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  1. Was still catching the wood down the left hand side with legs wound up
  2. Will do moving to another site today so will try but it's not as bad first thing in the morning when the heating hasn't been on Thankyou
  3. Went out on our first run with the new unicorn vigo s3 and when we open the fridge door it rubs against the wooden trim. when the caravan is hot inside it gets worse. has anyone else had the same problem and is it a easy fix Cheers
  4. Hi i am thinking of mounting a small tv on the rear bedroom corner upper cupboard was just wondering if anyone has tried it. By the look of it i would say a 18" tv and a slimline bracket would work and still let to open the upper cupboard any thoughts or has anyone already done this? Thank you in advance
  5. will check the locker over the bed when I pick it up on Wednesday we've had plenty of rain in the last two days so fingers crossed it hasn't got a leak from new
  6. Any one know if the new modified roof seal strip is wider than the original and if so how wide in mm is it so I can check mine when I pick my brand new unicorn vigo up on wednesday Cheers
  7. if i set mine when i get it to 2kw elec plus gas and electricity as first call will it actual use much gas or would you say it would only use gas for start up. only running my van on 1 gas cylinder so dont want to get caught short
  8. where do i set the pump thanks good tip our van is on our drive makes sence
  9. so do you start up on elec 2kw and full on gas at the same time on a 16amp site then switch back to elec 2kw only when the van is warm.
  10. hi all will be picking my new van up a week today and going away for 10 days the next day. i have never had alde heating so all tips would be great. ie. start up settings winter/summer(kw)(deg c), when up to temp what setting(kw)(deg c),electric or gas or both no idea at all. thanks in advance.
  11. Not according to bailey this come from there customer service department
  12. Had a talk at the nec they said fit both on electric under 8c but only ever fit 1 on gas Ordered 2 from bailey with 10% off for being in the bailey owners club
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