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  1. Having the shoes and drums replaced on mine in 2018 I no longer have the mild squeal I use to have. It only happened on very light braking I'm probably the only one who is going to say this but I miss that gentle noise, no way near the volume to wake the dead more like a quiet warning to pedestrians I found it useful when driving through town centers to warn pedestrians who strayed off the pavement and caused me to brake. (now I guess I will have to use the car horn) Anyone with a 2017 chassis want to swap brakes?
  2. They are great, I don't think you will regret buying it! I'm sure you have, but just incase you haven't .... don't forget to fit some of the "awning stops" to stop it moving when travelling. THESE sort of things
  3. I can't help any further as I use the Lithium preset which matches what my battery provider has said. I have no idea what a spiral cell is? May be worth posting on the Victron forums as they are really helpful
  4. Thats more like it If you drop the menu (shown on your screenshot) for "Battery Preset" there will be a setting for AGM, select that and double checking the values it suggests. Make sure they are what Yuasa suggest As JTQ has said by using a preset it will put in parameters for duration etc (thats what I do for my battery)
  5. Sorry can't help with the setting as I've had no experience with AGM, but can't help thinking that the controller is massive overkill unless you are going to upgrade to a lot of panels! A 75/10 would have been OK for a 100w panel and almost half the price of the 100/20
  6. Not sure that I saw a label saying PF2? It's all rather confusing, as you say the tech blurb says: But I'm sure I read somewhere that this is not necessary the case hence my call to Sargent. I think the OP, under good conditions, could exceed the 10amp so for the sake of a phone call I would speak to Sargent (they would want £135 to repair the EC unit if the fuse blew)
  7. That's interesting as when I spoke to Sargent they told me that there could be either a 6amp or 10amp Polyfuse fitted and it depends on the colour of it, I can't remember any detail but they said mine in a 2017 was 6amp because of it colour and would only support 120w max I intend to wire direct to the battery anyway I think this is the fuse(s) in question
  8. I would be a bit cautious doing this. The next thing on my "to do list" on my caravan is upgrade the amount of solar. Speaking to Sargent they advised not to go above 120w if wired through the EC600 power supply as it has a soldered 6amp fuse inside. They said that if going above 120w to wire the output of the MPPT directly to the battery. Your setup at 255w will exceed 6amps! I would give Sargent a call for your piece of mind
  9. The busbar is one from HERE Plenty to choose from depending on your requirement.
  10. I would not mount in the battery box, as it is only IP21 rated. I mounted mine inside near the charger/power supply. I don't think that there is a requirement for the cable from the shunt to battery to be as short as possible, if so I missed that in the installation instructions? The other thing to note is that the bolt connections on the shunt are M10 so you may struggle to get ring connectors that will fit the exsisting thin cable from the original power supply. Because of that I fitted a negitive busbar and wired all connections through that. ( for neatness I fi
  11. From my perspective I have a Thule Omnistor 1200, which stays attached most of the year. To answer your questions (from my point of view) 1) Very light in use 2) +3 As only three of us our shoes go into one of the "wetlockers" 4) Why I have it, gives us all the shade we need 5) We sit under it when eating unless we fancy full sun ( never had a bug problem but that doesn't say we won't!) 6) I keep an eye of the weather and if the wind is forcast to pick up it can be packed away very quickly (we do have storm straps) I have given up on awning
  12. Have a look at my last post HERE I would say that yours falls under "some sort of recall" but can't say Swift will say the same
  13. Plus it runs through 3 (on my Swift caravan) block connectors from the fusebox at the front to the fridge at the middle. Only needs one dodgy connection to drop the Voltage at the fridge, as was my case. I went down the Sterling Wildside route but that was primarily to give the correct charging algorithm to my lithium battery, after upgrading the wiring to the fridge it now run runs on 12V as it should. That was an additional bonus from my original install.
  14. Looks like a Vision Plus (normally fitted in a Swift caravan) The part I think you need to attach to your TV is THIS But I would upgrade the bracket to something like THIS as it would give better use imo
  15. A follow up on my issue that might intrest BOAC? As the post above, my alarm sounder was very very quiet when setting or disarming or when I triggered the alarm. As my alarm is outside of any warrenty I decided to take a look at it myself. It's quite easy to strip it down to its component level, on doing so I found out that the piezoelectric speaker had fallen apart, the speaker membrane was loose in its holder both due to the adhesive drying out and the holder had pushed up out of postion. First I thought about buying a replacement speaker but the only supp
  16. There are a couple of other areas you can check yourself Under the front, either side there are L shaped brackets, check that these are sound and the sealing mastic is intact Gas locker, make sure sealant at top and side is intact Front shelf, from inside check to make sure it doesn't lool like in the photo! These are some of the checks carried out by the Swift guy on mine. I've added some photos highlighted in red. The only thing found on mine was was a couple of screws that had come loose on the angle bracket in the front locker. After carefully drillin
  17. Ah MartinJB you are a star! The caravan was serviced on that day (4th Service, no damp or faults ..thanks Swift!) so he must of powered the van down. I'll call down there and switch it back on! My mind is not with it lately, I blame the Oxford jab I recently had ......
  18. From the 30th March the internal and external temps as well as the humidity has stopped reporting back correct values on my 2017 Sterling. (temps stuck on 17/16c and humidity 76%) Maybe a coincidence but that was around the time I renewed my "remote access" subscription (which does work) I was wondering if anyone else is seeing the same?
  19. The subscription for "remote control" is now available on the app and website (just renewed mine for three years)
  20. No, I paid upfront for three years when I bought the caravan back in 2017. It ran out around April 2020 Being in the camp of "If it gets stolen, I don't want it back" and the difference in insurance premium for having it or not (paying for the tracking per year was more than the insurance discount) I did not renew it. I do like being able to monitor the van all year round with the "black button" in ( but that another discussion )
  21. Just the weight of the canopy seems to hold them in place, not lost one yet over many miles (even if you do they are supplied in a pack of eight)
  22. No, it was sent BCC but I assume it was sent to all that have/had a tracking subscription? My mobile service guy did not mention the battery replacement to me on the third service so I guess he was unaware of it? When conditions allow I will take a look at replacing the battery myself.
  23. Sargent sent out an email ont he 19th January this year detailing that the battery should be replaced at the third service. Here is the bit about battery replacement.
  24. As I remember I had to phone them with details of the vehicle I had at the time (Kuga) and they supplied it. Kuga was non LED and caravan is. My latest vehicle is LED and as such it is not needed. Let me know how you get on
  25. I also have one of these, like Ern I fitted the middle support pad and use the centre rafter. My caravan is a Sterling and I did look at the light with a view to moving it but decided against it . What I do is to pack out the three conopy support pads with Kampa awning pads when travelling, never lost one in hundreds of miles! When on site and erecting the canopy they drop out and are safely stored, the awning bag then rests on the light but it dosen't hinder the output.
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