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  1. Unfortunately Andy this is all so common with Elddis caravans. Take photos to send to you dealer and get a warranty claim in. It's a known problem and even if your van is older than the 3 years the standard warranty would cover i would be pressing them with a claim.
  2. Don't bother with the filter. They are not designed for long term use, most manufacturers advise replacing after 30 days use, and certainly at the beginning of each season. You can remove the clear plastic cap and throw away the rest of the filter then just screw the cap back into place. I am sure many people will criticise me but having been caravaners for 40+ years I have always removed the filters, replacing just the cap on styles like yours or replacing with a piece of pipe if an in-line filter, and yes we use the water for everything including drinking.
  3. Good to hear you found the consumer unit and isolated the fault. Thank you for coming back and letting us know - many posters ask a question/pose a problem but never bother informing us of the outcome.
  4. Yes, the Alde system consists of a boiler, gas or mains electric powered, a pump and a series of pipes which usually run around the perimeter of the van. Every so often, behind seating, for example, the pipe is fitted with fins to radiate the heat. Upmarket vans such as the Buccaneer range also have a series of pipes embedded in the floor to provide under-floor heating. The fluid used in the Alde heating system is a mixture of water and car antifreeze, not the corrosion inhibitors found in domestic heating systems. Until, I think, 2020 model year caravans all manufacturers filled the Alde heating system with a fluid that needed changing after 2 years. Alde advised the fluid was changed at that point as the anticorrosive properties of the antifreeze used had dissipated. Most owners when they swapped used an antifreeze with a 5 year anticorrosion life (G13). If you did not change the fluid and the heating system suffered a breakdown that could be attributed to corrosion then the replacement would be at the owners cost.
  5. The problem is you have no idea where those wires go to so you could easily take out the very ones you would like to keep. Do you have a friend who is knowledgeable about caravans and their electrics you could ask? Please, with your admitted lack of knowledge DO NOT start messing around with mains electrics or your thinking it would be expensive to get professional help could cost a lot more than their costs!!
  6. The float switch in the tank is connected to a solenoid valve which shuts of the flow when the float telling the tank is full. The solenoid valve is situated in the pipework alongside the tank, at least it is in our 2018 Clipper. It sounds as though there might be a fault either with solenoid valve or the wiring to it.
  7. Heiki might only cover their rooflights for 2 years but the crack is caused by Elddis using the wrong sealer and has been a known issue for some time. In any case it is the responsibility of the dealer to correct the problem and claim back from Elddis.
  8. Have they changed the system then? On our 2018 Clipper the underfloor heating is just an extension of the standard "radiator" system which runs around the walls of the caravan, it can be "switched off" by using the isolator taps that are located at the front and rear of the van. As far as controlling the system it can be either switched on and off by use of the thermostat depending on the temperature you have set on the control panel, or it can be on continuously. This choice is made in the menu system "thermostat or continuous". This setting decides how the pump is switched not the heat in the boiler itself.
  9. Fridges are supposed to be "room-sealed", often manufacturers "achieve this by using a strip of foam between the deflector plates and the fridge unit itself. Perhaps in this case the seal gas been achieved using tape to fasten the deflector to the fridge.
  10. Our van is stored at home and I have ours connected to mains with the heating set to 10° and battery on charge. I have used this system for many years with no detriment to the battery, despite others saying the battery will be wrecked leaving it on charge full time. I know others will disagree with doing this but it works for me.
  11. ALL British caravans have payloads that are far to low for realistic touring over anything but a long weekend. The manufacturers work to the arbitrary calculations put in place by the National Caravan Council which is geared to selling as many units as possible based on car weights. The lower the weight of the caravan the more cars fall into the category which will be able to tow it. The Caravan Clubs are also to blame in that they never challenge the manufacturers over anything let alone payloads.
  12. Though not very helpful this is what is in the Buccaneer Handbook: "Care of Your Caravan ...... Upholstery Remove dust on a regular basis with your vacuum’s upholstery or drape attachment. Try to avoid brushing fabric covers because that can damage the pile. Only use an upholstery brush on the upholstery, never use any other type of brush to clean the upholstery as this may damage the pile. Avoid detergents which may damage the fabric’s protection. Use a sponge or a clean white cloth but do not wash or rub the fabric. Leave to dry in normal conditions. These actions will not affect the Fire Retardent treatment of the fabric. Heavy soiling will require professional cleaning. All fabrics will fade to some degree if exposed to direct sunlight. Dyes from a number of sources, such as newspapers, jeans etc could stain your upholstery if placed on the upholstery when either the upholstery or other item is damp. It isn’t alway easy to avoid that from happening, however, proper ventilation can help. Try to keep pets off the upholstery and be careful of sharp objects such as belt buckles, toys and watch straps snagging the fabric. If snags do occur, carefully cut off the loose ends with scissors or tuck back in - do not pull them under any circumstances. "
  13. Which make and model caravan have you got? What's below the sink?
  14. Our Heki roof light frame cracked and though there was no visible damage or standing to the ceiling boards once our dealer had removed the frame they found there was damp on the upper side of the boards. They said this was "wet" enough that they believed it would eventually have shown on the visible side. They therefore replaced the boards so I would not have to go back with another claim.
  15. Yes, collected van last Saturday. The missing fixings were put on the job sheet and all are now in place.
  16. Noticed missing fixings on my Buccaneer, not sure if they were ever put in. Going in for service next week and has been put on job sheet.
  17. Have a Clipper (2018) and there is a mains outlet and a USB socket in the front nearside corner. I fed a coax cable from the amplifier (in top locker by the door), by removing the curved plastic cover over the wiring "nest" it can be fed though the triangular cable cover, this trunking is quite full so the front may need to be removed, down into the floor locker. Then along the floor/wall corner to the front where it can be taken up to the socket block. I removed the usb socket and replaced it with an aerial socket.
  18. We have a 2018 Clipper. These raised "platforms " are in several of the lockers and, I think, are to help with airflow from the floor vents, so you don't cover them with stuff you put in the locker.
  19. Check out the Volvo XC90. Tows like a dream and has 7 seats with the 3rd row easily large enough for adults.
  20. I think it's the Tracker Retrieve, it certainly was in 2018 and 2019. If so unless you have your caravan somewhere where you can keep an eye on it the tracker is next to useless. You have to let the monitoring centre know your van is missing, then they will attempt to make "contact" with the tracker unit in the van to find out where it is. If your van has been missing for more than a few hours, the thieves have probably already found and disabled the tracker unit.
  21. Did the package look as though it had been opened or damaged? If so then you could try making a claim against the courier. If not then it sounds as though it was not in the package at all, so contact Facebook Support.
  22. We're lucky and have ours: Volvo XC90 followed very closely y a Buccaneer Clipper. Only wish (wishful thinking more like) would be a better payload for the van, though I guess that's everybody's wish.
  23. I think Buccaneers have Aluminium skinned walls and roof. You will be lucky to find a van that has an Aluminium front or rear though.
  24. Perthshire Caravans have also announced their closure on their website, and Swift have closed their factory completely.
  25. She just needs to back it up with legislation and enforcement - here's hoping she does!
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