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  1. Is it plugged in? mine is plugged into a socket under the bed locker, maybe someone unplugged it without realising?
  2. Have you checked the fuses?
  3. As said about, look for the consumer unit to check that all trip switches are on and also check that the fridge is actually plugged into the socket (usually screwed to the floor under a locker) and switched on
  4. Is there a selector switch on the fridge for gas, mains or battery?
  5. See if you have any luck here. ........ http://www. whattowcar. com/basic_index. php By the sounds of it the Rover should easily tow it
  6. My receiver uses the red, yellow and white RG sockets to connect to the TV but not sure if the new slimline one in the link above only has scart connectors or not.
  7. Yup I've got the exact same kit and it's excellent, I did get a different sat finder gauge though as the one that came with the kit had a series of led's and I prefer a needle gauge. I clamp my dish to a pole mounted on the jocky wheel, set up takes about 10 mins now I've got it down to a fine art
  8. Which one are you looking for? http://www. isabella. net/uk/spareparts/isabella-spareparts-page4. html
  9. If's it's this one then it looks immaculate and is a very good advert, have a look at it in the flesh first though and make sure it has been serviced annually since new to keep up the warranty - damp recording reports should be with the service history
  10. As Tony says, selector switch to battery symbol, temperature switch on max
  11. According to google your awning size is 925cm - The Dorema website shows 925cm as either size 11 or 12 http://www. dorema. co. uk/dealerinformation. php which according to their sizing is a 6. 0m x 2. 4m carpet http://www. dorema. co. uk/starlonawningcarpet. php
  12. As said, a mains supply is required to work the sockets - the lights and fan on my heater work on 12v but the heater itself is either 240v or gas
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