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  1. doesn't that turn coat Michael Grove want to ban wood burning stoves/fires
  2. Isn't it a great shame that Bailey have got themselves into a sack of dissatisfaction and counter claims of who's fault it is that Bailey had chosen to fit a inferior axle particular with the Unicorn model, my wife and I spent nearly a year looking for what we though would be our prized possession a Unicorn Vigo 2015, only now to find out they appear to be prone to axle problems, water ingress, etc, etc , we have also recently noticed an upsurge on our emails how many used Vigo's are coming on the market, I suppose its the usual number's game how many they sell as to what percentage are 'duds ' all I can say keep posting your disappointment and frustration and just maybe Bailey will get a conscious.. as for us we will never again deal with a patronizing Company who are quite happy to hood wink their customers.
  3. Bailey Senator series 6 Virginia 2009 . ...Shipping Length 7. 19 meters, Width. .2. 28 Meters
  4. not a bad ideal so we looked at this . .yes, they do this and is classified as Freight £658. ..all I need now is a tow up to Bilbao as a favour no money!! yea I wish
  5. costs by professional transporters (quote's so far) average between £898 - £1655
  6. THANKS ALL, I suppose I'm really looking for someone with a tow hitch/ caravan experience, etc who was coming back to the UK without a tow load looking to make some money thanks we go back and forth four times a year, via Bilbao Ferry no way do we drive through France anymore
  7. Benicassim, on the coast ( Bonterra Park).. Providence of Valencia
  8. anyone interested in towing my caravan back to the UK (West Sussex. .. 40 miles from Portsmouth Ferry terminal)
  9. Sorry, if it sounds confusing, no don't want to connect bottle to the Barb' connection. ..the bottle is situated behind the caravan (not visible to the other campers) and is located adjacent to the gas locker ( no bulk head locker with the Bailey Vigo).. so in my opinion the simplest method is to replace the gas locker's gas hose with a longer one and attach the hose to the bottle as if it was inside the locker. ..why ? cause I'm fed up with struggling to get the full of gas bottle into the lockers locating cradle
  10. mentaliss

    Ford S Max

    see that you have a SMAX auto? . ......my wife and I also had same car, loved it until the auto transmission failed. .so we bought a 2017 S-Max Vignale demo from a Ford main dealer, collected from the dealer on our way back home the auto in that car failed 53 miles from the dealer. ...needless to say their customer care was non exsistant such a shame as Ford and their Dealership lost our confidence in their product from that day on-wards. . ( no malice intended)
  11. sorry, should be one image but this should do, screws into the Spanish bottle's push over adapter Tah!
  12. I'm looking for a gas hose that is connected to the gas bottle/adaptor (situated outside of the caravan) to the regulator inside the gas bottle's compartment. .. reason for this is the Spanish bottle is slightly larger than the Bailey's inside gas compartment. ..were not touring we stay at the camp site for 3 months
  13. As 'Streaming' TV (ITV Hub, BBC iPlayer, etc) from campsite's Wifi is understandably frowned on by both camper's and campsite management, surely then using a device like a Humax box, DVD Hard Drive Recorder, or equivalent loaded with recorded content is the best option to view your favorite shows so does anyone do this ? any issues?
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