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  1. Thanks for the reply birdman101. When I take my van out of storage in a few weeks i'll try what you suggest and report back :-)
  2. Hello, I'm hoping somebody can help me. I have recently purchased a Swift Conqueror 630 2010 Model and the fridge freezer will only work on gas. The seller did not hide this from me and explained that after working perfectly for 6 years the fridge/freezer packed in and it cost £300 to get the circuit board replaced to use on electric. Unfortunately this circuit board only lasted 6 months and as he was selling it did not bother to replace it again. My question is how do I know the circuit board is the problem? I don't want to be paying £300 for it to only last 6 months. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Scott
  3. Hello All, I wonder if any of you wonderful people can help me? I'm looking for a seasonal pitch for my 4 berth caravan in the Derby Area. As close as possible to DE21 7BE, are they any nearby? Thanks Scott :-)
  4. Thanks for the replies. It's not been serviced for 2 years due to the season pitch but will be when I move it in September. No I've not changed the water filter but will look to do so. This issue with the toilet flush & tap water pressure has basically happened overnight which makes me think it's more of a power problem than build up of scale, but I'm no expert and could be wrong? Sorry yes Sparkie240 I have tried both of my pumps on another van & they work fine so It's something with my van? During operation on my van the pump sounds normal but nothing is coming out? Which I guess indicates power may not be the issue? Told you I was no expert
  5. Thanks for the reply Stevan, how can I check if the charger and battery are putting out a suitable voltage? My van has now been on a season pitch for 2 years so I did wonder what affect that would have on the battery?
  6. Hello, My name is Scott and I new to this forum & I'm hoping you guys can help me with a low water pressure problem I have in my 1998 Bailey Pageant? I've had the caravan for 7 years and Ideally if I had the money I'd upgrade but sadly I do not I don't know if it's related but the water pressure is basically a drip from the kitchen tap & the washroom with the shower being non existent? Along with this the toilet flush is also only reaching about a third of the pan? I purchased a new whale water pump but the results are the same? Again I don't know if this is again related but the internal battery sometimes makes a whining sound? It can be quite annoying and so much so I have at times turned it off during the night? Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated
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