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  1. This is the start of my project to assist the cooling of my Dometic caravan fridge ..... everyone who's in the know of the Dometic Fridge overheating issue will know that the Fridge model range fitted to the Bailey Virginia 2015- is not supposed to have the infamous problem (that's according to Dometic)! I have used a large 14.0 cm fan which from my bench tests shift's a lot of air, there will be a therm'o Temp control with a manual control switch + the winter vent cover....more to come
  2. Got the dreaded 'ping' ( small dents ) damage to a small area near the door... the problem here is there's no easy fix that doesnt highlight the original problem, yes I can fill the ping's with an appropiate body filler thats the easy bit ..but the real issue is colour matching a faded orginal body colour, almost impossible without respraying the whole of the body side...of course I could always cover the area with decals or what ever which changes the original look and style of the Caravan ....... anyone had this situation?
  3. thanks but no thanks , we rang them yes very helpful but £52. 57 for two struts with only 2 year warranty.......
  4. Anyone changed the gas bed struts for the above C'van (not bailey struts please too expensive, longivity poor, factor struts are normally better)
  5. Not trying to be clever but the spec for this controller is mains voltage they do manufacture a 12 volt dc version... Confused
  6. Thanks guys, have I got the wrong fans, 3 pin Artic computer fans but can't get them to work perhaps I need to join the centre wire to one of the other two remaining wires F
  7. Has anyone installed their own fan coolers into top vent area and found whilst doing so hardly any room inside the the cooler housing......... plus did you wire it back to the battery incorporating a separate fuse box or in line fuse........., the Battery cover assembly incorporating cable connections found confusing
  8. no sure if already been mentioned... if you have a defibrillator fitted in your chest you cant drive any motor vehicle weather it be a Motorhome or Caravan/ car/ SU, Fifth Wheeler with a gross weight Oh! sorry Mass weight of more than 3.5 kg/tons
  9. More on the subject ! since my post and further investigation we have found that the ventilator fan that's fitted into the floor directly under the cassette housing has no purpose! as the ventilator housing has no aperture/hole adjacent to the fitted fan so it cant possibly act as a smell extractor.....is this another Bailey cock up ...... we rang the Bailey dealer we purchased the C'van from who went into great detail of informing us that Bailey often fitted ventilator fan's that had no purpose.
  10. Hi people, my wife and I have a problem with our toilet, that is we think the 'full warning' device is not working plus we have discovered that there is a electric ventilator situated under the cassette base but has no wiring connection going to it this ventilator says on it that it should be changed every for weeks ...funny thing though none of this mentioned in the Bailey Caravan manual!......?
  11. doesn't that turn coat Michael Grove want to ban wood burning stoves/fires
  12. Isn't it a great shame that Bailey have got themselves into a sack of dissatisfaction and counter claims of who's fault it is that Bailey had chosen to fit a inferior axle particular with the Unicorn model, my wife and I spent nearly a year looking for what we though would be our prized possession a Unicorn Vigo 2015, only now to find out they appear to be prone to axle problems, water ingress, etc, etc , we have also recently noticed an upsurge on our emails how many used Vigo's are coming on the market, I suppose its the usual number's game how many they sell as to what percentage are 'duds ' all I can say keep posting your disappointment and frustration and just maybe Bailey will get a conscious.. as for us we will never again deal with a patronizing Company who are quite happy to hood wink their customers.
  13. Bailey Senator series 6 Virginia 2009 . ...Shipping Length 7. 19 meters, Width. .2. 28 Meters
  14. not a bad ideal so we looked at this . .yes, they do this and is classified as Freight £658. ..all I need now is a tow up to Bilbao as a favour no money!! yea I wish
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