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  1. I have a 2018 Unicorn S4 Cadiz with an integral alarm. Does anyone know if there is any way to tell when the alarm is enabled? Currently I have to press the remote and count the number of annoying squeaks emitted when the alarm is enabled/disabled.
  2. Volvo cruise control. If you accelerate past the set cruise speed, you can then quick press the + button to set the current speed. Move from say 55 to 58, press +, cruise speed now 58. V60 D6 hybrid and I love the ACC except when target vehicle brakes into off ramp; have to keep right foot over accelerator pedal. Nice hint about 1 mph increment using long press :-)
  3. Does anyone know of any CL type sites in the south-west corner of Ireland? I've only managed to find the large (rack'em and stack'em) commercial sites so far. I prefer sites with 5 or less vans and can be gas-only. Thanks
  4. As Gravon42 suggested, you may be able to repair this yourself. I have just completed such a repair and can provide a few notes that may help you do likewise. Here is a link to my blog Prof
  5. Here's another tale of a Truma SE losing motive power on one side. My huge thanks to 'dreadly' for the set of pictures showing the offending lay shaft. Like 'MainSpring23' I could not extract the gearbox housing from between the carrier rails, even though I tried to drift out the forward pin. The break-through for me was when the armature dropped away from the gearbox and left me a clear path to the lay shaft. Sure enough the pin was had gone AWOL and after many attempts with my long fingers I was able to locate it in the grease. Extraction of pin was accomplished using a small magnet on some welding rod and from there it was a simply process of positioning the cog and shaft and slotting the pin back in. There was no evidence of any peening around the hole so I assume that Truma rely on a friction fit; which patently does not work. Needless to say the pin is now secured in place and the unit fully functional. Only when the armature came free did I realise that the gearbox does not need opening; this alone saved about 2 days and the need to size up and order the stainless steel bolts. Take care when removing and refitting the drive motor jacket. The very powerful shell magnets will 'grab' either the jacket or the armature and may cause additional problems. The whole repair took about 10 hours and cost a few pounds for a tub of lube.
  6. We've been caravanning for many decades and now I've retired we have even more time to drag our 'wobbly box' around the UK. Here's hoping for an Indian summer!
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