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  1. Sorry for the delay in response. I did reply yesterday but it seems to of got lost. Give the people at Isabella a call re the sizing query. When we purchased ours from a dealer, Isabella phoned me just to check I was ordering the right size for our awning. Ours was a 3.9m. As to the cost, if you shop around there are some interest free deals to be had with up to 10 monthly instalments. That's what I did with ours. (Glossop Awnings). Re the pooling of water, we have had in the past numerous canopies on different vans, they all pooled including the shadow except the Eclipse, it really is a good bit of kit and so versatile, looked after it will last you years.
  2. No you cant fix the shadow to an awning. We have a Ventura Marlin Porch and the Eclipse. Its the Eclipse you need, its also a lot more stable than the Shadow, If you you tube "Eclipse on a Magnum", you should see the video of Steve Biggs from Isabella showing you how the Eclipse fits. As the Shadow only has legs and not cross members it wont work.
  3. Sorry my mistake. I meant they just had a basic licence.
  4. Having travelled the M5 on what was probably the busiest week end of the year so far, I was horrified by the amount of towing vehicles:- 1) Going much too fast (when the roads were flowing) lol. 2) I counted 14 vehicles towing or large motorhomes in the outside lane of the M5 between J16 and J23. I spoke to two families who had hired motorhomes for the week (reputable company). Both of them were over 3.5 Tonnes, neither driver had B+E on their licence. Weren't bothered when I explained that they shouldn't be driving them. Claimed a "friend" had lent them the rigs. Neither family had a clue when it came to how anything worked. One guy was even seen emptying his toilet cassette down the grey water drain on his pitch, this was when the contents were overflowing out of the access door. Totally oblivious to any rules/etiquette. The owner of the site spoke to them on at least 5 separate occasions regarding their behaviour/noise etc. Didn't make a blind bit of difference. One guy locked himself out one night and broke one of the windows to get in it. When you have got incidents like this, I can only hope Karma catches up with them. So unless legislation is brought in I don't see how you stop this. There will always be unscrupulous dealers/hirers etc profiteering from this staycation boom.
  5. Its been mentioned south of Bristol and J27 Tiverton but dont know if thats just rumour.
  6. Just seen on another forum that the DVSA will be out in force this week end checking vans and trailers. Do your checks people and stay safe especially the newbies. Better to be late in this world then early in the next.
  7. We have a Ventura Marlin (out of the same stable as Isabella) good quality but not the hefty price of Isabella. This is its third year now and still looks like new, For longer breaks we have a full Walker awning. Tried an air awning and didnt like it, only looked good if you had a perfectly level pitch and the weather was fine, otherwise you had gaps if you werent level and it leaked like a sieve if it rained, and dripped condensation when it didnt rain.
  8. We bought one late last year (Isabela Ventus). So have only used it once (on grass). As with all Isabella products, it looks stylish and does what its supposed to do. Bought ours to give us some shelter under a Isabella Eclipse sun canopy. Would I buy again? Yes definitely. Would I have used el cheapo ones ? No never. If you can afford it, go for it. YOLO.
  9. Here is the response we had from Whale when we had the same problem. It worked for us, there was some grit stuck in the system. Attached is the exploded view of the socket, check the return valve for debris/damage if water leaking from the socket. To check the microswitch or IC controller: At the socket take a photo of the wiring from left to right on the IC controller Remove the wires Remove IC controller Switch on pump at panel Connect left wire to left connector on the socket middle wire to middle connector Pump should not be running Open the Kitchen tap at the cold side With the flat end of a pen gently push the plunger into the spriggit on the socket You should hear a click and pump will start running Release the plunger and pump should stop working. If the pump didn’t stop when the plunger is released a microswitch will need replaced Link below shows trouble shooting ideas for the pump and diagnostic codes for the IC controller. https://www.whalepumps.com/rv/siteFiles/resources/docs/resource-library/180.156_v4_0616_ah_db.pdf
  10. Thanks Martin, yes tried a master switch reset, no change. Will contact dealer tomorrow.
  11. Good morning all, We have a 2020 Coachman Avocet 575 and yesterday when I turned (touch switch) on one of the Led strip lights I got a static shock. (not unusual for me). The light came on and was fine, however we couldn't then turn the light off. My question is how are these fitted to the underneath of cupboards? Are they just stuck on? I presume they are easy to change?
  12. From reading the above post there seems to of been some guidance issued by the govt. Please take a look at the Fakenham racecourse caravan site that says on 25th March they were informed that they are permitted to open toilets and showers from 12th April. They do not stipulate any other conditions as mentioned above. I can find no press release on Gov.uk
  13. The same thing happened to us, the lid didn't break but got a dent in the fridge door. We put a turnbuckle on the edge of the lid and this has stopped it sliding forward again. Doesn't seem to matter how you tighten the screws you can still pull the thing out, the same happens with the glass sink cover but as this sits in a recess hasn't caused any problems yet.
  14. We have the same van a 2020 model and ours is a 22" we have it square on the shelf. That way the right edge butts up to the plug and aerial sockets and hides the wires. This leaves you space on the outside wall to put other things without obscuring the picture. We put the biscuit barrel and a kitchen roll stand there. You could get a much bigger one on the shelf if you put the TV on the angle. Hope this helps.
  15. We were with My Insurance until we purchased a new van in March. We had been with them for about 8 years. They insisted we used a Al KO lock on the new van. We are not able to use one (whether its on a new van or any van for that matter) so we changed to Towergate and they accepted our security arrangements without hassle. It was cheaper as well, so win win.
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