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  1. I agree with those who say it would be pointless. A thought, though. Why not make it easy for the authorities and get DVLA to run it and charge £100/£150/£200 per year for the privilege of each of us keeping a caravan/trailer on the road? Great idea, eh? Let's not play into the hands of those who would penalise us at every turn.
  2. Well done on including statics and motorhomes in CaravanTalk. This makes for a more inclusive and interesting forum. We can all contribute and expand our knowledge. A lot of folk move from caravans to motor caravans and vice versa so have experience of, and interest in, both.
  3. I’m not alone in finding the C&CC booking system a total pain it seems. After jumping through all those hoops you get to the end to find there's a minimum two night booking period when you only want one night. I've seen folk complain about the CMC system but it’s so simple.
  4. Here’s somewhere to start. https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/park-homes
  5. You are correct but it is only 21 nights on club sites. Even on a seasonal pitch you have to vacate for 24/48 hours (I can’t remember which) after 21 nights. I suspect Caravanluva would have more luck searching for privately owned sites but I think he will have to dig deep into his pockets once peak season arrived.
  6. The Atlantia is probably a dealer special most likely based on the Amara. Dealer specials usually have a few additions such as an extra 240v socket or two and maybe upgraded upholstery. They tend to be good deals when new. Sorry but I can’t tell you anything else . Damp is the biggest killer of caravans. Your nose will tell you of really bad damp but getting it damp checked could save you loads of money.
  7. Have you tried this Pepys? https://www.gov.uk/old-driving-licence-categories
  8. I really hope 70s Forever has found somewhere by now. 😀
  9. Agreed but caravanners/motorhomers are only usually concerned about Cat C.
  10. You can drive a vehicle up to 3500kg and tow whatever that vehicle is legally able to tow with your B+E after 70 (providing you held that category before 70). A medical is only needed if you wish to retain the heavier vehicle C categories.
  11. Another vote here for Briars. Remember that the NCC is a trade organisation, not a consumer body.
  12. Unless you have a non-standard set up the fridge will only work on 12v when connected to the car with the engine running.
  13. To the best of my belief you can block incoming texts as well as calls with an iPhone. Tap on the phone number shown at the head of the text, tap info, tap the arrow on the right and on the next page select 'Block this caller'.
  14. It certainly doesn’t look like asbestos to me. Some sort of fibreglass/rockwool material probably.
  15. May I point out that I said of club sites "you'll generally find their hard standings quite level"? I accept not 100% of them are level and I was not stating they were.
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