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  1. Note to self, must read posts properly before replying. I still think 50" sounds big, even for a static.
  2. I would of thought 50" is way over the top for a caravan.
  3. Is there such a thing as a factory fitted tow bar? I thought fitting is arranged by the dealer, using a local fitter. Buying a car without a tow bar means the chances that you are buying a car that hasn't had to work hard towing. Having a tow bar fitted by an independent fitter won't mean you get a "less integrated" unit. You can specify that you want vehicle specific electrics. The tow bar itself will be type approved and quite possibly exactly the same as the "factory fitted" one. The only downside to buying a car without a tow bar is that it will cost you.
  4. This guy is based in Cwmbran and used by a lot of people at the storage site I use in Cardiff https://daecaravan.services
  5. I read it as the car has done 120k, not that he had the belt done a 120k
  6. Which caravan make, model and year is it? A photo might help. As others have said, it sounds like an earth fault.
  7. Lots of people do it. It's never appealed to me though, I like to visit different places.
  8. My wife and I did the Camping and Caravanning Club course years ago. It was well worthwhile. It not only covered hitching up and manoeuvring but loading the van properly. Everyone got a chance to do everything and to watch others doing it. If you are new to caravanning then I'd highly recommend it.
  9. If you are filling an onboard tank do you need someone inside the caravan to keep an eye on the level and shout when it is full? By using the meter on this gadget you can eliminate the shouting.
  10. I have an aversion to sites that have wardens. Prisons have wardens, places that I go on holiday shouldn't have wardens.
  11. I think it's just an observation (the clue is in the thread title) from someone used to CS/CLs about how different a commercial site is.
  12. Isn't the bin on the door a generic Hartal one?
  13. I was suggesting that the losses would have been covered by your insurer, without any stress.
  14. Shouldn't this situation be covered by your holiday insurance?
  15. I think @WispMan is asking a rhetorical question of caravan manufacturers in general rather than anything specific to a van mentioned in this thread.
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