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  1. My daughter has asked if they could borrow our caravan to which are delighted to say yes. However as never been put in this situation before I suddenly realised as they would using their car the number plate on the caravan needs to be switched. The original plate is very strongly secured by self adhesive strips pads, due to nearly losing it last year so removal in not an easy option. Screws are not an option It has been suggested lighter use of pads, or Velcro which seems quite a good idea, obviously the Velcor on the caravan number plate would have to be keep clean
  2. Hi I am in the process of buying one of the above for my Bailey 2016 Rimini overall length 7. 25 mtrs. My query is as follows my wife and I measured from down the side of the van parallel to the top of the front wind and got a measurement of 5. 6 mtrs. However the covers on offer go from 5 - 5. 6 mtrs and then 5. 6 - 6. 2 mtrs. Common sense tells me that that the former 5 - 5. 6 is the logical choice but some confirmation that wisdom is well founded would be appreciated, as the responsibility for the purchase lies with me Many thanks John
  3. Thanks everybody, for advice and hints, the one thing I have yet to work how to do is find out what the rear weight is at the legs, simply put, a nose weight in reverse. My next ploy is to fill the 40 litre Aqau Roll weighing 40 kilos plus carrier which will equal a gross weight of 120kgs plus 40 kgs = 160kgs equivalent nose weight, making sure I do not risk any damage with this. From the start of this saga whilst not being scientists we have transferred all the heavy stuff from the rear single bed lockers to the front of the caravan but ensuring that we keep with in nose weight limits. The Fridge, Microwave and 2 x 6kg Gas cylinders are approximately over the axle. It all goes back to the back to the a Bailey Pegasus 514 and all previous vans over 35 years did not manifest this problem. The 514 externally is roughly the same spec. So bearing in mind over 40 years caravanning I would have to think very hard to remember a caravan that I have owned of various makes that did not need some form of repair either by me or the supplying dealer, so endless fun and lots of talking point with any other owners I would not countenance these situations from any car dealer or maker, but that said I do not intend to stop owning and using a caravan
  4. I have the above caravan and when it driven backwards by a forward placed motor mover down a steep drive it tips backwards. The nose weight is kept at 80 kgs and the A framed lowered as near to the ground as the jockey wheel will allow. Even with a bagged awning, 2 bags of steel awning poles estimated at 40 kgs total gross 120kgs it still tips backwards. Best advice so far more kilos at the front bearing in mind the toilet and flushing tank are empty. I have lived at the same address for 35 years and never experienced this problem with any caravan before, which suggests a design issue with this van. My main concern is that my wife and I would prefer not to try and hold the caravan down. More importantly if this happens down my drive what happens should the unhitching take place on a steep public highway. The caravan may well be fine and it is my lack of some point to avoid my dilemma for the last 2 years That said any ideas would be appreciated
  5. For the last 35 years I have been fortunate enough to have owned 10 new caravans and have yet to buy one that had not go back to the dealer I bought it from for minor to major faults, unlike car manufacturers it is a closed shop unless you wish to travel in some cases quite a distance to the nearest dealer. My first encounter with this warranty phenomenon was in the mid-seventies on my first van, when I complained to the dealer my toast only was only done on half of one side, the dealers solution turn your toast round halfway through. Laying on a rain soaked field having to go under another caravan to refit a dangling earth wire, all electric being turned off of course. Doors that didn’t fit, screws that wound up out of frames, a good tip here always carry a screwdriver, glue and the ubiquitous gaffer tape Another van had three opening front windows that could not be open at the same time as they jammed against each other, the answer do not have them all open that way, it’ll cost a lot of money to correct it, to which was the answer the van was in warranty, this van came with a total of 21 faults. discovered by us within 2 months, had I been as wise as am now I would have taken this up legally due to the van not being “Fit for Purpose” With this dealer only used by me once, the motor mover that had been moved across as part of the deal, what was not part of the deal was that it did not reach the wheel enough to create enough friction. Eventually I could not stand the stress of all this and traded it for another make of van early, having declared my love affair with the previous maker for 21 years over. Believe it or not I am not OCD and in fact resign myself to the fat that a new van on its first outing has on the way home generally, to go back to the dealer for warranty work I could write a book about warranty work in the first year, but we still caravan and as each year progresses we learn new skills. My local dealer is excellent and does warranty work well, it is not his fault the PDI on the vans I buy is less than perfect. I hope that one-day an overseas manufacturer will decided it worth setting up a factory with a desirable product that comes with a full warranty for 5 years as do the far eastern car makers. Also offering the ability to take the van to any dealer for instance if a warranty issue takes place miles from your chosen dealer. It could be argued that it will cost more but this may not be the case, as UK car makers suddenly found they were able to offer cars for £8k when foreign makers started to import vehicles at this price into the UK. I love caravanning and being typically British just put up with this ridiculous situation and deal with it a good humoured way as I have no real choice.
  6. Thanks everyone for your help, it has given me something to try. Regards
  7. I have tried this, but thanks any way. Possibly using WD40 on the screw end of the valve might decrease my pit stop times. I have also tried the advice given to me by Ring but to no avail Why have snap on connectors disappeared, only Streetwize seem to use them, and being of a certain generation this is one change that is not for me
  8. I have bought a Ring 635 and it has Schrader screw connector which when the preset pressure is reached on screwing it free air is lost Using a good quality tyre pressure gauge after it has been unscrewed 1. 5psi is lost so to compensate I have to over inflate by 1. 5psi. Has anyone got any tips or better still does any one know how convert this screw on connector to a snap on type ideally by screwing this onto the Schrader connector Thanks for any help
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