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  1. Moscoils - pyrethrum or citronella in the Moscoil burner and lit fairly early in the day has kept our awning free of the little lighters for years. When the midges have been bad, we can see a grey "cloud" out side the awning door but inside it's clear. Living in the Scottish Highlands we have learned how to deal with them. For personal protection we use Avon's Skin So Soft, definitely effective and if it's good enough for the SAS who am I to argue. Plus the fact it does not contain any of the nasty chemicals other preparations contain.
  2. Didn't think NFU did caravan insurance!
  3. Don't waste your money on the Milenco Aluminium Leveler, I had one briefly and found it very difficult and slow to use. The supplied ratchet is next to useless, very flimsy construction which felt it was going to fall apart in my hand - I used a suitable sized socket instead. The thread on the lifting screw is very fine and takes forever to start to lift the wheel. Then with the weight of the van (Bailey U3 Cadiz) beginning to make itself felt the screw is very difficult to turn. Went back to using a wooden ramp and sold the Mileco unit on.
  4. I thought the gas given off when charging a battery was Hydrogen which is lighter than air,and with the type of battery box you have that gas will escape via the moulding in the lid and into the locker. Many batteries have a discharge tube that can be fitted to the battery and routed to the outside.
  5. If you but privately who is going to carry out any warranty work, if necessary, warranty would normally be the original dealer, how far away from you are they? If it were me, I would be looking at the dealer's offering, depending again on how far you have to travel, if/when you need warranty work.
  6. I think your only options would be a caravan breakers, though at that age it will be unlikely, or try EECO who will make to your specifications.
  7. I also have a Volvo with Volvo Assist, I rang VA about recovery/repair if it was a problem with the caravan, when towing, and they said they would not cover it. If it was a problem with the car they would also include the caravan. I have also therefore continued with Mayday, Greenflag, through the cc.
  8. Another problem with mounting a sat dome / system on the caravan roof is you cannot move it to a different location if the signal is blocked for any reason. We have a freestanding Snipe Automatic dish which I can place so it gets a clear view of the sky. So simple to use - place with an unobstructed view of the sky, connect the Control and LNB cables, turn on the system at the control panel in the van. Job done! We have toured Scotland extensively and never failed to get a signal, even on the Orkneys.
  9. Try a motor factors such as Europarts.
  10. If you choose one of the suppliers with a wide range of colours you could contact them and ask, if you sent one of you existing covers, taken from an inconspicuous place, if they would match it. I did this when looking for a leather refinishing kit.
  11. They were available at one time on the Bailey Parts website (now Prima) for the extortionate price of 5p per sticker!!!
  12. I have the same roof-light and the same problem. My wife has medical problems and cannot sleep under the rooflight with a draught, I gave therefore used self adhesive draught excluder round the edge of the opening light and on the roof to effect a seal. I know what manufacturers say about it being "essential fixed ventilation" but it is really for the purposes of reducing condensation, we do leave one of the front windows on the ventilation setting. I have used this solution on our last 3 Van's over the last 6/7 years with no issues, and no comments from dealers who are supposed to check ventilation as part of the service. I would say to the OP if it's a problem for them go a head and seal it. I know others will say I am wrong and I expect numerous comments about my error on here BUT it has worked for me and without some solution we would not be able to continue caravanning
  13. Alde recommend Puriclean for use in their boilers. Though not in the documentation I have when I rang them that was what I was told a couple of years ago.
  14. I also don't buy the Alde explanation. We are on our third van (for reasons to complex to go into) from three different manufacturers, each has has the 3020 Alde system fitted and each works as I would expect - that is as soon as night mode ends the boiler fires up, the pump comes on and they stay on until the set temp is reached. We do not use day mode so the temp increases from the night mode setting to the default mode setting, and vice-versa in the evening.
  15. What car are you towing with? If it has Euro 5 or 6 engine the charging system of the car does not charge the car battery continuously, this can also lead to the caravan battery and fridge not receiving the power from the car. One way round this is to fit a unit such as the Sterling Power Wildside unit.
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