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  1. Hi, just a bit of info ----the sticky substance is aphid secretion a sugary substance that encourages  mould,  please don't use any abrasive cleaners to remove the affected area as this will  scratch  the surface the same goes for the roof too. Hope this  helps---- OMF

  2. Would agree with Les' choice of Le Lac Bleu at Doussard; don't worry about being at bottom end of lake - leave the car and take the regular bus service (air-conditioned) into Annecy and forget about the hassles of parking!
  3. Found one site just outside Sarzeau in Southern Brittany where they had the barrier key posts on both sides of the entrance, so didn't matter if you were in a left hand or right hand drive vehicle. ..........just wish more sites would adopt this practise!
  4. When I went to bed last night I had a black Mercedes on the driveway; woke up this morning and someone had swapped it for a white one!
  5. . ........and right by the entrance is the Brown Cow Pub! https://www. tripadvisor. co. uk/Restaurant_Review-g528789-d3422381-Reviews-The_Brown_Cow-Bury_Greater_Manchester_England. html
  6. We have been on several sites in France where they only allow gas or electric bbq's; one of our group got well chastised for using a charcoal one when we were at Lake Annecy last year!
  7. They are probably going to announce that from now on the annual rise in pitch fees will be inflation plus 10%.
  8. We place both of these in tailored storage bags and they live in the shower cubicle when travelling.
  9. Bubble wrap can disintegrate; we used to use an old padded ironing board cover (JML type) which we cut and wife sewed to fit - 1 old cover made 2 aerial covers!
  10. exkiaman

    tow car

    With the values of diesel vehicles falling at the predicted rate I reckon those of us who drive them but have limited incomes (OAP) will be forced to drive them a lot longer as the cost difference to hybrid or electric will be too great for us to afford!
  11. If you are members of the C&CC then I would highly recommend Polstead Camping & Caravanning site; you couldn't ask for more friendly site owners than Greg & Karen, easy access to all the pretty Suffolk villages.
  12. Agreed, nice friendly little site. .....just wish they had a shower block and more toilet facilities. We ran a small rally there a few years ago, kept meaning to go back but haven't so far.
  13. We bought the Eclipse rather than the shadow as it gave us more options; either direct off the awning rail or as an attachment to our Capri Lux. Have used it in all configurations and in all weathers with no problems (3 pole model), so long as you set your angles correctly no problems! Takes a little longer to assemble than the shadow due to the extra poles, but worth the extra time.
  14. ours has been modified to fit to the front as a combi awning, it is an Isabella Capri Lux and was modified by Isabella themselves.
  15. I used to travel up from Joburg to Bulawayo every other week through Beit Bridge and used to bring various bits up for your boys who were stationed at the bridge!
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