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  1. Well we went the cautious route and washed at 20 degrees. Came up fine. Now drying naturally so just got to fit it back on the mattress.
  2. Has anyone washed their Ozio mattress cover? SWMBO wants to give it a freshen up before we trade the van in.
  3. Well I thought I'd fixed it but happened again on next trip. New catch supplied by dealer and new drawer runners on order under warranty as the ball bearings were falling out.
  4. Away for the weekend and noticed a crack in the surface of one of our worktops. Any suggestions on ways to repair welcome.
  5. Yay! Managed to fix it. Removed drawer then runner making sure to catch the little ball bearings that were now not in the place they should be. Pushed them back into place and refitted runner and drawer and all now fine. Just got to add check drawer locked to someone’s checklist before we set off in future! 😘
  6. Came back after weekend away to find drawer under sink stuck open. ‘Someone’ can’t have closed it properly before we set off. Now it won’t close. Assume the runners have been pushed past their normal stops and need to be removed to fix. Anyone else experienced this and can give the benefit of their wisdom before I get the screwdriver out?
  7. Definitely flat battery in the van. Now on external charger to see if I can revive it.
  8. Think my battery is on the way out as motor mover kept cutting out last time we were trying to get the van back on the drive. Handbook says max size 352x172x190 but all seem to be either 354 or 353 and 175. Will they fit 2017 Vision 575 and what battery makes are others using with a motor mover?
  9. Well the tow bar fitter eventually came and sorted it. The garage had connected the right wire just in the wrong place. Connection sorted and all is good again.
  10. Well the plot thickens. Car was in for service today and check of towbar wiring. My wife took it in and all they said was pin 8 wasn’t connected. Not sure why this was the case as supposed to be a plug in loom. They said they ‘d sorted it but when I got home connected the van up to check. All seemed well until I disconnected again and locked the car. Then the car reversing lights started to pulse on and off dimly even with everything turned off and in neutral. What’s even stranger is if I connect the van again and then disconnect again it stops flashing. But as soon as you open the car
  11. Well it’s definitely the car. Other car hooked up and reversing lights work. Going to check all connections I can see in the boot to see if anything obvious. If not will be back to Ssangyong for them to fix.
  12. Thanks folks, plan is to connect our other car up to the van to see if that works. The Korando’s reversing lights work but the van’s don’t come on which if the other car works suggests it’s the Korando wiring. The parking sensors don’t activate when the van is connected so doesn’t look like a software issue.
  13. It’s a Highlander 575 based on the Vision. I suspect it may be the tow car as we had to replace a fuse in the car to get any lights before we set off. Car is going in for a service soon so will be asking them to check it to make sure it’s wired properly. Car is Ssangyong Korando.
  14. Arrived on site today and site warden advised me after reversing onto pitch that my reversing lights weren’t working. Is this a common problem and is it easily sorted?
  15. If you already have a connection in the battery box chances are the is a loose lead near the connection from the caravan's own aerial. Just disconnect that one and connect the loose one instead with your external aerial plugged in the battery box connection.
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