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  1. Dealer thanks

    Totally agree Wallace, sometimes it seems to me that comments are made by members of this forum simply because they feel they have to say something rather than accepting what has been said in the spirit it is intended, i. e. as a vote of thanks to their dealer, rather than getting into a whole discussion about who needs to do what and when. Yes when something goes wrong it is necessary to know who carries the responsibility/liability but in this case the dealer did their part and informed Glynnis of what was happening. I would like my dealer to keep me updated on what steps they were taking to rectify a problem so I knew they were trying to progress the remedy as rapidly as possible.
  2. Dealer thanks

    Agree fully with Legal Eagle, if you had read the post Glynnis said the dealer sorted it out, exactly as they should have done.
  3. Faulty Front Seats

    Just shows Bailey's specification is at fault. Perhaps start talking to them about "fitness for purpose"
  4. Alko Axle / Bailey Caravan Problems

    On the two axles I have looked at the sticker is on the rear of the main axle tube towards the off-side of the caravan. I got the details from mine by crawling under behind the o/s wheel abd photographing ob my phone at full arms length using voice control.
  5. Alko Axle / Bailey Caravan Problems

  6. Alko Axle / Bailey Caravan Problems

    As I said I believe this was a faulty batch of 75 axles that were supplied to Bailey by Alko and this is the reason Baileys are showing many failures at the moment. Other than this batch I would be surprised if Bailey show more axle failures, pro-rata than any other manufacturer using the Alko running gear. There will be other failures on vans by all manufacturers, though I doubt you will get any figures from them, that may be caused by a number of reasons such as overloading, hitting potholes, sleeping policemen etc. and the occasional failure caused by faulty materials or manufacturing.
  7. Alko Axle / Bailey Caravan Problems

    You would hope so but if I can keep my weight to 1525kg I am well within the weight for the axle but without the upgrade would be foul of the original MPTLM. Are you saying we should ignore the MTPLM and feel free to load our vans to the maximum stated on the axle plate itself - having crawled aound under the van to find out what the maximum axle weight from the sticker/axle plate is of course?
  8. Alko Axle / Bailey Caravan Problems

    Sorry, yes should have said the upgrade was to 1550kg a 59kg uplift. I will have to ensure I continue keep my weight well below this. I think this batch of 75 axles were/are faulty though I doubt anyone will ever own up to the fact
  9. Alko Axle / Bailey Caravan Problems

    I am one of the owners to have a U3 axle replaced. Prior to it going in I checked the sticker on the axle, mine said it was 51 of a batch of 75, perhaps it is this batch of axles that have been the problem, likely all sold to Bailey. The axle weight was given as: single1550kg twin 1550kg, the vans MTPLM (upgraded) is 100Kg. Interestingly the replacement axle is rated at: single1550kg, twin 1350kg.
  10. Unicorn Seville battery

    PedroT - It may be that your battery was not fully charged at the end of your tow. Modern cars with Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines do not charge the caravan battery or run the fridge as efficiently as previous engines. This means the fridge can get warmer as you tow and you may loose charge from your caravan battery while on the road. Last September I completed a four hour tow and the fridge temp had dropped by 6 degrees, I measured the temp immediately after connecting the van to the car and again as soon as we got home. the reason for this was because I had read some articles on the Caravan Chronicle site a blog by Simon Barlow. I am not going to go into all the details l here but have included this link to his website https://caravanchronicles. com/2017/04/25/getting-all-charged-up-part-1/ . I have also read the information on the Sterling Power website about the tests carried out by Charles Sterling https://sterling-power. com/products/battery-to-battery-charger-caravan . Note with a google search you can get the unit cheaper then the price on the Sterling Power website. I have fitted one of these units to my U3 Cadiz and though I have not had a long tow as yet to test it fully it does seem to do what is claimed, fridge temp actually went down on a 90 minute tow.
  11. Position of Motor Mover

    We have a Powrtouch mover fitted in front of the axle on our Cadiz. It is now on it's third van and not had a problem with it. I had the dealer fit the control unit vertically on the partition in the nearside bed locker with the switch mounted through the partition so I only have to open the outside locker door to turn it on and off. (For some reason the picture has been rotated when I uploaded it.)
  12. bailey pegasus 2010

    Do NOT try to repair this you self, claim on the warranty from the dealer. If anything goes wrong in trying your own repair or there is a future problem you cannot solve you will have invalidated any redress you may have. Most companies will do their hardest to find a reason to reject a claim if they can and by doing this work yourself you give them the perfect reason to do so.
  13. Unicorn S4 pressure switch

    Sounds like the pressure switch needs adjustment. There should be a small screw on the switch itself. Hopefully there will be instructions in the manual.
  14. bailey pegasus 2010

    What warranty did you get on your new purchase from the trader you bought it from? From what you have said above it sounds like there is definitely a damp problem with the floor. If the van has not been serviced in the last three years, and you cannot obtain documentation from a dealer today it has then the original warranty from Bailey will be void. I think you need to get back to the seller urgently to get them to repair the floor and seal the areas which are letting the water in, other wise you are going to have quite a large bill to get the work done.
  15. Unicorn 4 Valencia

    I don't know if there is a lot of difference between the U3 and U4 wheel arches but we have an Isabella Wheel arch cover that clips into the wheel arch trim. Fits our U3 Cadiz perfectly and is available for about £13. 00 from various outlets online.