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  1. I've recently fitted a solar panel to trickle charge my battery when it is in storage. When I connect the controller to the battery it is saying my battery is 13. 4v and is 100% charged. But when I connect up the solar panel the controller says it is only 72% charged but is still at 13. 4v Is this normal? I'm worried that the controller is going to allow the battery to be overcharged. Thanks
  2. Found this on YouTube. Hopefully be useful to someone as there seems to be a lot of confusion as to where to fit the cable. https://youtu. be/e2IcPIihreI
  3. Thanks for the advice. I did think of trying one of these places (someone like chipsaway) but assumed it would be no good as they specialise in cars. Worth me giving them a call though and seeing what they can do. Good to know that you had your done as well. I'll let you know how I get on.
  4. Thanks everyone. I've already got a 12m length so will see how much I need for one side. It was more to see if people did the full length or just the roof. Caravan is quite long so will see. I've already got some pawls already so can use them to stop it coming out when towing.
  5. Just got a rail protector. Does everyone run it through the whole rail from front to back or just so it covers the roof and a bit down the sides?
  6. I doubt it will be covered by my insurance as I stupidly forgot to select accidental damage when I took it out.
  7. Thanks for all your replies everyone. Will look into getting a graphic made to match the others on the van. It's more the fact that the caravan is new to us and less than 12 month old. gravon42 Ouch, was that done on a post?
  8. Hope I've got the right forum. I was putting my caravan back into the garden when I accidentally turned the caravan the wrong way with the mover. As soon as I realised I stopped but it was too late and the side of the caravan was just touching the corner of the brick post into my garden. I quickly moved it the other way but it has left some small scratches on the panel. There is no dent to the panel it is just the damage seen in the pictures. Is there anything I can do or do I need to get someone in to repair it? Thanks
  9. Thank you so much, yes it is a Quasar 586. I did look in the service handbook but couldn't find body length anywhere. I'm guessing the length you have got is the interior length? Is that the same as the body length? Thank you for your quick reply
  10. I've recently purchased a 2017 Lunar Ultima 586 and was wondering is there anyway I can find out what the body length of the caravan is? I know the shipping length (which I believe includes the A-frame) is 7. 360m but reading through my insurance documents it says the caravan can be no longer than 7m excluding including the A-frame. I know it isn't more than that but it got me thinking is there anyway I can find out what it is without me going and measuring it? I have searched the web and looked at Lunar's measurements but it doesn't tell me anywhere.
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