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  1. We bought an Avtex last year and are very happy with it. Use it for both DTV, satellite and occasional DVD. I would agree with the comments about poor sound quality, I think probably just a feature of small TVs with tiny speakers. I use a transmitter to send the sound to the caravan radio, which works very well and significantly improves the sound quality. One downside is that the TV remote doesn't control the sound that way, but as the radio is mounted just above my seat in the caravan, no remote is really needed. We had a cheap TV/DVD that had cost about £100 from Tesco a fe
  2. Good news that your caravan pretty much got the all clear, but a bit of a sad state of affairs that we should celebrate a caravan only three years old not being rotten with damp. You really do wonder how they get away with it. If our houses, cars, or whatever else failed after a few years due to leaking roofs or windows, would that be accepted?
  3. We went to Samoens in France a few years back in late March for a skiing trip. Stayed at Camping Caravaneige Le Giffre, the entrance of which was literally across the road from the gondola. The site had a heated ski store where you could leave your gear overnight so that your boots were nice and warm in the morning. The site didn't have much on the way of facilities at that time of year but had a decent toilet block, and was within walking distance of the village and there was a supermarket not far away. A good bakery just across the road as well on the way to the gondola. We chose Sa
  4. We have a 2015 Unicorn and a couple of the handles on our cupboards showed signs of corrosion within the first couple of years and were replaced under warranty. Another couple are now showing signs. Bailey sell them for £3.99 plus (a reasonable) £1 for postage, so it won't break the bank to replace them, although they are presumably likely to be the same cheap rubbish as the originals. Plenty examples of other chrome finished items around the house, garden and cars, some of which are subjected all kinds of weather 24/7 and don't show any signs of corrosion after many years.
  5. We cancelled a couple of sites last summer but they at least gave us the opportunity to re-book at a later date. No chance that you could do this? While I agree that giving 6 months notice would normally give the site a decent chance of finding another booking, in the present circumstances that can't be guaranteed, and, as said above, there were presumably terms and conditions that outlined what would happen if you cancelled?
  6. Plenty of good suggestions above, although I wouldn't necessarily ignore the large cities, depending on the kind of things your kids are interested in. Both Glasgow and Edinburgh have lots of things to see and do for both kids and adults. You could stay in the central belt for a few days either on the way further north or on the way back, and visit either Glasgow and/or Edinburgh. You can also spend a good day with kids at Falkirk, where the Falkirk Wheel and the Kelpies are well worth visiting. Fort William is a good base for visiting scenic areas in the north west, but the tow
  7. I was in the same position this year when the 5 year subscription on my Bailey Unicorn expired. I decided not to renew it, but I was able to keep new for old cover as long as I had two other forms of security, wheel lock and hitch lock. As I understand it, the system is not that good in that it is passive, i.e. you need to contact them to tell them that your caravan has been stolen and they can then activate the tracker. All well and good if your caravan is stolen when, for example, parked in a motorway service station. Not so handy if the caravan is on a storage yard or somewhere else
  8. I had a similar problem with my Powrtouch when it was 3 years old. Fortunately, they honoured the warranty. When I phoned their helpline they talked me through what Stevan suggested above, i.e. swapping the cables at the control box and if the problem persists on the same side this would suggest the motor is at fault. In my case it was a motor fault. They sent a part to a local mobile engineer who fixed it. Had to wait a few weeks for the part with the caravan stuck at the bottom of my drive. Seems a bit harsh that a change of ownership wipes out the warranty.
  9. We have a 2015 Valencia. For the first couple of years it was towed by a Mondeo estate, 2 litre diesel automatic. In terms of weight the Valencia was close to the limit for the Mondeo, but never had any stability issues and found the car coped well in terms of power. Now have a Mercedes E class E350 estate, again automatic, which is a superb towcar. Loads of power and very stable when towing. Being a rear wheel drive with self levelling rear suspension probably helps.
  10. My wife's car (Focus) came with one fitted, the fold up perspex screen type rather than the kind that project on to the windscreen. Although I don't tend to drive that car a lot, like Lutz I found it a bit weird at first but you can get used to it, and you can personalise the display to some extent. Not sure about the after market type, maybe a bit clunky having some kind of projector on top of the dashboard?
  11. As there seem to be a few things the have stopped working it might be worth checking for a blown fuse, although you wouldn't expect them all to be on the same fuse. However, given the age of your vehicle, it should still be under warranty, could you not try that? Pete
  12. PeteG


    The best solution is to cut off the problem at source, i.e. stop the mice getting in, although given that they can get in through a tiny space this can be easier said than done. Don't leave food in the van as this can attract them - again, easier said than done as even crumbs on the floor can attract them. Traps will catch some mice, but unless you can stop them getting in, others will just come in to replace those you catch. The problem with poison is that if the mice crawl off and die in a corner somewhere, the resulting smell is decidedly unpleasant!
  13. I had this update done on my E350 a few months ago and like others was wary, having read of reduced power and mpg and changed characteristics of the auto gearbox, suggesting that the car would not get in to 9th gear at legal road speeds. I have a Mercedes service plan for the car and I knew the update would be done anyway next time it was in for a service, so I went ahead anyway. I can't say I have noticed any great difference. The car still does an average of just over 40mpg, no noticeable difference in power, and it still hits 9th gear at about 60 mph on a level road. Recently been on a
  14. I would think that when most people (me included!) say this, they are not actually forgetting that they have a caravan on the back of their car, but rather that it is being towed in a stable, controlled manner, and the car has enough power to pull the caravan at a decent speed even when going uphill. If by "knowing it's there" you mean that you prefer the feeling of instability when the caravan sways on the back of your car, or crawling up a hill in low gear because your car is underpowered relative to the caravan you are towing, then it's probably you who shouldn't be towing.
  15. I have the same setup as you, a steep drive and a long caravan that tends to ground on the road as the jockey wheel hits the slope. I made a couple of long ramps from sturdy plywood, the idea being to prevent the wheels going down in the gutter. That worked fairly well. The other thing that helped was buying the smallest diameter jockey wheel I could find, so that I can get the front of the caravan as low as possible, helping to reduce the likelihood of the back grounding. Not sure if they would do enough to solve your problem, but worked for me.
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