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  1. Thinking of cancelling our Unicorn 4 order.

    For those who don't like the sink fixings, and are thinking of replacing them, these may do the job: https://www. bailey-parts. co. uk/product/1040214
  2. Cadiz battery charging

    Yes it has a separate charger which is built into the rest of the electrics behind the consumer unit (fuses & RCDs) in the cupboard below the fridge. If you have used some of the battery power - after an evening with the lights on for example, you can hear the fan unit of the charger running as the battery is recharged.
  3. Polish roof. Yes. Or no.

    At the end of the season I wash the van then,following a trick I was given years ago, apply a coat of Mer car polish but do not buff it off, It dries leaving a white powder. Come the spring the van gets a hose down and wipe over with micofibre cloths. This removes the white Mer leaving the van looking like new. A quick application of Bobby Dazzler completes the job. Roof, sides, back & front all done.
  4. Fitted one to the rafters in my garage so I can dry the awning whatever the weather.
  5. New Cadiz S4

    I know it is difficult to compare but the UK Unicorn 4 Pamplona has a user payload of 120Kg whereas the Australian version has a payload of 400kg both are on alko chassis. So why, other than scaring off prospective customers with lighter weight tow vehicles, ca't we have a decent payload? There need to be a re-think about how caravanners are educated regarding the towed weight of the caravan. Provided the towing capacity or the kerb weight of the car is not exceeded it should be up to the owner to decide how much load is carried. If the MTPLM was 2000kg with a MIRO of 100Kg but the car had a kerb weight of 180kg then the caravan would be loaded to a max 100Kg with the owner responsible, as now, for making sure the weights are not exceeded. Simplistic I know but today's payloads are a joke. Give us an option to upgrade to a decent MTPLM, using a different chassis at manufacture if necessary.
  6. New Cadiz S4

    Totally agree SDA, when will the manufacturers realise that the current payloads are really ridiculous.
  7. Unicorn 4 Deliveries and Experiences

    Research? I don't think any manufacturer does "real, in depth" research. Items that are obvious to any caravanner of a few seasons experience never seem to be taken into account by the manufacturers. If it makes the 'van look "prettier" or saves them money it will get put in. If it makes the van more practical to use or costs more then probably not. How many designers of caravans actually use them for a three or four week holiday - probably not many. The way somethings are altered it looks like they give caravan design to a kid on work experience. Cynical? Moi?
  8. Series 9 Fridge - Vent Catch Position

    Matelodave, we also do not travel with anything in the door bins but after our first trip found that items on the main shelves had moved and some had fallen into them. I stopped this by using some thin plastic chopping boards from Lidl, cut them in half and wedged them at the front of the shelves They are just the right size to go into the return on the shelf above and rest behind the upstand of the shelf they are protecting. Sounds quite complicated but it isn't. Will post photos when I can.
  9. Series 9 Fridge - Vent Catch Position

    Xtrailman, have you had a look at the catch on the side of the fridge? Ours has a white piece of plastic that hinges out from the metal part ant then locks into place to hold the door partially open. Be careful though it is quite flimsy and will break quite easily especially if you do not release the door latch fully before you pull the door open - I speak from experience. Sorry all just read the previous posts that already cover this.
  10. Cadiz 3 Fridge Door Bins

    We have just arrived on site near St Andrews having towed down the A9 from Inverness, opened the fridge to be confronted with another fridge door shelf broken! I have just checked the code number underneath and it is one of the supposedly stronger ones. We usually empty them completely but had mistakenly left a 250gm pack of butter in this one. I am going to fire off an email to Dometic as these new shelves sem to be as bad as the old ones. Has anyone else had one of the replacement design shelves fail.
  11. Unicorn Segovia

    I assume the covers you refer to are at the top of the cupboard bridging the wall and ceiling, if so they are as Daveo69 suggests an insulation cover for the alu-tech joint and are certainly present in U3 caravans. Where the joint area is seen e. g. above the entrance door a moulded plastic cover is used. Some wiring is concealed behind them, and I have used them to hide extra wiring I have put in for various purposes. The problem with the polystyrene cover is they have a groove running down this inside that pushes over the bolts of the alu-tech brackets, once they have been on and off a couple of times they become loose and drop especially when travelling. I am considering using some self-adhesive velco pads to keep mine in place
  12. Unicorn 4 & Bailey Owners Club

    The position of the battery to the 240v inlet is irrelevant. The 240 supply goes to the Consumer Unit, which often contains the battery charger. From the consumer unit 240v and 12v power is distributed around the van. The battery charger (and solar panel if fitted) is the connected to the battery, so it makes no difference where the battery is situated. Most manufacturers keep the length of lead from the inlet to the Consumer Unit as short as possible as this is not protected by the caravan's Residual Current Circuit Breaker.
  13. Towing Covers

    Unless your van front is very dirty you don't need a hosepipe, get a pack of 1-dry-wash, or similar, and a good supply of micro cloths. Follow the instruction on the pack, don't press on to hard, especially on the windows and keep changing your cloth. I have used it for several years anD have no scratches to either bodywork or windows. If you are not happy using it on the windows try something like Autoglym Fast Glass again with plenty of microcloths.
  14. Towing Covers

    I have a Specialised cover for towing. Having had previous vans where windows and/or front panels have suffered from stone damage I now arrive on site with no worry of damage and a perfectly clean van front - no road film or insect debris. The cover is not designed for use in storage and is removed as soon as the van is pitched/stored. A quick wipe using dry wash and microfiber cloths and the cover goes on in about 2 minutes, probably takes less than 5 minutes in total as the van front is always daily clean.
  15. Gt70 Trim Spec

    Some years ago I had a single axle motor mover (sorry can't recall the make) that was transfered onto a twin axle van. I needed to get an alternative controller so that the when turning the outer wheel motor was powered continuously and the inner wheel motor would give a short run so the nner wheels where not continually scrubbing. The turning circle was nothing to write home about but the mover did it's job OK. Personally I would go for a AWD - positioning is so much more precise.