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  1. Hi all many thanks for your replies and help but the bolt he lost isn't shown on the AL-KO page how ever the holes are near the number 14 grease nipples. I think I have to find an AL-KO agent. Again many thanks Chris.
  2. Hi my son wanted to help change the pads in the hitch head. Instead of working upside down he removed the whole unit from the chassis. Long story the rear bolt that holds the cage together got lost! Note to self don't leave a teenager loose on the caravan. Many thanks Chris
  3. Hi folks, I have a problem. Can anyone please tell me the size of the bolts that mount the hitch/handbrake to the A frame. These are under the plastic A frame on Bailey Pegasus 646. Many thanks Chris
  4. We use the kitchen sink for the young kids (18months, and an 18 week old) the sink in the Bailey Pegasus is massive.
  5. Hi Chris 19, to lift the floor up I would use a length of strong wood and one or two jacks. Putting the wood under the caravan floor, I would jack it up so that the floor is in the right place. I would do the same for the wall. Using a jack against a wall and a length of strong wood against the caravan side (putting a towell or blanket between the wood and caravan to limit damage to the caravan finish.) Jack the wall into place then repair at leisure! I hope that helps. Good look and stay safe.
  6. Hi Notts Phill, I don't know if you have got your window sorted but eeco ltd wade house road, Shelf. Will make a new window for any caravan even tinting it to match the other windows. My father used them a few years ago when he walked in to an open window and broke the corner off. If you look them up the webb site is for the tow-bar side but its the same company. Good look and stay safe.
  7. I can only assume that none of you have been to sunny Bradford!!!!! More pot-holes than cars, and nearly as many speed humps.
  8. I don't think that any awning is air tight enough to be a problem with gas fumes. Gary B1969 I cant get to see the video. How bad is the water leaking in? I have the pro 400 and it leaks like a sieve, I dont get how a company say it's condensation when so many people are having the same problems. Has anyone had any success using fabsil? If so how do you proof the roof many thanks.
  9. Thanks for the info on these switches. I woke up to a cold van and the switch arcing, I bypassed the switch using an immersion heater timer. I must admit that I hadn't thought about the water heater using the same switch, l will have to get it changed.
  10. I find it interesting the way people try to put people off doing mods to a caravan. The last three caravans I've had I have fitted an on board water tank. I now have a Pegasus 646 which has a 25 ltr on board tank. We are a family of eight and found that the children spent a lot of the holliday filling the aqua-roll. I removed the 25ltr tank and fitted a 70ltr tank in the under bed locker next to the water heater, a quick job of rerouting the inlet pipe in to the tank. I then fitted two switches in the wardrobe one powers the 'vans on board pump the other powers the submersible pump in the
  11. I use a wheelchair, have a pram and six children and a dog. These all fit nicely in a Hyundai i800. I can recommend the earlier manual (5 speed no rear wiper) these are 175ps and pull a Pegasus 646 twin axle fully loaded no problem. The new i800 has 136ps engine and six speed box and the lack of power is very noticeable, the automatic version has the more powerful engine and better performance. I hope this helps you!
  12. I've got a Pegasus 646 2010 with full service history, I transferred the warranty when I bought it. In the second service I had damp showed up in the four corners. This was repaired under warranty by Coopers of Doncaster very well and so far still dry. The added bonus of the warranty being transferable is piece of mind if you get damp. I hope this helps.
  13. I can recommend Coopers caravans ( they did the warranty work on my Bailey) they're near m18 01302 751478 I have no connection with them just a very happy customer.
  14. Hi happy new year, I use a mobile caravan engineer to service my Pegasus 646. I decided to do this as my local dealer carried out work without authorisation, this coupled with no damp report! I have my caravan serviced at my storage yard and can watch everything being done, point out any niggles and also glean information about potential problems that dealers might not pass on. With regards to the warranty, the first time I used the mobile engineer he found damp in the rear of the caravan and pointed out that if I removed the trays in the front lockers he would be able to to check for dam
  15. I would never tow with water in the on-board tank. The reason being that the tank doesn't have any baffling (this will help reduce the water sloshing around) even with baffling the water will move, to get some idea of the power of liquid in a baffled tank just watch a petrol tanker or oil or even a milk tanker when they stop. I fitted an on-board tank to the last four caravans. My latest 'van is a Bailey pegasus 646, to this I have fitted a 70 litre tank. The original pump is plumbed to this and supplies the caravan. The original water inlet is plumbed to the tank via a pump. When we a
  16. Hi if I understand you correctly the water tank has a short finger sticking out to this I stretched a short length of reinforced water pipe over it, the aquaroll handle will then fit in to the water pipe. I have done this on my water hog and has worked for over a year. I hope this helps.
  17. Just to put my two penerth in, I thought all the water supplied on CL's in the UK was drinkable without the need for filtering. I clean my water system with Puriclean every time we go away. I have done this with most of my caravans more so with an on-board tank. I haven't been ill, but I agree that the pipes and tank can harbour all kinds of nasty stu
  18. Whilst I agree with the "kids should be enjoying the great outdoors" there are times when they need to use a laptop or i-pad or mobile phone, this half term my daughter's school is setting home work which is to be emailed to the teacher. So at some point she will need to charge the i-pad her phone and the other children need to charge their phones as well.
  19. Hi in my Pegasus I have replaced the bulbs in the bunk bed reading lights with six led's (two strips of three) in each unit. The led's are from a five metre roll, cuttable every third led and self adhesive. The difference is impressive and nowhere near as bright. This was a complaint from my daughter that the glare from the pages hurt her eyes.
  20. My parents bought a sprite alpine in 1968. My dad is very good at diy and fitted a gas water heater, 12 volt strip light fridge and made a device to enable reversing. This was a length of chain and a spring. The spring hooked on the lever on the hitch, the chain hooked over a long bolt that was through the gas bottle tray (there wasn't a box around the gas bottles) Back in the day I remember it causing quite a stir on sites being able to go back and forth without repeatedly moving the lever. The bunk bed was on the front off side, during the day it was stored in the back rest of the botto
  21. Hi I fitted an immersion heater timer between the power switch and the truma thermostat. When we arrive on site we plug in ehu set the time on the timer, temp and power. The advantage of this timer is that we can tell if the power has been interrupted and for how long.
  22. With six children and away for up to six weeks our twin tub is worth it's weight in gold. The reasons for getting a twin tub was wringing the clothes out gave me blisters on my hands, rubber gloves just rip.
  23. My parents bought us one, they are fantastic, so much so that we bought two more so that one stays in the caravan (that way we don't forget to pack one) Pulled pork in one hour fourty minutes. Perfect!
  24. Calor are still running this offer, I have just taken five cylinders in and got £35. 50 I was told that it was so successful that they will continue to run it.
  25. I have found that I have to have the engine running when I couple up the electrics, this will give me a green light every time. If I couple up with the engine off I get a red light, I have done the 12 hour reset and its the same!
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