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  1. We had a power cut on our estate earlier in the week. About 800 houses were off for until mid evening but about 120 were off until the morning of the following day. I know at least two people that have BEV’s in the badly effected area and noticed they were both still on the drive when I walked to get my paper the following morning.
  2. Scribed lines on the top of the mirror surround to show exactly where to fit the clamps. Means I can usually refit the mirrors without any adjustment.
  3. Just wondering what the comparative figures are from Sweden. Several years ago I used to visit for work on a regular basis and got driven to sites all over the country by my opposite numbers. Impression I got then was that most people tried to keep to the limit (close to but not zero). However when drivers were involved in accidents they tended to be massively over the limit.
  4. Problem is that lots of other things also effect your ability to drive so where do you stop. Tranquillisers, antidepressants, a heavy cold, a heavy meal, lack of sleep. Like one of the previous posters there were a couple of people I worked with that I wouldn’t travel in a car with. How do you cope with them. Best idea would seem to be wait till the effects of the reduction in the limit in Scotland have been researched and then decide if a reduction in the limit would be worthwhile in the rest of the UK
  5. Do believe that in many countries that appear to have a lower limit there is a two stage system. Exceed the limit and you get a fine. Exceed a higher limit and you get points or loose your licence. As it happens friends in the police tell me that driving under the influence of prescription or illegal drugs has become a far greater problem.
  6. As far as I know it's just blood alcohol and drugs. If you are on any sort of medication you have to disclose it at the time of the test to avoid false positives
  7. As far as I know Rail Industry use a blood test not a breath test kit Interested to know if you think the same about any form of medication that can cause problems even paracetamol in large but prescribed doses
  8. Think the problem is that with reversed polarity you can still have power to the appliance even if the fuse blows. Shouldn’t be a problem unless you are going to delve inside the item but it’s a possibility. And yes it has happened to me although not in a caravan.
  9. Years ago ran various soft top cars even in winter and was used to ice in the inside of the screen in bad weather. Ended up with a mains fan heater in the car connected to a socket in the car port. Got up, went out and switched socket on, went in and had breakfast. Came out and windows were clear and car warm. But you did have to remember to unplug it before you drove away !!!
  10. Looks OK and actually quite cheap, perfect if you are only doing jobs occasionally. Have bought tools for all of the connectors mentioned over the years and probably spent close to £200 on them in total and that’s for a amateur use.
  11. Spend the £17. If you buy reasonable tools you’ll have them for ever and the cost isn’t that great when you consider the time taken when a job goes wrong because of poor quality. For your uninsulated terminals for the heaterI’d consider soldering them rather than depend one the wire stripper/crimp tool you have.
  12. Sorry, didn’t mean to be abrupt IPad was down to 1%
  13. Not checked but there is a British (euro) standard for crimped joints so there probably is something on metal thicknesses etc. Billons of these crimps are used in commercial electrical installations worldwide, you can even use them on mains voltages in domestic installations. Only real discussion is whether you should use them with solid core cables like twin and earth but even this isn’t prohibited. As your crimp pliers seem to be a bit unusual in regards to the colour marking, usually Red, Blue, Yellow it might be worth checking all three types
  14. I'm glad you finally got this sorted out but sorry to say you are wrong on the statement above. crimp terminals are produced to a specification and with the exception of some poor quality items (probably from china) should always perform the same way. Some years ago whilst between jobs I worked in the purchasing dept of a major UK electrical wholesalers. Items like crimp terminals were bought on a commodity basis sometimes with manufacturers changing month by month depending on the price and supply situation. Usually the items going out to branches could be coming in from two or more wholesalers/manufacturers at the same time. I'm also not aware of any manufacturers of crimping tools who actually produced this type of crimp terminals themselves. Larger high current terminals yes but not the Red,Blue,Yellow variety.
  15. Try looking at a company called “12v Planet”. They specialise in auto electrical and similar equipment. Lots of helpful info on the site as well
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