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  1. Akebar near Bedale might fit the bill, stayed there a couple of years ago and it is Kid and Dog friendly with a lovely pub by the entrance.
  2. I guess at the moment we should all be registered in that section 🤣
  3. What a good idea Ian. Wife and I hate putting it on the caravan at the beginning of the season with the canopy out of the bag. What did you use to open the awning rail neatly? Both wife and I are short and have the large version so we always carry a small set of Beldray steps to assist. Cheers Tom
  4. Oh Dear, We managed to stop all the numpties who thought it was ok to drive a couple of hours to park and then walk for 5-6 hours up Snowden or wherever. Hardly any social distancing. Potential for Road accidents requiring the emergency services or hospital stays out of your own area. Injured whilst exercising? The list of potential hazards requiring intervention by the already stretched NHS. Articles like this from the police give people the chance to bend the rules to suit themselves. The government need to be firm and state what Lockdown enta
  5. Hi Roger, Also check the manufacture date on the tyre. When I changed recently on our Unicorn 2 Cadiz I was offered tyres that were over 3 years old! They must have been kicking around a tyre store for all that time. The month and year is stamped on the tyre sidewall. The tyre fitter will argue that it is a new tyre but imagine the possible hassle 4 years down the road if you have a tyre related accident. The insurance company would check the date and could be awkward? I eventually tracked down a pair at a tyre depot within a date in the last
  6. I have had 3 cars fitted by Halfords Freelander, Evoque and Merc SLC. No problem at all and after you take the kit cost into consideration the cost to fit £10. I guess if you have a standalone rear facing camera then you will need 2 kits and 2 fitting charges. I will definitely use them again.
  7. We tow with a Range Rover Evoque 2.0 ingenium diesel engine. Find it tows better than the Freelander 2 it replaced and the auto box copes perfectly well with our Bailey Unicorn Cadiz. Agree there is less room than the Disco sport in the back but not a problem for us. Both the Disco sport and the Ewok can suffer from oil dilution with the new euro 6 engine so if the tow car is only used for short runs when not towing that could be an issue. Cheers Tom
  8. Currently using my iPhone 6s as my main phone and tethering to the Vans smart tv. On a 10 day trip to Scotland and the Lakes I used up 30gb and had no issues at Edinburgh, Bunree and Troutbeck head CMC sites. I use Smarty on the 3 network and they are currently offering unlimited Data, calls and texts for £18.75 on a one month rolling contract, so if you don't get on with it you can leave with a months notice. It is great knowing that you can't run out of Data no matter how many movies you download. Regards Tom
  9. Prior to our recent trip to Scotland and a stop at Troutbeck head on the return I moved my mobile phone to a sim only deal with Smarty. £25 a month on a 1 month contract. Unlimited calls texts and data with no restrictions. I was pleased to find that coverage at the CMC campsites at Edinburgh , Bunree and Troutbeck allowed us to stream films via Netflicks and you tube. and watch BBC I player with only the occasional buffering. Smarty use the 3 network. I did consider Giff Gaff but they throttle your data speed when you exceed 20gb in the month so no go
  10. Sorry to hijack this thread. I have used the Tyrepal system for the first time this week. The system seems to be working finer although setup is a bit fiddly. The tyre pressure for my Bailey Cadiz 2 is 60 psi and I am now running brand new Firestone Vanhawk tyres with the correct size and load index. I therefore set the low pressure warning at 55psi and the high pressure to 65psi which is the max inflation weight for the tyre. I appreciate that the pressure increases when the tyre gets warm but it didn't take long for the Tyrepal to a
  11. I have had Tyres on The Drive out twice recently to replace my tyres. First time they brought Bridgestones manufactured in week 39 of 2016! which I rejected. They promised to source more recently made tyres and came back with week 40 of 2016. Now I know they are still NEW tyres but you have no idea how or where they have been stored over 2.5 years so if changing every 5 years as recommended you will be looking to change again in 2.5 years. Having to chase for a refund now!
  12. Powertouch will come out and fit a new actuator in or out of warranty. If out the cost is approx £150 fitted. They did one for me last year.
  13. Had to have a new clutch and DMF fitted this week at 37k miles. My fault as I cooked it reversing uphill onto a pitch at Wheathill Shropshire last month. The motor mover wouldn't work! Car was left with a nasty judder. Also got the dreaded Reduced traction warning last week so had the Haldex unit stripped down whilst having the clutch changed. The garage commented on how much debris and cr*p was in the Haldex oil. Thankfully a flush and new oil and filter seems to have done the trick. They did comment that the Auto gearbox is better for towing than the Manual. We have
  14. 2013 TDi GS No problem towing our Unicorn Cadiz Only get around 25 mpg towing with the cruise set at 60 on the GPS on the motorway with the odd overtake. Very stable
  15. Hi Bradley, Yep I ordered both and tried them. I now have a spare if I ever change my van. ....lol
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