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  1. Eirrab

    I’ve seen a dandy designer camper

    The car should be more than capable. I’ve towed a couple of Dandy units in the past including trips to Ireland and the North of Scotland. You may have to use the gears a bit that’s all. Stability should be OK as trailer tents aren’t as tall as caravans so passing vehicles have hardly any effect. I wouldn’t be worried about condensation and Dandy’s tend to be a bit warmer than most trailer tents. Strongly agree about contacting the Dandy forum, they should be able to give you lots of good advice. Not made any longer but Riva Leisure can supply pretty much all the spares and can even rebuild Themis needed.
  2. Eirrab

    welcome, did you do your homework?

    Belong to a number of forums and one thing I do notice is that there are a number of questions that get asked time and time again. On occasion you even see two similar threads open on the page at the same time. There does seem to be an attitude whereby questioners ask first without bothering to use the search function to see if the question has already been answered.
  3. Eirrab

    Cruise Control

    On mine (VAG) it appears to be engine revs not actual speed although I’ve not tried it at speeds below about 20mph
  4. Hi Has anybody experienced a battery box coming open whilst travelling and the battery sliding out and hitting the road. Battery should be held in place with a strap but the brackets holding the strap to the box appear to have failed. Fortunately the battery was lost on a fairly quiet piece of road and didn’t hit any following cars. Equally fortunately battery wasn’t connected so the leads weren’t pulled out. Will have to find a better way of securing the battery but am interested to know if this was a one off or whether anybody else has experienced anything similar
  5. Eirrab

    Car Lease

    Does mean there are loads of very good 2 & 3 year old low mileage cars around for those of us who aren't bothered about having the latest registration
  6. Eirrab

    Volvo Stop Internal Combustion Engines

    Also have to look at the spec carefully as in the past these have often been very different particularly in regards to engine size and power although that might not be the same with electric cars. Still not had any answers as to whether anybody has ever seen a charging point that can be used by vehicles towing
  7. Eirrab

    Volvo Stop Internal Combustion Engines

    Having worked in the industry you usually find that for comparable vehicles it's Pound for Dollar not at a conversion rate
  8. Eirrab

    Volvo Stop Internal Combustion Engines

    Running out of fuel . . Well your breakdown recovery guy will charge you a tidy sum to bring a gallon of fuel to you and isn't it illegal now to run out of diesel petrol on motorways with points issued. . Luckily with the technology on EV's you should run a battery flat on a journey with its instant range calculations and guidance systems and only a fool would run dry on power. What happens when the next motorway turn off gets closed because of an accident, the exit to the service station is closed for the same reason or you end up in a two hour tailback on a freezing cold night. All of these have happened to me in the last three years and in the case of the junction being closed it meant a 35 mile detour. I'd also guess that having a gallon of fuel brought out costs a lot less than having to have your dead electric vehicle recovered.
  9. Eirrab

    Volvo Stop Internal Combustion Engines

    On the subject of charging points has anybody ever seen one that can be used with a trailer/caravan hitched up. All the ones I've seen are for cars only. Don't really fancy having to unhitch and leave the van some distance away even if there is space available. As motorway service stations etc are generally lousy at providing spaces for caravans/trailers anyway I can't see them rushing to fit suitable charging points. As an aside a friend who works for a large electrical power contractor tells me that service stations could probably only install fast chargers for about 10% of their parking places as they don't have the power available. New substations and cabling required !
  10. Eirrab

    Alternator Output

    Hi I was more concerned about what might happen if you put xs voltage onto the fridge and whether the internal wiring could handle the higher current available. ( Only matters if you do have decent cabling - in my case 4. 5mm squared cable in car and van and bespoke plug/socket )
  11. Eirrab

    Alternator Output

    Agreed and that's the way I've always done it but some of the systems will apparently produce much more than 14. 7 volts when using regenerative braking to charge the battery and I don't know if existing designs of fridges will cope with this
  12. Eirrab

    Alternator Output

    Hi Some very good explanations of the way smart alternators work on a website entitled Caravan Chronicles (I have no connections with this site!) Also from contacts in the trade I'm led to believe that even fitting a bespoke wiring kit and having the car recoded won't in many cases cure the problem with variable voltage outputs. Problem is that many manufacturers don't really consider the needs of caravaners as they only make up a small % of the sales. You can fit battery to battery chargers which provide a stabilised voltage to the fridge/battery etc but these seem quite costly at the moment so don't know what the solution is.
  13. Eirrab

    Horizontal Or Vertical?

    Lots of good advice but if you don't mind spending a few pounds look for a booklet called "television viewers guide" on the internet. Comes out yearly and really intended for domestic use but it has masses of information on everything you can think of connected to TV, Aerials, connecting leads, setting up Satellite systems, Internet TV and all the various dongles like Chromecastt. All written for the layman. Also lists all the transmitter locations with channel numbers, aerial polarisation and map references etc including Local TV and Irish TV stations. Do a lot of trips up to the Highlands and sometimes it's let us get good reception when the "postcode info" from the net hasn't worked. Came across it several years ago and buy it every year as it's a pretty good guide to what's new in TV etc without buying magazines or talking to salesmen
  14. Eirrab

    Electric Vehicle Emissions

    From what I see from friends who have green tariffs the main point seems to be to give them a feeling of righteousness. Calculations I've seen also suggest that in some areas the existing supply network couldn't cope if more than about 20% of drivers switched to EV's However we're rather getting away from the original question about EV emissions and so far I've not seen any analysis of total lifetime costs including battery reclamation/disposal that look totally reliable.