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  1. Many thanks for all the replies. Battery has been well looked after whilst I've had it, never taken below about 50% and I use a CTek charger on a regular basis, especially after longish trips. Difficulty is that the camper was a year old when I bought it and I don't know what state it was in when I got it. Present battery is a fairly tight fit so I know not to go for anything bigger. Have downloaded lists of recommended batteries from the NCC website and will spend some time ringing around although Tayna is top of the list as I've dealt with them before (Classic Cars).
  2. Hi Battery has just gone down on one cell so needs replacing. Moderate use off electric hook up and fitted with motor movers. Any recommendations as to best brands at the moment.
  3. A very good table on the Caravan Chronicles website
  4. You might know it as beading. It’s used on pretty much all awnings although it’s sometimes splits Kedar.
  5. Hi Can anybody tell me how Keder strip is measured. Just bought some listed as 6mm but checking it with a vernier it comes out as 8mm. Also have some “shotgun” profile strip which will accept an 8.5mm drill but came with an awning where the mfr says has 6mm beading.
  6. Thanks very much for the replies. Will use the jigsaw as suggested with a fine blade. For info you use a downcutting blade when you are cutting things like laminated flooring and want a splinter free finish on the top surface.
  7. It's an aluminium sandwich with what looks like polystyrene sheet insulation inbetween about 25mm thickness in total and need to take it out in one piece to use the infill in the door.
  8. Hi Need to fit an additional locker door and will probably be using a jigsaw to cut the hole in the outside of the van. Any recommendations as to the best type of blades to use. Cutting on the downstroke or the upstroke.
  9. Another one for this site. (SatNav Upgrade . Com). Car is a Seat but has an Audi Sat Nav. Always buy last years cd , never more than about £25. Originally I was a bit wary as there were comments on the Net saying that these CD's could damage your system but never had any problems
  10. The car should be more than capable. I’ve towed a couple of Dandy units in the past including trips to Ireland and the North of Scotland. You may have to use the gears a bit that’s all. Stability should be OK as trailer tents aren’t as tall as caravans so passing vehicles have hardly any effect. I wouldn’t be worried about condensation and Dandy’s tend to be a bit warmer than most trailer tents. Strongly agree about contacting the Dandy forum, they should be able to give you lots of good advice. Not made any longer but Riva Leisure can supply pretty much all the spares and can even rebuild Themis needed.
  11. Belong to a number of forums and one thing I do notice is that there are a number of questions that get asked time and time again. On occasion you even see two similar threads open on the page at the same time. There does seem to be an attitude whereby questioners ask first without bothering to use the search function to see if the question has already been answered.
  12. On mine (VAG) it appears to be engine revs not actual speed although I’ve not tried it at speeds below about 20mph
  13. Hi Has anybody experienced a battery box coming open whilst travelling and the battery sliding out and hitting the road. Battery should be held in place with a strap but the brackets holding the strap to the box appear to have failed. Fortunately the battery was lost on a fairly quiet piece of road and didn’t hit any following cars. Equally fortunately battery wasn’t connected so the leads weren’t pulled out. Will have to find a better way of securing the battery but am interested to know if this was a one off or whether anybody else has experienced anything similar
  14. Eirrab

    Car Lease

    Does mean there are loads of very good 2 & 3 year old low mileage cars around for those of us who aren't bothered about having the latest registration
  15. Also have to look at the spec carefully as in the past these have often been very different particularly in regards to engine size and power although that might not be the same with electric cars. Still not had any answers as to whether anybody has ever seen a charging point that can be used by vehicles towing
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