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  1. These Dometic fridges really are poor quality. The door catch you are referring to is far to flimsy I have broken mine as well. The door shelves have all been replaced after failing and even one of the replacements, which Dometic claim are "improved" has broken. Also for a family caravan a fridge which will not take a four pint bottle of milk is next to useless.
  2. Unicorns everywhere!

    "......repositioning of the mover switch now illegal iliminates the need for a battery box. ...." Could you please explain this statement Silverback?
  3. Hartal door lock

    If you want a lubricant that is suitable for plastics (and was specified by Swift) you need Ambersil 40+. I have used it for many years without adverse reactions.
  4. Bailey Cartegena 3 Spare Wheel Winder

    What problems are you referring to? Most of the problems I have seen have been in respect of the Alko spare wheel carrier not the Bailey wind down system. If I have missed a thread can someone point me in the right direction - thanks.
  5. Thinking of cancelling our Unicorn 4 order.

    I can confirm the Milenco Leveller takes a lot of effort to raise the 'van, especially using the ratchet spanner supplied with the unit. it is not long enough to give reasonable leverage, I got rid of mine and went back to ramps. I keep thinking about the "Lock & Level" but have yet to take the plunge.
  6. Power movers and battery

    Will the rollers on the movers rotate without been in contact with the wheels?
  7. Shower Wall Material

    Have a look at the Croydex Stick & Lock range (B&Q among others) they do a wide range of different shower caddies etc. They really do stick like the proverbial.
  8. Unicorn 4 - TV Mount, ongoing, dealers not happy.

    In all probability they are produced by the same manufacturer and then packaged for different retailers.
  9. Unicorn3 Cadiz And Remote Alde Temperature Sensor

    I found it useful to carefully file a small indent in the facia of the control panel directly below the thermistor which "measures" the temperature. It means there is a quicker response by the panel to changes in the temp in the van. As it is at the bottom of tge panel the indent is not seen.
  10. Bailey Ranger Caravan Fridge on 12v while towing

    The other problem is that modern tow cars with Euro 5 or Euro 6 engine do not produce the electrical current to run the fridge or charge the caravan battery effectively. If you look on the Sterling Power website or Simon Barlow's "Caravan Chronicles" blog there are full explanations as to why this is. If you are only towing for a couple of hours and start with a previously cooled fridge you may not notice it has not been on, much longer and the warming becomes noticeable. I towed for 4 hours last Autumn and recorded a 4 degree rise in temp inside the fridge. I have since fitted a Sterling Power BBC122 unit and it seems to work as it should though I have not had opportunity to test it thoroughly yet. If you do read Simon's blog you will see he has fitted to a Swift caravan - mine is jn a U3 Cadiz so if anyone wants help with the wiring send me a pm. I have no connection with Sterling Power and in fact bought my unit cheaper from an alternative supplier.
  11. Alko Axle / Bailey Caravan Problems

    I don't want to worry you unduly but I would keep a close eye on that gap, mine was just under 25mm when my axle was replaced under warranty. If your van was totally unloaded when it was serviced you can expect that gap to decrease when you load it, that will the allow very little movement due to the deflection of the suspension as you travel. There is a known problem with the U3 axles and dealers have been sent a Technical Bulletin by Bailey.
  12. The PSU on most caravans is not capable of powering a lot of the 12v equipment in the van at once on its own. When you are using a number of 12v items the van uses a combination of PSU and battery power, as this load reduces the PSU is able to continue running the 12v items and supply charge to top up the battery. In our U3 Cadiz you can hear the PSU fan cut in when under heavy load (Lights, TV, Heater pump, etc.). If you run the vans 12v systems, particularly things like the heater motor, without a battery in to supplement the PSU it will over heat and cut out. This is what’s happening in the Ops case and why the 12v items will run for a period of time before the PSU cuts out, if left with the lights etc. on after a while the PSU will cool down and switch back on, before going through the whole cycle again.
  13. the bottles may be manufactured by the same company BUT: The Safefill bottles are for you to fill yourself at an LPG pump and have the requisite safety features built in. The BP lite is an exchange cylinder and is for filling by an authorised filling company only. The connectors on the cylinders are standard butane "clip-on" and cannot be connected to an LPG pump nozzle. I am not sure but I believe it may be an offence to try to refill a BP (or any other cylinder) from an LPG pump unless specifically built to do so.
  14. no front locker - where do you store everything?

    Exactly: 1 x sticker giving new MTPLM and the word "UPDATED" and 1 x NCC Certificate with new MTPLM. Thank you sir that will be £60. 00. No upgrade to any part of the van or suspension.
  15. no front locker - where do you store everything?

    Nor just a sticker you should also have received a new NCC Certificate showing the revised weight as well. Because you did it through your dealer you maybe never saw the Certificate with the original details on.