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  1. Hi all I use a 2006 Honda CR-V with rear door mounted spare my hitch is also so just purchased the removeable 4x4 handle does it work any tips fed up with taking wheel off
  2. Hi wispmam It's the awning size that confuses me I've looked on the internet and it's says a 906 size but then some awnings are size 14 etc so that's where the confusion lies with me
  3. Hi all hope you had a good Easter Can someone tell me which awning suits my swift challenger 480 2006 model not fussed about an airframe just want a good awning that protects against drafts etc
  4. Hi everyone Anyone know if it's possible to download an instruction manual for a Smev 3 burner hob Regards Mark
  5. Hi everyone can you help I have a Lunar chateaux 400 with a 3 ring Smev gas hob. However the 3rd ring (L/H side does not work you can even hear the gas coming through). The other two do work fine can anyone suggest what the problem is. Also should it light with a push button piezo as it doesn't seem to and there is only a button at the separate grill Cheers Mark
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