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  1. Have you tried this Pepys? https://www.gov.uk/old-driving-licence-categories
  2. I really hope 70s Forever has found somewhere by now. 😀
  3. Agreed but caravanners/motorhomers are only usually concerned about Cat C.
  4. You can drive a vehicle up to 3500kg and tow whatever that vehicle is legally able to tow with your B+E after 70 (providing you held that category before 70). A medical is only needed if you wish to retain the heavier vehicle C categories.
  5. Another vote here for Briars. Remember that the NCC is a trade organisation, not a consumer body.
  6. Unless you have a non-standard set up the fridge will only work on 12v when connected to the car with the engine running.
  7. To the best of my belief you can block incoming texts as well as calls with an iPhone. Tap on the phone number shown at the head of the text, tap info, tap the arrow on the right and on the next page select 'Block this caller'.
  8. It certainly doesn’t look like asbestos to me. Some sort of fibreglass/rockwool material probably.
  9. May I point out that I said of club sites "you'll generally find their hard standings quite level"? I accept not 100% of them are level and I was not stating they were.
  10. You’re welcome. I’m sure you will enjoy your van and soon get to grips with the new hobby.
  11. I currently use an Adata but internet research might throw up something else. Speaking to Nextbase may reveal a recommended brand.
  12. Sometimes Sandisk cards can play up in Nextbase dashcams. There’s good advice above about reformatting the card. If all else fails, I suggest ringing Nextbase as they are very helpful. I think their contact centre is in S Wales.
  13. They vary, Jack. Are you thinking of joining one of the major clubs? If so, you'll generally find their hard standings quite level. Grass could be another matter. I'd recommend diy planks plus wooden blocks to go under the feet of the cornersteadies.
  14. Hi, Trauts. Another long time lurker here who’s just started posting. 😀
  15. You couldn’t have planned it any better.😀
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