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  1. It may be better to post the photo on here, I find that heat/humidity in my van does cause them to lift so I have replaced a few. Not sure how many I have left (as I am also doing work behind the microwave ,I keep taking them off and have had to replace them a couple of times (don't ask ) But having a Sterling (Swift) caravan, if they are the same colour as mine and you need a couple I may be able to also help.
  2. Try emailing Swift direct, I did and they sent out a dozen to me free of charge last June (not sure if they still offer this service?) crm@swiftleisure.co.uk
  3. As I have a "thing" about not using site facilities I also have a need for something that works very well. Having tried all manner of different products, the only product that works well for us are the Elsan sachets, I'm not bothered about their cost (albiet they are dearer than most liquids) As said above there is no danger of a "blue spill" at any time. Some swear by Bio Laundry tabs but they didn't work for us (maybe I wasn't using them correctly) We never bother with anything in the flush tank.
  4. Everyone likes a happy ending, here is mine. I won't bore everyone with details of the in or outs or what happened or why After another call to Powrtouch, yesterday, they were most apologetic and dispached an engineer to repair it today. Now fully working.
  5. I'm sorry, John, that you seem disappointed with my post (as I am with Powrtouch/Truma) and the actions of the staff of Caravan Talk. I'm sure if I have "stepped outside the mark" my post would have been edited or removed or I would have a PM warning for posting it? Caravan movers are not a new thing, there are lots of companies out there offering them with a 5 year warrenty and a there is lot of choice. I rarely post on any forum but I feel that it is fair that potential buyers have a clear view from from both sides of a story before thay part with > £1200
  6. From my original post It turns out, after trying the “red t wrench” and even a socket on a big t bar that the actuation motor is seized. So if I'm reading your post correctly, in the 5 yrs that you have had a Powrtouch mover you have had: New control panel Two acutuator motors "Several seized threads"?? And another control panel? I think I am now happy to sell mine for spares and buy something else as I can't see this ever getting repaired!
  7. Yes I am phoning the correct number. I fully understand what you are saying Brecon, all I am asking for is someone to speak to me and explain the delay. I understand that we are still in a pandemic, but during this time I have had my caravan serviced and the fridge repaired. If for work purposes, you can travel in and out of lockdown areas. If the engineer wasn't happy to do that then I would understand. As I have said a simple phone call to explain would suffice Powrtouch just try and fob me off with any old excuse. From the the sounds of it, I hope Pheasan
  8. Back in 2017 when I purchased my new caravan, after a lot of research I decided to go with Powrtouch for a motor mover. This was based on glowing customer reviews and their 5 year “No quibble guarantee” For 3 years the mover has performed as expected, all good so far. Back in July this year, trying to move the caravan out of storage for my first trip away this year, I found one side not to be engaging (automatic mover) It turns out, after trying the “red t wrench” and even a socket on a big t bar that the actuation motor is seized. So I ring Powrtouch o
  9. They might have been but I have found their aftersales shocking. I am still waiting after 8 weeks for a repair to a 3 yr old mover. Everytime I call, it's an engineer will contact you but it never happens. I went for their product as the reports on their service were very good , next time I need to buy a mover it will not be a Powrtouch!
  10. My 2017 Sterling is currently with dealer for brake replacment, bad squealing on braking (not when reversing) For the OP it sounds like they have been "over adjusted"?
  11. Good grief, I can't believe that some people are more concerned about possible damage to their towing vehicle than what could happen to someone else if their caravan/trailer became detached??? !! What if it detached and killed someone?? Where you attach the break away cable is immaterial if your caravan /trailer falls off the back. If properly attached (as per the towbar manufacturers guidelines) it will do it's job and stop the trailer. If it wreaks your vehicles bodywork then so be it.
  12. Hello, First post so be gentle I am hoping to take this ferry at the end of July for the first ever venture to France with our caravan. I've researched a few things like staying at Poole terminal on the way out and return due to timings and travel distance which will be useful. Fold your mirrors in and maybe remove rear steady pads. My questions are this: I am extremely paranoid about the car/caravan getting damaged by other cars doors etc on the crossing (to the point where I may take the tunnel and have a very long drive to the site) After all they are
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