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  1. We're visiting a CMC site next week. Don't plan on using the toilet block at all, we'll use the caravan. On a serviced pitch so no hassle with water or drainage, just the toilet cassette to empty.
  2. I don't think there's any great problem using a ladder as described above, with or without the forms of protection mentioned. As long as the ladder is placed as steep against the caravan as you can safely use it, almost all of your weight is being transferred downwards to the ground rather than against the awning rail of the van. I wouldn't use the ladder against the aluminium side of the van, but for many years, on several vans, I have placed my ladder against the awning rail, without using my wife's slippers or anything else, and haven't had any problems. Just take care when placing the ladder that you don't slam it against the awning rail and I don't see why this should cause any problems.
  3. How times have changed! I remember when cars needed serviced every 3000 miles, engines were knackered after 50 or 60 thousand miles, and cars literally fell apart with rust. Now we have cars that will happily run for 150K miles plus, with servicing only every 20K miles, and when is the last time you saw a really rusty car? It won't be rust or a dead engine that will scrap your car now, but computer problems, lack of software updates or the like.
  4. PeteG


    We have a steep drive and long caravan. As said earlier, the main problem is not the actual steepness of the drive but the change in angle between the roadway and drive that causes the problem. I made two ramps from plywood to go from the road to the drive, the intention being to lift the wheels of the caravan slightly and mitigate the risk of grounding. I also bought the smallest diameter jockey wheel I could find so that I could lower the front of the caravan as much as possible. This worked fine and allowed us to get the caravan up the drive. As we live on a road that is an access to a number of houses up the road, as well as a few buses coming and going, it was still a fairly stressful operation, blocking the road for a few minutes at a time. I now keep my caravan most of the time at a nearby storage yard!
  5. Mail delivery generally seems to be a bit erratic at the moment. We've posted cards second class to our daughter that arrived the next day, yet other items that I know have been posted first class to me have taken over a week.
  6. Same here, I've been topping up our batteries while the cars have been sitting largely unused for the past 5 weeks. One car is 5 years old, the battery on that car (Mercedes) seems to hold up a lot better than the other car (Ford) which is only 6 months old. Ironically, the best charged battery of the lot is in our caravan, where the solar panel on the roof keeps it charged.
  7. Modern cars are often very sensitive to reduced battery voltage and if you suddenly get warning messages about various system errors it is always worth checking the battery status first before looking at anything else. This will be happening a lot, not just with VAG but with almost any make, as our cars are sitting around doing much less mileage than normal for many of us. Remember that when your car is parked up unused for a while, it is not "off" as such - alarms and other systems are using power all the time, thus depleting the battery.
  8. Drove past Perthshire Caravans yesterday and thought it looked very quiet but didn't realise they had actually closed. Understandable I suppose - can't imagine anyone buying a caravan at the moment, and those of us who do have them are unlikely to be using them in the near future and therefore won't be needing much in the way of accessories. I had my caravan serviced last Friday. Needn't have bothered!
  9. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you as well - for all of us in fact! Hopefully you will make it there this year, but if not you can still plan for next year, and as said but Andy, you will enjoy it. All the best Pete
  10. I take it you haven't been watching the news the past couple of weeks?? While I have to admire your optimism I don't think I would be planning a trip abroad this summer.
  11. Same here, we too have a series 3 Valencia with a Kampa Rally Air 390. There is just room to fit one end of the awning between the front window and the caravan door and the other end will be between the rear of the caravan and the bedroom window.
  12. It costs very little and is quick and easy to obtain, so it is hardly worth going to France without the sticker. Even if you don't plan to be driving through cities, you never know what is going to happen so you might as well be prepared. As Andy says above, a quick search on Google, or earlier threads on this forum, will provide the detail you need. Pete
  13. I have a steep drive - just a bit less than 1 in 4 - and a long caravan - 7.3 m overall. I use a motor mover to get the caravan up the drive, which is monobloc. The main problem is that the rear overhang of the caravan can ground on the road as the front of the caravan hits the slope of the drive. I bought another jockey wheel with a smaller diameter to allow me to get the front of the caravan as low as possible and I made a couple of ramps from plywood to lift the wheels a little as the caravan comes off the road on to the drive, reducing the likelihood of grounding.
  14. Not a Black Edition but we have a 2015 Valencia that we are overall very happy with. Had to get the roof strap replaced last year when it developed a very minor leak but that was done under warranty with very little hassle. We were at the caravan show in Glasgow last week and had a look at the Black Edition Valencia, which was certainly very nice but really only superficially different from our 2015 model. We like the layout of the Valencia - doesn't seem a very popular layout now judging by the models on display at the show but it suits us. We tow it with a Mercedes E350 estate. Excellent tow car, we have been all over Europe with it, very stable outfit, you would hardly know the caravan was on the back if you didn't see it in the rear view mirror.
  15. The Marina was certainly an absolute dog of a car. I never actually owned one but a mate of mine had one and I worked on it a few times for him. A long time ago so I'm happy that the memory has faded somewhat, but a classic combination of poor design, shoddy workmanship and dodgy materials combined in a perfect storm. Thankfully he didn't have that one too long and I didn't have much to do with other models. As for myself, I had a couple of Citroen GS cars. In some ways clever designs, but in other ways not so good. Inboard front brake discs were quite novel and in some ways more efficient that the usual location at the hubs, not too bad to change woads, but susceptible to the apparently inevitable oil leaks. It's so long ago I can't remember if these were the Citroens where you had to remove the distributor to change the points? Hydromatic suspension again good in theory and while it worked, but prone to leaks. At least I bought them for next to nothing at auctions!
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