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  1. Thanks for the replies, will give it a go.
  2. Having been offered what seemd like a reasonable price by our dealer to buy our 'van, I thought I would try to obtain a second opinion from these people. Although I expected the dealer to come in with a trade price, this organisation has offered - subject to inspection - £2k more. If it had been a few hundred I would go with the dealer, but this is a considerable difference. Of course, they may decide to reduce the figure as a result of an inspection, but obviously I don't have to go with them as their inspection (at our storage) is free and entirely without obligation. Any thoughts/experience would be helpful before I consider taking their (provisional) offer further?
  3. Excellent, thanks Stockcroft. Yes, NCC for me too, due to 10-yr body warranty. Will contact Shaun.
  4. Good morning, Quite simply I'm looking for a reliable mobile servicer in East Sussex for our Swift Challenger, and would welcome any suggestions and/or recommendations. Thanks.
  5. Just a thought, M & J - when you say "mossy" do you mean the very small black dots, rather like mould, that these flyscreens often suffer from? If so then a gentle wiping on both sides with a soft cloth and some Milton or similar will usually have them looking like new again in a few minutes. Sorry I can't advise you about the type of adhesive to use, but wondering whether replacement is actually necessary in this case.
  6. No joy with credit card here - debit card only, even though Pump King permitted credit cards. Not sure I shall bother with the new one - a fixed 4p off diesel is lass advantageous than a fixed weekly price irrespective of the forecourt price. Their email today: As a member of the Caravan and Motorhome Club and active user of the Pump-King Fuel Card, we are excited to announce that Pump-King has been purchased by Horizon Fuel Limited and will now operate under Fuelpecker. Fuelpecker has listened to customer feedback and developed set discounts off the pump price which means guaranteed savings and therefore no more weekly fuel price text messages or variable savings. Fuelpecker has also expanded the network to include Shell petrol stations. Please see below the UK set discounts: Their backward step certainly doesn't 'excite' me! And I wonder where the "customer feedback" came from? No one asked me. If they had then I would have provided it - willingly!
  7. The Challenger 565 doesn't have an alarm as standard, although the OP may have had one fitted, of course.
  8. Angus, I have exactly the same 'van as you. At the risk of teaching Grandma to suck eggs...whenever the 'van isn't in use, make sure that the black master switch on the top left corner of the Sargent unit under the offside bed is in the 'off' position, i.e. 'out'. In my 565 this kills everything, except (for some strange reason) the loo flush motor. Your solar panel will still charge with the master 'off' - provided it isn't in heavy shade of course. Hope this helps.
  9. Latest from My Esso Card, dated yesterday: Hi, We have had some delay in receiving a large outstanding backlog of cards from the specialist card manufacturer that prints the individual cards with members details on them. They had promised us the cards by Friday last week and it was on this basis that the message was sent out in the fuel update text, but in the event only part shipment was sent to us, and there are still some 20,000 cards outstanding. We have already dispatched the several thousand which were received to customers over the last couple of days and will be sending the others as soon as they are received. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. Kind regards Rob
  10. Thanks to everyone for their replies. I feel somewhat reassured by several references to their repair standards, just a shame that the same thorough standards did not seem to apply at the time of manufacture. .. To their credit, Swift contacted me by phone the next day and a date for the work was agreed in late October 2019, so that we should not lose any of next year's season.
  11. 'Evening all, My 'van went in earlier this week for the 3-year service and a few warranty items. The (supplying) dealer has just called to say that they have found rippling of the underside of the floor at the front end and Swift will need to take it back to the factory for repair. It has been described by the dealer as 'a failure of the bonding' and it is the second one this week they have found. It was purchased new and I took delivery in January 2016. (The main extras are Alde heating, ATC, Al-Ko wheel lock, Tyrons and Paintseal.) To say I'm cross is probably the understatement of the year. ... Never in 27 years having been in the position of needing a factory repair, I'm obviously considering the the options, one of which might be to replace the 'van and have done with it. (In that event, do I really want another Swift after this? Even if I do, I think it unlikely that I will be entitled to expect any kind of contribution to the gap between the cost of a new one and its current trade-in value.) Even if it is factory-repaired, will it ever be the same again, or am I about to become embroiled in a lot of hassle if the repair and reassembly work is less than 100%? Current thinking is that the upper body will be separated from the floor, lifted for the floor to be replaced,and then reattached to it. This is major work and I am extremely nervous about the effect of this. I would be grateful to hear from anyone who has experienced a major factory repair with Swift, and how this went. The other problem is that the earliest dates currently being offered by Swift are said to be in March next year - which is of course right at the start of the season for me. My dealer says that it could be at the factory for either side of 6 weeks. If I do go along with the repair option, I would be looking to delay its return to the factory until at least late October or early November 2019, bearing in mind that the bonding failure ought not to be a safety matter and therefore it should not prevent its continued use until then. At least that way we would lose little or nothing of the 2019 season. Additionally, it is surprising to be told that both tyres will be replaced under warranty due to cracking, though at the moment Swift are refusing to replace the o/s/r light cluster (LEDs) which was full of condensation until recently and which has thrown up defect warnings on the dash in the last 2-3 months - presumably I have to wait until it fails, stranding me somewhere, and then call out Mayday to get us home. I await with interest any observations and/or experiences of this kind of situation. Thanks. PS I have searched for any similar posts but no joy so far.
  12. Interesting topic. Coincidentally the March edition of CMC Mag has an article on this very subject for those who haven't seen it. (The article talks about "much longer life" for Li-ion batteries, but unfortunately it doesn't say how long.)
  13. Oscarmax, you don't give the year of your Kuga and how you know that your 'van is nose heavy. Have you actually weighed it loaded? My 2015 Mk2 Kuga has a towball weight limit of 110kg. My Challenger 565 was checked at the dealership just before collection (empty, of course) and the nose weight was 76kg, so provided you follow the basic advice for loading in theory you ought to have sufficient to play with I would have thought? As to the original question about rear tyre pressures. ..another 41psi here, though I haven't ever added another 3psi on top. Will try that next time out. I do agree that rear tyre pressures are important on the Kuga - on one occasion I forgot to raise them and the outfit rewarded me with an unhappy few miles until I realised and raised the pressures.
  14. Those with blood pressure should look away now! http://www. dailymail. co. uk/news/article-5062223/Police-REFUSE-enter-travellers-site-safety-fears. html?param_usr=1&param_targetUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww. dailymail. co. uk%2Fnews%2Farticle-5062223%2FPolice-REFUSE-enter-travellers-site-safety-fears. html&param_geolocation=gb&param__host=secured. dailymail. co. uk&param_hideMasthead=&param_hideFooter=&base_fe_url=http%3A%2F%2Fdailymail. co. uk%2F&validation_fe_uri=%2Fregistration%2Fp%2Fapi%2Ffield%2Fvalidation%2F&check_user_fe_uri=registration%2Fp%2Fapi%2Fuser%2Fuser_check%2F&isMobile=false
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