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  1. Vanning Man

    2018 buccaneer q's

    I needed to recalibrate our E&P system, just follow the instructions in the manual, it's straightforward enough but have a good long spirit level and remove the carpets so you are measuring the floor accurately.
  2. Vanning Man

    Avante 860 Purchase, export to NZ

    With all the extras you are planning, you will need to keep a careful eye on the weight so as not to overload the chassis.
  3. Vanning Man

    New Caravan - What do I need?

    A good pair of towing mirrors.
  4. Vanning Man

    Conqueror 530 Strip Lights

    Sorry for the delay in replying Blackhart, I think your age van was the one I was thinking of. Perhaps if you get in touch with Swift they may be able to help, the alternative would be to purchase some of the LED self adhesive "tape" that you can then cut to length.
  5. Vanning Man

    Petrol smell in caravan

    The water pump is 12v so connecting it to the mains is going to destroy it. You need to check that your charger is ok and working properly otherwise you are going to ruin your new battery. From your comments it sounds as though your ex doesn't really know what he is doing, if you can possibly manage till Thursday get the Motorhome Medics to have a look, they should be able to advise on your best course of action, and sort the leak on your pump fitting. Good luck and keep us up to date as things progress.
  6. Vanning Man


    Unfortunately these abysmal payloads will continue as long as the manufacturers think they can get away with them. They will tell you they comply with NCC "guidance" but as the NCC is basically the manufacturers club they will not update their guidance easily. . It is time the whole caravan industry realised that motor movers, which need a 12v battery, are demanded by more and more people and that weight should be included in the weight of the miro. The MTPLM needs to be realistic for a family of 4 going away for a 2 week holiday, 150kg ish is simply not enough.
  7. Vanning Man

    Conqueror 530 Strip Lights

    What age is your van? Some years ago Swift replaced these style lights with LED strips by sending them out either to dealers or as a DIY job.
  8. Vanning Man


    Surely won't matter whether it comes out of the MIRO or the Payload you will still be governed by the MTPLM. So unless they have also increased the MTPLM your payload is reduced anyway. All you are gaining is the cost of the mover!
  9. Whatever you call it, I still use CC, it is no longer a club, it is a run for profit business. When the name was changed the hierarchy claimed they had consulted the membership on the name change, I have been a member for 37 years and was certainly not consulted. Speaking to many members on Club sites and CLs I have yet to meet any member who has! CL owners where not told until the "big reveal" and I know of some who had paid out considerable sums getting literature printed for the following season who were told by the "Club" they were not allowed to use it. Posts on Club Together which criticised the change where removed and members banned. Sorry - rant over.
  10. Vanning Man

    CMC's new ESSO fuel card

    I have one of these cards and used it for the first time this weekend. The savings are not necessarily as good as quoted. Each week you get a text message saying what price you will pay for the following week. For example the price for the week beginning 9 Dec for standard diesel was quoted as £1. 261 per litre. My local Esso station was charging £1. 299 so my saving was only 3. 8p per litre.
  11. Vanning Man

    On board water pump cycling on and off

    A non return valve in the external pump pick up pipe would help solve this problem ONLY if the external pump is plugged in and primed. If we are away in freezing weather I generally use the external pump and aqua roll to fill the internal tank then remove it to prevent freezing up and use the water from the internal tank.
  12. Vanning Man

    tracker subs

    The current van's are fitted with Tracker Retrieve which require youto inform Tracker when you notice the van is not where it should be, they then try to contact the tracker unit to find and report it's location. As I understand it the Phantom system contacts the Call Centre if your van is broken into or moved without the unit being disarmed and Phantom then ring you to ro let you know. There have been a number of problems with the Tracker Retrieve where the fitted units have not been "reporting in" (should happen on a regular basis) to Trackers servers so even if you van went missing they may not be able to find it
  13. Vanning Man

    Hymer taken over by Thor

    Sorry meant include this link https://www. marketwatch. com/story/thor-industries-to-acquire-erwin-hymer-in-deal-valued-at-21-billion-euros-2018-09-18
  14. Vanning Man

    Hymer taken over by Thor

    Hymer are in the process of being taken over by American RV group Thor, maybe they will be able to sort out the appalling build quality at Elddis.
  15. Vanning Man

    2019 sales struggle for Unicorn?

    They missed out from me. After having the roof leak and the axle replaced our our U3 we decided to go for a Buccaneer Clipper. I know there are problems with all manufacturers now-a-days but so far so good.