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  1. Vanning Man

    On board water pump cycling on and off

    A non return valve in the external pump pick up pipe would help solve this problem ONLY if the external pump is plugged in and primed. If we are away in freezing weather I generally use the external pump and aqua roll to fill the internal tank then remove it to prevent freezing up and use the water from the internal tank.
  2. Vanning Man

    tracker subs

    The current van's are fitted with Tracker Retrieve which require youto inform Tracker when you notice the van is not where it should be, they then try to contact the tracker unit to find and report it's location. As I understand it the Phantom system contacts the Call Centre if your van is broken into or moved without the unit being disarmed and Phantom then ring you to ro let you know. There have been a number of problems with the Tracker Retrieve where the fitted units have not been "reporting in" (should happen on a regular basis) to Trackers servers so even if you van went missing they may not be able to find it
  3. Vanning Man

    Hymer taken over by Thor

    Sorry meant include this link https://www. marketwatch. com/story/thor-industries-to-acquire-erwin-hymer-in-deal-valued-at-21-billion-euros-2018-09-18
  4. Vanning Man

    Hymer taken over by Thor

    Hymer are in the process of being taken over by American RV group Thor, maybe they will be able to sort out the appalling build quality at Elddis.
  5. Vanning Man

    2019 sales struggle for Unicorn?

    They missed out from me. After having the roof leak and the axle replaced our our U3 we decided to go for a Buccaneer Clipper. I know there are problems with all manufacturers now-a-days but so far so good.
  6. Vanning Man

    Best Porch Awning for Unicorn Cadiz III

    We have a Kampa Rally Pro 330 that is a perfect fit from just in front of the door to behind the bedroom window on the U3 Cadiz, unfortunately it does cover the locker door but you can access that from inside the van anyway.
  7. Vanning Man

    Elddis Caravan from around 2005 - buy or avoid?

    As said the reports you will get on any forum will give a biased view that all is doom and gloom, there will be many, many more people who are quite happy with their caravan and have never had a problem but they tend not to post on the forums. What ever you do though check for a good service history and make sure you check the prospective purchase carefully for damp with a damp meter, if you're not sure what to look for take someone with you who does, and every thing is working as it should. Good luck and I hope you find a trouble-free van that suits you.
  8. Vanning Man

    Uni III whale pump control accessory

    I fitted one a couple of months ago on a U3 Cadiz. there was no need to disconnect any pipe work just the electrical connections, make a note of which one goes where, remove the adjusting screw and its lock nut, then replace with the Whale IC Unit. Should take no more than 10 minutes. Calibrate and away you go. If you don't have the instructions they can be found easily enough on the web.
  9. Vanning Man

    Draining an ALDE Boiler

    Are you talking about draining the water system or the heating fluid from tge Alde boiler.
  10. Vanning Man

    water from aquaroll

    Do not use Milton, which contains ingredients that will damage the Alde boiler, use Puriclean which is recommended by Alde. Follow the instructions on the pack and you will not have a residual taste. We have been caravaning for over 35 years and always drunk the water from the Aquaroll with out ill effects.
  11. Vanning Man

    Buccaneer finally gone

    The problem is Griff that ALL caravan manufacturers seem to be content with producing goods which have inherent and long known about faults, with, seemingly, little care for the end user. Leaving it to customers and dealers to sort out the shoddy workmanship of their assembly operatives and designers, so the bar to "be up there with the best" is not set very high.
  12. Vanning Man

    Summer lost

    Luckily I don't have this problem but of those that have has anyone reported it to DVSA with a view to getting them to contact Elddis as this is a dangerous safety defect. DVSA could insist o Elddis issuing a recall.
  13. Vanning Man

    Crusader Storm Cocktail Cabinet....😜😜😜😜

    Simply goes to prove my long held view that the people who "design" caravans, have no idea about caravaning. What caravaner would ever put only ONE position for a wine bottle in a caravan.
  14. Vanning Man

    Unicorn S4 - Observations & Question.

    My U3 Cadiz had a 25mm gap on one side and 2mm on the other. The axle was replaced under warranty. Have a look, using a torch to see if you can identify any rubbing of the whel box. In any case get it to your dealer for a check 12mm seems far to close to me.
  15. Vanning Man

    No 12V supply to Unicorn 2 when connected to car

    This is because your caravan has a habitation relay which cuts power to the van's 12v systems when the tow car is connected. If you want to use your loo when stopped just disconnect tge towing electrics - just don't forget to reconnect before continuing your journey.