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  1. Main reason for collection is to use it while renovating bungalow we are moving into early November. But thanks to all for your input with really interesting info.
  2. i was wondering what the rules were regarding fetching my repaired van back from shrewsbury to wolverhampton during covid restrictions. We are in tier two at present but would not be surprised if that changed upwards. Any thoughts. ?
  3. Hi, i seem to spend more time buying replacement 13 pin towing socket rubber boots than i care to mention. Now matter how well they seem to fit i always lose them. Can any one recommend a good one or should i start wiring a replacement on with wire or cable tie. Cheers. William.
  4. Hi folks, don,t know if this has already been posted. Got a call from my dealer today announcing they are now closed until further notice. Salop Caravans Shrewsbury.
  5. Unfortunately I bumped my 2018 conqueror whilst moving it into a tight storage site. caught the osr and nsf corners as well as the ns side window. Putting it through my insurance for repair. My nearest dealer (salop leisure ) have told me they cannot look at it for the insurance estimate till the 31st of the month and then I have to take it away and it could be up to 6 weeks for parts to come in. Any one know of a quicker alternative. Thanks .
  6. Is it possible to change the fluid yourself. If so how. My dealer (Salop Leisure) quote £235. Aws engineer £135. Guess who wins. Dealer says change to red at 2 years. Aws engineer says test it and if ok change at 3 years.
  7. Hi, I would like to bring the battery supply cables and the motor mover cables into the van from the battery compartment and just have single pos and neg cables in the battery box. I will be using two single henly blocks to connect everything in the van under the seat next to the fuse board. I need to know the size of the supply leads from the battery to the fuse box. Any ideas anyone. Thanks in advance. William.
  8. Email from sergant electrics today. They reckon the alarm has to be going for minimum of 30 seconds before phone activates. Didn,t need to when I first got the van. I now need to try it and drive the neighbours silly.
  9. If it,s the same as mine only held on with a couple of screws and a bit of silicone. Doddle, no need for dealer.
  10. I caught my swift offside rear one on holiday . Just got a new one for £1.20 from my dealer. Salop leisure. Just removed old one and part number was on back.
  11. Hi all, can anyone help with this?. When I first got my 2018 conqueror 565 at the end of August this year, I set off the alarm a couple of times by accident. On each occasion I got an email and text notification of an alarm event. But lately if I trigger the alarm I get no notification. Question. Could it be that the previous owner had activated the tracker option and when I got the van it was still current and has now expired?. And have I just answered my own query.
  12. This may prove a useful tip for swift owners but may apply to others?. On my 2018 conqueror 565 I decided to remove the rear led road light units to clean all the cruddy muck that had accumulated around where they fit to the bodywork. Problem I found was on refitting the screws one of the silly rubber bungs that the screws tighten into popped in to the body to be lost forever. What a stupid idea. Solution, drill out the hole and screw in a plastic driva fitting. (the type you use in plasterboard). Hey presto, a solid fit and the screws fit nice and securely. Hope this prov
  13. Hi, I am off to France next month. I tow with a 2012 Freelander 2 which does not have the later option of altering the dipped beam for abroad. I have bought the AA approved pear drop shaped stick on deflectors but unsure exactly where they go on the headlight in front of the dipped beam. Instruction leaflet a bit vague. Do I fit the whole sticker or just the round section. Any help appreciated.
  14. Thanks folks for your replies. I did not realise there were four pads and not two. Are the two I missed easily seen and removed if possible. In answer to the tow bar catching, as I say it only happens when the stabaliser is operated and not otherwise.
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