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  1. Update. Borrowed another set of mirrors and as suggested I can set the tension on them so that I can just move them to get the view right but they don't move in use. My original set seem far stiffer and either move or lock so may take them apart to see if there are any differences.
  2. Had an odd situation last week on site, gas to the cooker cut off as if the cylinder was empty, couple of pops and then nothing. Didn't think anything of it as we have two cylinders and a Gaslow manual switch over system so turned it off and turned the second cylinder on. Didn't try the cooker again for about 30 minutes as we brewed up with an electric kettle but it was fine when we did use it again. Anyway at home this weekend and went to take the "empty" cylinder out and it still appeared to have plenty of gas in it. Turned it back on and cooker works perfectly, weighed it later and it appears to have a couple of kg of gas in it Cylinders are both 4.5 Kg Butane and feed into a bulkhead regulator with the pigtails feeding up to the regulator and as far as I can tell by using a compressed air line all the pipework is clear. Didn't cause any problems but I'd rather it didn't happen again on a dark rainy night in the middle of a meal. Any ideas ?
  3. Just read the government info reached from the link in the first post and it mentions the restriction on trailers weighing less than the unladen wht of the tow car for drivers who passed their tests between 1997 and 2013. Thought this restriction had been scrapped years ago.
  4. Wonder what the situation would be for drivers over 70 where at present you need a 3 yearly medical for b+e. Could you introduce that for all drivers or or scrap it for b+e
  5. Try towing a low trailer rather than a caravan, it happens more often than you’d imagine and not just pedestrians. I’ve had a cyclist ride into the side of the trailer at a crossroads. He’d only seen the car and hadn’t noticed the long trailer behind it. Fortunately he was’t hurt but he did have a long walk home with a buckled wheel. (Police were quite amused as I insisted on calling them)
  6. Have taken it off once or twice when going on/off ferries but leave it on and tucked up into the A frame the rest of the time but always check that the bolt is fully tight.
  7. Have tried but 1/4 turn of the screw changes it from locked solid to loose. May try another set as others seem to manage it.
  8. Nope. When the screws are tight the mirrors are locked and don’t move. Maybe differences in manufacturing tolerances.
  9. Already have Milenco Aero’s and have lines scribed on the top of the mirror surrounds so the attachment fittings always go on in the same place but I find that when you tighten the screws on the back of the mirrors it moves the mirror.
  10. Problem I find is that the adjustment is too crude. Sit in the car, wife slackens the adjustment screw , moves the mirror to line it up so I can see properly. Then when she tightens the adjustment screw up it’s moved slightly
  11. Company I used to work for used to put all company car drivers on a one day refresher course every year. Interestingly middle aged drivers scored worse, followed by younger drivers with 55 plus drivers having the best scores. Interestingly one of the instructors had a theory that older drivers had grown up with cars that needed some understanding of how things worked rather than “point and go” and expect things to work, especially true of brakes. Agree completely with this. One of my younger relatives has just past the test after 5 years and about a dozen attempts. In reality he should never have a licence as he’s too easily distracted and can’t concentrate on what he’s doing but now he can now couple up a van and tow it.
  12. Getting back to the original question. Don’t know about caravans but from personal experience there are a lot more people on sites who have never camped before and from the questions I’ve been asked quite a few haven’t done any reading or research before setting out. Think the media are partly to blame in the way they’ve promoted camping/caravaning.
  13. Probably better if you have a small load on the battery when measuring the voltage. Gives a more accurate measure of the batteries condition than a simple no load voltage check.
  14. Incidentally neither myself nor my cousin were sent the forms in advance of our 70th and mine was before Covid. Both at the correct address and from what I hear from friends it isn’t uncommon.
  15. Stopped at Strensham a couple of weeks ago and DVLA were going over the vans in the car park. Interesting listening to some of the conversations whilst waiting for the wife ! Asked if he wanted to check mine but he said he’d looked it over and from appearance (mirrors/tyres/breakaway cable) he didn’t think he’d find anything. Asked how things were going and he reckoned they were finding something on about 50% of those they checked. Breakaway cable attachments, mirrors and licences being the majority
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