, but what does undersealing involve?
  9. Hi Everyone, Thanks for all your help and advice thus far. The caravan is coming along, and will hopefully be going away in it soon. The chassis on my Sprite compact (early 80's) has rusted and needs restoring. It's ok in terms of welds, towing, etc, it just needs looking after and repainting. I just wanted to check that this is what should be done; 1. Remove rust and old paint with wire brush 2. Treat the steel with rust eater (Does anyone recommend a brand and where to get it. I've seen KURUST in Halfords, but has anyone used it?) 3. Paint with rust resisting
  10. Hi Everyone, Thanks for all the advice. I'm working on the van next week so i'll try it with the battery to make sure. The leisure battery charger is the white plastic box with the charger at one end and a kettle lead going in to it. (I'm pretty sure it's the TP2 you're describing). This stereo does have the two wires, one for continuous and one for switched, but I put them both together on the power just to get the thing going. What I might do is put a seperate switch on the circuit to cut the whole thing off at the end of the holiday. Thanks again, and i'll let you kno
  11. Hi Everyone, There was a car radio in my caravan when we bought it, but they removed it when they sold, and we never replaced it. .. until now. I found a really good stereo with remote and decided to fit it in again. I plugged the battery charger (with no battery) into the 240v just to get some power, all the lights were working and everything was fine. I then turned on the radio, it came on, then all the lights went out and the radio intermittently came on and off (but not long enough for it to be used). I then tried turning out all the 12v lights and the stereo on its own, b
  12. Thanks for the warm welcome, CI is no more, but I haven't tried swift caravans who I think took them over, but i'll give them a try to see if they have any of the original plans maybe??
  13. Hi Everyone, Thanks for the advice, i'll try it all. The carvan is a great idea and a very good layout, we never had problems going away in it and it's so easy to tow, not affected by crosswinds and also cheaper on the ferries. It needs a bit more work before we go away (mainly cosmetic chassis work), but the roof is the only majorish problem. Thanks again for the advice, I'm fairly new to caravanning on my own, but I've never had better holidays than in a caravan (as my cousin put it, 'there's something about aquakem that brings back childhood'
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