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  1. mimo

    Tow car?

    Have a look on honest John, they have real world mpg figures for a lot of cars, as well as what to look out for with common faults. And I agree with going for torque, especially lower down the rev range
  2. Agreed, my Bailey Pegasus has car tyres, actually some cheapo Chinese ditch finders fitted by the dealer when we bought it second hand. So far so good
  3. Brilliant, that made me smile. We don't use our Magnum at the moment, plenty of space in the T/A (and it goes across a window on current van) but I'm not getting rid of it despite being 14 years old it's near perfect. It'll probably be used again when we downsize van when the kids stop wanting to come away with us
  4. Hi, yet again, Sorry to maybe sound a really thick - please help. I have a NordVPN icon on my lap top after downloading & subscribing. I double click it and the programme opens and allows me to choose & set the access as two UK servers. CORRECT I today have my lap top wifi selecting my home wifi source, going off to my home BT router, but with the NordVPN also showing as well as being 'currently connected'. So connected to both. THIS IS CORRECT, you are connected to the VPN through your wifi, can't do it without. Don't believe me, turn your wifi off and see what happens When i'm abroad (say in Spain) I will have initially connected to my own mifi unit (selected from the listed options) and will clearly therefore be showing a Spanish source (IP ?) NO, YOU WILL NEED TO SELECT A UK SERVER IN NORD VPN address plus also 'currently connected' to NordVPN. How do I switch my Lap top to access from the UK Nord VPN UK servers when I use my home or mifi internet connections ?? IT'S IN THE NORD SETTINGS< SELECT THE COUNTRY YOU WANT TO , RIGHT NOW YOU COULD SELECT USA THEN CONNECT TO NETFLIX AND WATCH A WHOLE DIFFERENT SET OF PROGRAMMES Thanks again
  5. You have to have your wifi connected to be able to use the VPN. As for the speed issues, that is one for Nord customer service to answer, sorry that you are having issues/are not happy.
  6. Sounds like you are doing it right, This might help As for speed? That could be correct, try connecting to another server and see what you get
  7. A few years ago my sister-in-law and her husband bought a Motorhome. We decided to meet up at a CL for a weekend , they arrived earlier than us and were set up when we arrived. They were amazed by our caravan mover and couldn't get over how easy it was to pitch the caravan. They were due to go to one of the big caravan/motorhome shows on their way home to look at a rather expensive motorhome that they fancied upgrading to. They bought a Buccaneer twin axle with movers and self levelling and saved a lot of £££ and are far happier not having to ride around on a moped if they want to go and sight see
  8. Nord has decent speed, but it will depend on how good the 4G or whatever connection is where you are located at the time
  9. Yep, use a VPN but doubt a free one will give you enough bandwidth to stream internet TV Don't forget data roaming charges too https://nordvpn.com/blog/vpn-ip-location-changer/
  10. Strangely my Brother is like this, wouldn't be seen dead with a caravan but a tent is perfectly acceptable. I say strange as he was bought up with touring caravan holidays like I was, we are third generation caravanners and my kids are 4th Gen
  11. Think about how long you intend to keep the 'van. We bought a 6 berth Bailey when our kids were 5 and 2. Extra beds were for cousins+ we liked the layout. We manged until my youngest reached 14 and the bunks were really too small and uncomfortable for her. In all honesty we should have changed two years earlier but didn't have the funds. So what fits now, may be an absolute nightmare in a few years time.
  12. They are notorious but I feel that it's a little misplaced. The HGF is usually because of some other reason in the chain, usually down to the owner cutting corners and not replacing the water pump, the coolant cap or thrashing the living daylights out of it before it's warmed up. The "proper gasket" or "upgraded gasket" is also a bit of a grey area too, it depends on the condition of the cylinder liners when the change is done. *geek mode off*
  13. When our X-trail got a bit long in the tooth we traded in for a Freelander 2. i went from the most reliable car I have ever owned (100k miles and only had a broken rear spring out of normal tyres/disks/pads) To the least reliable. rear diff, front transfer box, shocks, alternator, power steering, ball joints, intermittent issues with electronics like tail gate opening on a dual carriageway, couldn't open it in the winter though,start/stop never worked, key fobs that would self destruct or just die if you didn't use them etc , etc,etc. The only good thing about it was the heated front windscreen. Still love my MG F though, 25 years old and still on it's original head gasket
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