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  1. If the caravan becomes separated and it pulls the electrics out it could cause a lot more problems and cost a lot more.
  2. Look for a firm callled 12v Planet on the net. Stock all sorts of cables, connectors etc as well as quite a lot of helpful information sheets.
  3. Thanks for the comments, will go ahead and wire it up this weekend. Micro switches and wiring are already there just not connected. Difficulty with the system seems to be that you can’t adjust the pressure switch so that it works both with hook up and without. Set it up so that it works and cuts out when on hook up and it doesn’t when on battery and vice versa.
  4. Hi Currently have a Whale system where the pump should cut off when the tap is closed. This doesn’t work all that well and closing the tap only shuts down the pump 50% of the time and I was thinking of wiring it through the taps built in micro switch as an alternative. Wires are easily accessible and it would be an easy job. Question is whether it should be wired through a relay as the wires look a bit thin for the power needed.
  5. Does the same thing happen if you try the crank on both sides ?
  6. Mine mine does have an aftermarket system but it does interface with the cars Canbus system and checks the trailer bulbs as soon as the 13 pin plug is connected. I.E before they are used. As an experiment I plugged in a 13 pin plug where none of the lighting circuits were wired up and it didn't recognise that a trailer was connected so it's checking that the bulbs are fitted. With a bulb failure on the trailer I get an audible warning and a display on the dash which tells me if it's indicators, brake or sidelights and front or back but not if it's car or trailer. As said before with any new car it's bst to take out a bulb on the trailer and check what happens.
  7. For background reading on problems with modern alternators and charging systems there are a couple of very good articles on the “Caravan Chronicles” website. Car manufacturers don’t really cater for anybody towing a van as it’s only a very small proportion of their sales. As for the problems with the lights it sounds as if the ECU hasn’t been recoded properly. Or there is actually a problem with the ECU itself, something I have come across before.
  8. SatNav in our Seat (VAG) frequently has a sulk if we ignore the instructions and refuses to do anything for several minutes. Makes it seem human.
  9. Many thanks for all the replies. Battery has been well looked after whilst I've had it, never taken below about 50% and I use a CTek charger on a regular basis, especially after longish trips. Difficulty is that the camper was a year old when I bought it and I don't know what state it was in when I got it. Present battery is a fairly tight fit so I know not to go for anything bigger. Have downloaded lists of recommended batteries from the NCC website and will spend some time ringing around although Tayna is top of the list as I've dealt with them before (Classic Cars).
  10. Hi Battery has just gone down on one cell so needs replacing. Moderate use off electric hook up and fitted with motor movers. Any recommendations as to best brands at the moment.
  11. A very good table on the Caravan Chronicles website
  12. You might know it as beading. It’s used on pretty much all awnings although it’s sometimes splits Kedar.
  13. Hi Can anybody tell me how Keder strip is measured. Just bought some listed as 6mm but checking it with a vernier it comes out as 8mm. Also have some “shotgun” profile strip which will accept an 8.5mm drill but came with an awning where the mfr says has 6mm beading.
  14. Thanks very much for the replies. Will use the jigsaw as suggested with a fine blade. For info you use a downcutting blade when you are cutting things like laminated flooring and want a splinter free finish on the top surface.
  15. It's an aluminium sandwich with what looks like polystyrene sheet insulation inbetween about 25mm thickness in total and need to take it out in one piece to use the infill in the door.
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