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  1. To dim them your need a kit. http://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/252134926430?_trksid=p2060353. m1438. l2649&var=550973854598&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  2. Will update especially for you! Good to see some people find interest in how others do things! Im always nosing at how other people modernise there vans.
  3. This is finished now. If anyone is interested i can update the thread?
  4. I'm dividing my bedroom from Kitchen/Living space in my tourer. I will make a thin frame/wall + a larder fridge/freeer door cut down to size to fit. This will then also match my B&Q fitted kitchen. Not "ideal" - But it will work, create privacy and tie in the theme of the van. Not sure if it's a route you can take, but just my 50p.
  5. I used "Colours" - White Silk Emulsion from B&Q. Whipes clean too.
  6. I was just agreeing about it being a blackout on the news. and how since the vote is happening there is NO news coverage. . But ultimately, they are coming here regardless.
  7. To keep the thread rolling. . First day i collected it; Interior Pictures; In all honesty. She was a perfectly useable old German van. Damp wise, i've been very fortunate as it was stored in a barn for 15 years of it's life in France before making it's voyage across the channel into the shores of England! - That doesn't allude me to the fact there probably is some, somewhere! The minute i got back from the 12 hour trip to collect her, i immediately begun the stripdown! Luckily, i'm a telephone engineer by trade, so have to deal occasionally with 240v sockets where i wire our systems to switchs etc. Gave me the confidence to get stuck in with the wiring. Will get a final check/certificate issued before i can move in onsite anyway!
  8. I went through Calais when visiting Disneyland in February LAST year. (It happened to be the day of the mass terror attacks in Paris with the motorway chase that went on over there) Anyway. We docked at about 11pm French time. Nobody bothered to check anything, straight of the boat and onto the port highways out to the main motorway. Once we got "out" the port you could quite clearly see figures at the roadside which i can only presume were waiting for lorries. I had to take an early junction, which resulted in a red light. - I could see people in bushes to my passenger side where my girlfriend was sat and they tried to approach the car. I just went straight through the red, and continued my journey! Thankfully, on the end return i reached Calais about 9pm and with no isues! But its worrying, and funny how since the Referendum is up for debate they have stopped reporting about the happenings. . Watch day 1 after we most likely "remain" and it will suddenly return to news no doubt!
  9. Intentions on siting permanently. Weight wise you are correct in regards to the kitchen units, and the shower basin is the majority of the additional weight. However, i have removed shed loads of existing units/walls/appliances. But, it will be without doubt heavier. That won't really be a factor for me as i have my pitch which i'm happy with! (I guess re-sale it could be problematic) Thank you! I did want to re-name it to "Project refurb" instead of "Project fun" but it appears i cannot alter titles!! I've found a few which are rated for 0. 79kwh/per cycle etc. How can i find out the AMP rating of the unit? Thanks. I have considered the blog but telling the truth i've never written a blog in my life? I have however kept various threads across car forums of my "car builds/restoration"... Is this not classed as a blog? or more of a "build thread"?.. ----------------- I actually have shed loads of updates/pictures since i made this thread that i need to update with!
  10. Thanks for the welcome! Thanks! I actually started a thread in the Projects/Restoration section. - Nobody's replied yet! But no pictures there. Not entirely sure if that's the correct section for it? Thanks bill!
  11. Welcome! Im also new today!
  12. Hello. . Not sure where to start here. But, im a new owner of a Burster Lux caravan which i won in an auction on eBay within the last month or so. At the moment house prices/flat price in the South East are unreal. A 1 bed flat will set you back north of £100k so gathering the magical "deposit" is taking its toll. In the meantime, i've taken a crazy idea on and that is to move into my caravan on a permentant basis as a way of saving more money. The initial outset is costly, as im completely gutting what's currently within the van. But, that is purely for my own satisfaction. I couldn't live within the van with its late 80's German interior! The plan of attack is as follows; - Gut existing kitchen/large fridge/freezer unit - Remove sliding door to bedroom. - Fit a separate quadrant shower cubicle alongside existing bathroom area. - Paint all the wallpaper + wooden shelving. - Fit a electric oven Basically, im modernising the living space to something that i would be happy to live in. The caravan itself is a large twin axle tourer. 25ish feet internal space by 8ft in width. Pictures to follow. . and more updates.
  13. Underestimated the time it takes to do things like this. Even painting suprised me!
  14. Hello, Just a quick drop in to greet everyone. I'm a complete "noob/newbie" to the van world. But, im getting stuck in. I've bought an old Burster Lux german tourer van off ebay, and im in the middle of gutting it and renovating as i plan on living in the van short time whilst i finish saving for my mortgage deposit. (House/flat prices are unreal down here) A few pics to show my progress. . i will be updating a thread on this forum of my progress for anyone that might be interested! Cheers, Z When i bought her; Few pics of my progress. Kitchen is nearly in, bathroom being prepped for new vanity sink/toilet, and im building a qudrant shower room at the end of the existing bathroom.
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