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  1. Vanning Man

    Elddis avante 866 stargazer light rework

    I have had the work done on my Buccaneer Clipper and unless you look for them you do not notice the screw caps. I agree it should not be necessary and the original design is faulty. However, IF the original fix had had screws covered with screw caps how many of us would have: a) noticed them and b) walked away from the purchase just because of the fixing methods. I suspect few if any.
  2. Vanning Man

    Exciting News From Bailey !!

    My 2016 Cadiz needed a roof strap leak sorting as well, when I looked at the quality of the sealant application I am not surprised - a blind 3 year old would have made a better job - obviously a lack of care by the operative, and no Quality Control.
  3. Vanning Man

    Exciting News From Bailey !!

    They've found a way to build caravans properly, therefore eliminating build faults. Whoops there goes the flying pig.
  4. Vanning Man

    Battery Draining

    You need to remove the 13 pin plug from the Truma M/M socket. There is a power drain from the caravan battery via pin 10 and the related -ve as these are connected directly to the battery to facilitate charging when towing.
  5. Vanning Man

    New Bucanneer Clipper

    Thanks for your replies, I am sure we will enjoy the new van. I had already heard about the recall for the Stargazer roof light and contacted the dealer to make sure it is actioned before we collect. Does anyone tow with a Volvo XC90? We're there any problems with the Buccaneers LED road lights?
  6. Vanning Man

    New Bucanneer Clipper

    I am in the process of buying a new Clipper any one got any advice on these caravans please.
  7. Vanning Man

    Newbie saying hello

    I also have had awning damaged covered by insurance - bent poles, zips torn away from the canvas, tears in the canvas following storm damage. If you can get a statement from any witnesses, other caravanners or the warden regarding the stormm and damage done, to present to your insurer.
  8. Vanning Man

    Faulty Front Seats

    Yeah it's Bailey's specification that's "not fit for purpose". The foams they have specified are simply not up to the job. We have problems with our front seats "collapsing" after a few hours, not going to do anything about it as we are about to change the van, hopefully the new one will not suffer - well I can daydream can't I.
  9. Vanning Man

    Extra fuses in very front on van

    Hi John, pleased the install went without problems I am sure you will find it a worth-while investment.
  10. Vanning Man


    Do you have the yellow Whale IC the insidw of thepumo socket? I has a similar experience with my 2 year old Cadiz,, I had fitted a Whale IC Pump Controller about a week before. One evening for no aparent reason the pump fuse blew when I turned in the tap. Replaced the fuse, tried again with the same result. Luckily the original adjustment screw and nut wee still in the van. Removed the Whale IC replaced the screw and adjusted the pressure - worked fine ever since. Whale IC has gone back for a refund, think I will stick with the original adjuster screw.
  11. Vanning Man

    Extra fuses in very front on van

    Hi John, Yes we found we needed to do no more than I have detailed. When we tested the unit by connecting to the car the habitation relay did not cut power to the 'van until the Wildside unit changed from charging the battery to supplying power to the fridge, after about 15 minutes, when it cut power to the vans 12v supply. As David Brownless said it doesn't really matter, if the vans master switch is off then the power is cut anyway, and most continental vans are not fitted with a habitation relay anway. For the ATC it gets its power from the Pin 9 connection as usual so works perfectly.
  12. Vanning Man

    Extra fuses in very front on van

    I have tried uploading photos of my installation but without success so I hope the description of how I carried out the install will be of use FITTING OF STERLING WILDSIDE UNIT TO BAILEY UNICORN 3 CADIZ. docx Will carry on trying to upload photos
  13. Vanning Man

    getting in contact with power touch

    Last October I contacted Powtouch by email with photos as the white coating over the ends of the motors/roller yokes on my Evolution mover had begun to come off, after about 4 years of use on two caravans. I was contacted immediately by phone and told they would send out a fitter with completely new motor/roller units, which they did within a couple of weeks. I call that first class service as the problem was purely aesthetic and made no difference to the operation of the system. Thank you Powrtouch.
  14. Vanning Man

    No DAB Signal on Valencia

    When we purchased our U3 Cadiz the lead for the DAB aerial had not been connected and was "floating" aound in the void behind the radio, connected it up and the DAB works perfectly. The spare co-ax lead you found by the amplifier is the feed from the external input for a stand-alone aerial.
  15. Vanning Man

    Extra fuses in very front on van

    Hi John m, We are away until beginning of next month and don't have all the details on my tablet. If you are not jn a rush I will post details with photos when we get home and I have access to my PC.