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  1. Late to this party - but as a happy 2016 Palermo owner - I like the cutlery drawer as its near the door to lay the table outside! have three comments about the fridge (the door opening never bothered me): 1. You can't keep stuff in the door usefully if you use the freezer compartment (we take ours out) 2. The first hot day before the caravan was used, the glue behind the sticker (which wasn't removed) on the fridge melted and now we have a large annoying mark) 3. The interior fridge LED light is blue and can't be changed without invalidating the warranty. Its too dim and you can't see what the food looks like due to the blue tint! Otherwise other niggles - noisy fan on battery charger keeps me awake at night and the water pump continually oscillates no matter what the pressure switch adjustment is set to. (A dealer says he has a solution for this and I will report back).
  2. Thanks for the replies all. I might be being very fussy about the noise. However the battery was replaced this year and seems fine. Not tested the current load, , but can't see where it is all going if it is. Battery holds charge fine (13. 6 when maintaining, 12. 5 when not.). Back home now - probably will not be able to work it out until next trip.
  3. The MSC pressure switch is apparently fitted as standard to Bailey caravans but it doesn't appear to take care of voltage fluctuations. If I remember to switch the pump off then I get moaned at in the night by children (and SWMBO) that they can't wash their hands after going to the loo in the night. I can't win.
  4. It was noisy from new. Sounds like normal fan noise, but being in a cupboard amplifies it more.
  5. This is a niggle and I wonder if anyone has a solution. We are on mains hookup and as many of us know the whale water pressure switch is sensitive to voltage fluctuations. You have a choice - either adjust it to 13. 5v when on mains charger or 12. 5v when on battery. You'd think that this was easy BUT the battery charger keeps me awake at night with its noisy fan. Therefore I switch it off at the MDU. However during the night the charge on the battery falls and then very very early in the morning when I am still asleep the water pump starts clicking (right under my head of course). Has anyone else noticed this issue?
  6. Currently on holiday in France - I am always staggered at the shabbiness of other (continentals) power arrangements. I have had to complain about a next door Swiss tent using a travel adaptor into two core lighting cable and then another thin extension lead with a non water tight connector in long (wet) grass. All Brits I have seen are much more sensible.
  7. Now this leads to another issue. What with the French sticker, this new-to-me German one, the Swiss motorway vignette, residents parking sticker for home. .. . .. the windscreen is getting cluttered. Reminds me of the old French stickers for several years festooned around an old Renault 5!
  8. I had exactly this on my new Bailey last year. I thought it was me at first but after investigation discovered that it just slowly unwinds when traveling. Solution was to simply wind it up harder where you can feel a sort of notch. I also now clamp it with the wheel against the a-frame for extra peace of mind. Much easier with a nice new replacement pneumatic jockey wheel. (Better on grass too)
  9. We have always hired a fridge from our campsite in the Dordogne. We need it for beer/wine and keeping ice creams from the supermarket! However last year on our three week stay the fridge cost Euro 174 to hire. Not booked one this year - will be heading out to Monsieur Curry's for one costing about Euro 125. Haven't worked out how to get it home yet, but should fit in the boot of the Disco with the satellite dishes.
  10. Yes - thank you for confirming this. My original point was that having to get out of the car and press the call button is a pain in the wotsit and the cars behind all beep their horns becuase they think I am in the wrong lane!
  11. Yes this pretty much sums it up. With the bikes on the car the total height is about 3. 25m and clearly I am stopped as an unauthorised class 4. Problem is that manned booths if there are any often have longer queues! Hence the intercom use! I think our weight is also over 3. 5 with a total of four axles so not unreasonably the system thinks we are class 4! I wonder if anyone else with large outfits has noticed this issue? I still love the Liber-T tags though!
  12. It's not a job I enjoy but with a bit of help supporting the wheels as I climb it can be done. They are mountain bikes and heavy too. I am six foot and reasonably fit and in my forties.
  13. Yes this is the conclusion that I came to. The Discovery is already tall before bikes are on top and with four of them I expect the sensors can't see through.
  14. Okay, just to clarify my point, but with my landrover discovery 4 (with four bikes on top) and a long twin axle caravan, the sensors detect me as Class 4 which is twice as much as I should be charged. Even though it has detected the tag it won't open the barrier because presumably my SANEF account won't pre-authorise the higher class. The barrier opens no problem on an entry to the system, but when the car is with bikes and caravan, i get this problem consistently. The operators seem to understand when I grumble and open the barrier and reduce the fee!
  15. Reading this with interest. I recently posted this in another thread: Lord Sward, on 11 Jul 2017 - 9:10 PM, said: . ..I've got a SANEF toll tag . .. I've got one as well and its brilliant. Only problem is that if have something on the roof of the car and a long van, the sensors can't detect you as the correct type of vehicle and the barriers don't always open up! Not nice if you are in one of the slow down to 30KMH lanes! Bit of a b8gger when you are on your own and you have to get out on a noisy motorway and shout in pigeon french to the operator via the intercom!
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