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  1. Yes it is a request ,, but if you want to help the country and fight this horrible virus you take their advice..if everyone just carries on regardless then we all go down , and much much stricter rules will aply ... like Italy Spain and France..( Paris going to shut down because of peolpe being silly and not following advice. ),, am sorry , but this summer starting now .. is just going to be rubbish .. we had booked up over Easter .. but thats off now .. and we will stay at home .. hoping now to get away in September, when maybe its all over
  2. I am going to use dish for Sky Q ..and going to take Sky Q box ( with card ) on hols with us.
  3. Have just changed from Sky plus to Sky Q....... Sky plus worked just fine in caravan, but what about Sky Q .. I know I have to change the LNB.. but does everyhing else stay the same ?? And do I need internet ?
  4. Yeah I can see it now ... they go by the max weights ... not the real weights you may have on journey.. cheers Robin
  5. We have a Bailey Cadiz , about 1400KG .. and we tow just fine .... My son in law wants to borrow the van for a few days , but there are problems ( or not ) with his license .. Dvla states ....as he has passed his test after 1998 of thereabouts ... You can already tow trailers up to 750kg. You can also tow heavier trailers if the combined weight of the trailer and vehicle is not more than 3,500kg maximum authorised mass (MAM). CAN HE OR NOT TOW OUR CARAVAN ?? I say yes ... but on phoning DVLA they told him No !! According to the legislation above .. he can ?? He has a Ford Kuga about 2000 KG and a Bailey Unicorn Cadiz at 1400 KG .. should be ok
  6. Just back from what should have been 10 nights in Dorset ( Golden Cap ) well known site , v popular ??? Anyway ... we had booked up in early May and allocated a gravel pitch.. Having boooked up early we thought we would get a decent pitch .. how wrong we were .. the pitch was badly sloping .. we were given the pich that nobody wanted... anyway we threatened to go home .. but £250 cost already paid, kept us there. Next day a better pitch became vacant and so we moved .. Much better , but short of space ... my Bailey Unicorn and awning took up all of the gravel pitch. ..... A few nights later we had different neighbours , and they insisted on parking their two cars alongside my van about 2 feet away. I politely asked them to move away a little because of the fire risk... surely sites like this must have some rules ... the staff didnt want to know!!! Anyway after a heated argument we decided to leave and lost £100 in the process ....
  7. SORTED !!!! The earth wire in the car was at fault ... where it goes to towbar.. so I managed to add another earth wire and thats it wwoooooppeee......... seaside here we come
  8. my van has an alko trailer stabilizer and it does not work off 7 pin plug ... hence the change of plugs
  9. Yes Ive checked all the pins are working on the car ... and stiil lights not working ... I will check again tomoro All the lights worked before plugs were changed from 7 pins to 13 pins
  10. Got 2012 cadiz...I will check earth tomoro.. yes they put 2 cables into1 ..
  11. Thanks for reply ... when I bought caravan , not long ago.. we had a car with 7 pin electrics and caravan came with 13 pin .... so I bought an adaptor , which worked perfectly ... except for Alko stabiliser ''thingy''... We then got Kuga before any more outings ... and it too had 7 pins ( 12n and 12S ).. the garage suggested they altered it to 13 pin , and also the Alko should then work. Yes the Alko works ... but nothing else... and as for relays for whatever ??? Surely as there was a 12s and a 12n originally on Kuga , then all should be in place already ???
  12. Ive just bought a second hand Ford Kuga , that already had a towbar fitted ( great ) ... but the electrics were 7 pin , not 13 pin as per my Bailey Cadiz... before I got the car , the garage changed the 2 7pin sockets into 1 13pin, £35it was . But as were are just about to go away, I collected caravan from storage , and the indicators and lights do not work !!! Ive cleaned everything , but still no good .. I tried the van on another car , and it all works ... whats wrong with my car ????
  13. The awning was wet all over !!... On contacting the seller , they said it would be the seams , and they were sending me some seam sealer....
  14. Well we took our new awning away this week .. 390 air pro plus.. well as usual in this country it rained!! And the awning leaked and leaked ,, mainly from the tubes areas, but also alot of drips from other various .. also it pooled on the roof .. I tried all sorts of pressures with kampa air pump !!!!.. also could I heck as like get the awning to fit up snugly to caravan , enabling me to use poles and limpets !!... also the air beams looked twisted , and I reduced pressure to try and solve .. but I gave up ... Ive had an ordinary 390 air awning before , which was good .. but this one takes the biscuit !!.. Help .....
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    How much ??? Are you millionaire ?
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