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  1. Check out the Volvo XC90. Tows like a dream and has 7 seats with the 3rd row easily large enough for adults.
  2. I think it's the Tracker Retrieve, it certainly was in 2018 and 2019. If so unless you have your caravan somewhere where you can keep an eye on it the tracker is next to useless. You have to let the monitoring centre know your van is missing, then they will attempt to make "contact" with the tracker unit in the van to find out where it is. If your van has been missing for more than a few hours, the thieves have probably already found and disabled the tracker unit.
  3. Did the package look as though it had been opened or damaged? If so then you could try making a claim against the courier. If not then it sounds as though it was not in the package at all, so contact Facebook Support.
  4. We're lucky and have ours: Volvo XC90 followed very closely y a Buccaneer Clipper. Only wish (wishful thinking more like) would be a better payload for the van, though I guess that's everybody's wish.
  5. I think Buccaneers have Aluminium skinned walls and roof. You will be lucky to find a van that has an Aluminium front or rear though.
  6. Perthshire Caravans have also announced their closure on their website, and Swift have closed their factory completely.
  7. She just needs to back it up with legislation and enforcement - here's hoping she does!
  8. When I installed our bracket I "increased " the panel thickness just above the fridge and mounted the bracket a little higher than I would have liked catching the batten with the top two screws and left the lower one
  9. I agree with Ern, please get someone who knows about caravan electrics, such as a local mobile caravan service agent, or a dealership, to have a look and advise you. In it's current (no pun intended) state I would not like to think what could happen.
  10. To remove the wood surround there are two screws, under wood coloured stickers, which you can see if the microwave door is opened, and two accessed by opening the cupboard above the microwave. Once this is out the way the microwave just lifts out, don't forget to disconnect it before taking it out. I put a piece of extra wood to help spread the load as I was not confident the panel itself was strong enough. Replacement is simply a matter of reversing the above procedure, if you peeled the screw "covers" off carefully they can be re-used if you want, some dealers will let you have some if you ask. Good luck!
  11. David 38 - try reading the original post! The OP stated the blinds were down when the van was in winter storage.
  12. You can get "3" data sims from a company called my memory that will last for 12 or 24 months with 12gb or 24 gb of data respectively. I use them in my Volvo and my tablet. Just go to the Mymemory website and search for "3 Data Sim" cost are about £28.00 & £47.00.
  13. We went for Mayday through the Caravan Club. If you go for others check the cover for caravans carefully, many impose limits for length or restrictions on where they will take you.
  14. The Alko ATC is supplied with power via pin 9 the same as the caravan battery charging and caravan internal12v electrics. The 12V electrics are shut off when the habitation relay operates which is controlled by the fridge circuit (pin 10). I think therefore that the caravan battery must be supplying the power to the ATC.
  15. What is your car? If it has a Euro 5 or 6 engine grab tge alternator/charging system on your car is the problem. There are solutions and as Stevan gas said there are other threads in here which will give some advice and insight.
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