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  1. We have a Buccaneer Clipper, with weight upgrade (2000kg) towed by an XC90 D5 Powerpulse in Inscription spec. The car does a great job towing the van, never had any worries with stability or towing capability. We get about 23mpg with the van on the hook and 34 solo but we mainly do very short journeys. Hope this is of help, I am sure if you go ahead you will not be disappointed.
  2. Remember that having jacked up the axle the suspension will allow the wheels to move down, so you will have to jack up an awful lot more than the estimated 2" to get the levelling blocks/board under the wheels and the van to be level when the jack is removed and the suspension is compressed again.
  3. Hopefully that's not Thetford Blue fluid you're poring in there Grandpa Steve. For PamandRob the Thetford Blue fluid should only go in the toilet cassette, you can put Thetford Pink into the flush reservoir. The blue in the flush reservoir will permanently stain the toilet bowl Other makes of toilet fluids are different, for example we use Supakem which is blue but is suitable for use in both the cassette and flush reservoir.
  4. I would be worried about the possibility of the handbrake sticking on when left for 3 months. With the steadies down and wheel chocks in place the van is unlike move so I see no problem in releasing the brake. I always release the handbrake on our unit, once set up, both on site or when stored and have never had a problem. As Tenstar said I would be wary of leaving my wan on a lock n level only for that length of time and would be investigating an alternative.
  5. Totally agree Ledzep, I bought a set of these and broke one the first time I used it. I managed to glue it back together using Gorilla glue and am now extremely careful how tight I screw down the cover. The plastic Kampa have used for the screw thread and the thin connecting shape at the bottom is far to brittle, they need to change the type of plastic used or preferably use a metal part instead.
  6. Over 40 years of caravanning and probably in excess of 15 'van's from all the major dealers during that time I have never had a manufacturer contact me regarding servicing, could it be your dealer did it rather than Elddis? The requirements of servicing are listed in the handbook, possibly as part of the details about the warranty. All manufacturers require that a service, including a damp test, is carried out annually with in a specific period of the anniversary of the purchase to retain the warranty, if a service is not carried out within the specified timeframe the warranty is void.
  7. Surely Bailey have to accept that under CRA the axles they specified, from Alko, and fitted are not fit for purpose. I think any owner with a collapsed axle, and possibly the backing of someone like Which Legal Services, could "threaten" the dealer and therefore Bailey with Court action, with rapid results. Bailey have, by replacing a number of axles especially on U3 models, admitted there was/is a problem. Owners with finance on their Van's should obviously contact the finance .company
  8. What is the max plated weight of the caravan? If you are expecting to carry your water with you don't forget each litre will take 1Kg off you weight allowance. If you are wild camping what provision do you plan to make for disposing of you toilet waste. I ask because here in the North of Scotland to many wild campers think it's ok to just dump their waste wherever they see fit, bags full of rubbish and toilet contents can be found in or near to many scenic sites!
  9. As far as I am aware the reed switch is just to light up the full tank indicator, it does not turn off the pump.
  10. As it's a known problem and a lot of, particularly Series 3, owners have had their axles replaced I would think a strong, but polite, discussion with your dealer perhaps backed up with a threat of possible legal action would lead to results. Do you have any finance on you van - if so great them involved
  11. As Lost in the wilderness says drill a small hole in the bottom of the the light unit to let any water out. You may also want to consider using some silicon sealer around the top half of the lens where water is most likely to get in. Remember that in the future you may want to get access to replace a blown bulb though.
  12. I doubt you will be able to get to the tap through removing a fridge vent. The back of the fridge must/should be sealed from the rest of the caravan so any fumes given of by the operation of the fridge on gas cannot get into the 'van.
  13. Last year we had planned to stay on the CCC site at Culzean Castle in Ayrshire. We had booked well in advance for a grass pitch and paid a deposit for a 5 night stay leaving on the Saturday. On arrival I paid the rest of the fee and the warden led us to our pitch. The allocated pitch was under a large tree and was so muddy you could hardly see a blade of grass. I refused the pitch and asked for one if the hardstandings, of which about 50% were empty. We were told that was not possible as all the hard standings were booked for the Saturday night. Why this made a difference when we were leaving on Saturday morning the Wardens could not explain, except to continually repeat I had booked a grass pitch We decided to leave and, after a short but heated discussion in the Site Office, was given a full refund.
  14. I have a set of screw in pegs but when I first got them was not happy the plastic "t" at the top was tight on the metal, I took them off and drilled them out so they now spin freely. I have taken to hammering them in and then using my drill and socket to remove them. I have never had a problem with them working loose and we have been in some very strong Scottish winds where other owners have had pegs pulling loose and awnings being damaged.
  15. Perhaps if you told us what caravan you've got we might be able to advise better. I can't think of a UK built van that could not use gas for fridge and water heating.
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