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  1. The awning was wet all over !!... On contacting the seller , they said it would be the seams , and they were sending me some seam sealer....
  2. Well we took our new awning away this week .. 390 air pro plus.. well as usual in this country it rained!! And the awning leaked and leaked ,, mainly from the tubes areas, but also alot of drips from other various .. also it pooled on the roof .. I tried all sorts of pressures with kampa air pump !!!!.. also could I heck as like get the awning to fit up snugly to caravan , enabling me to use poles and limpets !!... also the air beams looked twisted , and I reduced pressure to try and solve .. but I gave up ... Ive had an ordinary 390 air awning before , which was good .. but this one takes the biscuit !!.. Help .....
  3. robyyy1


    How much ??? Are you millionaire ?
  4. On my lunar lexon, the big roof vent/ sunlight window needs a new rubber seal . I dont need to remove the whole thing off the roof, but am I able to remove just the opener, off the van, to clean it and replace the rubber seal ?
  5. No no no . . its low season. . lucky if they get 2 bookings all week. .. maybe what you say is correct in the high season. . next time I will ring up about 2 days before we go. ..
  6. They offered me a credit note . . only after I complained . .. but not going this year, cos missus needs another op. I still think its very mean . . Its a rip off really . .. easy money for site owners. . its not as though they have to do much . .just write my name in a book !!
  7. We were going to go to North Wales in May, a week after the bank hols. .. so would be low season. ...... holiday and also seeing the Mother in law. Decided to book, and sent in the deposit, only 25 squid. .. been before and enjoyed the site. LOW SEASON. .A couple of weeks before hols, the missus dislocated her hip joint ( again )... so had to cancel hols . .. had to be done . ...... on contacting the site, and explaining the reason . . THEY WOULD NOT RETURN MY DEPOSIT. . miserable lot !! I know its not the end of the world, but come on !! Its not asking alot !!
  8. How do I get onto top of caravan to clean and polish ?? Especially so round the roof openings ?
  9. I have a Lunar Lexon 2004. . the caravan paint work is fine, except for the front. ..this part is dull and v difficult to get any shine . .. I suppose the only way to revive it, is to have it re -sprayed ?? Any other suggestions ?
  10. Yes it will fit both air and poled. .. I got air one
  11. Thanks . .. I was told/heard that the air awning wants pumping up more, to tighten everything up to stop pooling. .. but poles across would help
  12. Can you get monsoon poles to fit Rally air pro 390 ?? I want something to stop the pooling on the roof
  13. Ha ha ha I will let you know
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