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  1. Hi mine is coming down for the second time. No quality control at all. Would I bye another bailey a big fat NO.
  2. Any one had problems with taps expressing water ten min after being used its a problem When you are peppering food in same area. Any ideas welcome. Cheers Nigel
  3. Hi only one place pentewan sands has everything good luck.
  4. The covers may or my not have moor material in or layers but, they are a lot shorter I purchased one for a U2 it only protects half the big window. Not like my previous one that went all the way up to the top of the van and did a good job. Wish I had looked at the protec cover before jumping in.
  5. Hi had the same problem in our Barcelona opend cuboard and that sorted it. Good luck
  6. Hi Stayed one night two years ago it was ok some nice pitches next to the creek it's in a funny position next to recycling plant don't think you will be disappointed never been to scots farm hope weather is good for you have fun. Cheers
  7. We store down West Sussex because we spend a lot of time with relations, down there and it's five min from dealer. And we are spending a lot of time there with waranty issues just lately. Dhg price for our size on there web site is £87 so may be £72 is about right.
  8. Hi everyone just had new bill in for church farm caravan storage, undercover its gone up to Seventy two pounds per month, just wondered what sort of price people are paying for storage is this over the top? Thanks Ace
  9. Hi Mick specialised every time great service and product you can have different colours as well ordered one on Wednesday from the show for our U2 Valencia. Have fun and good luck. Cheers Nigel
  10. There's a tailored towing cover coming out on the 19th of this month from specialised I had one on a u1 Barcelona great quality. Going to order one for our U2 Valencia as soon as available, good luck with your choice. Cheers.
  11. Hi look in the bailey section post called to many decals I think page 4 or 5. Cheers
  12. We want to find new awning for our new van and meet yourselves, and just see everything caravan.
  13. Yes used one on a Barcelona the manufacture was specialised fix with suckers on side they are well worth the money. Having to sell mine as it will not fit new van but will bye another if I can find one to fit. Let me know if you want one to fit Barcelona in good condition. Cheer Nigel
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