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  1. Thanks guys I thought it was strange. Even the caravan tv has a proper headphone socket!
  2. We have a 2016 Bailey Unicorn Valencia fitted with a JVC stereo that works fine,complete with front 3.5mm "headphone socket". The other day we tried to use the headphones on the socket but they did not work.I tried them on another device and they worked fine.I have looked in the instructions but there is no mention of using headphones. Am I missing something? Wasnt the 3.5mm socket made for headphones originally??!! Any ideas?
  3. Thanks Hayley, I have had a chat with one of your guys about the ic controller but he said it wouldn't work on the Whale inline pressure switch. I have had another tweak of the pressure switch so will see what it is like next time we are away. Thanks again.
  4. I noticed the onboard tank subject has been discussed on here many times. I fitted one to Our unicorn Valencia 3 about two years ago. I bought another Whale submersible pump for the tank and inline pressure switch and plumbed it in as per Unicorn 3 twin axle caravans with tanks already fitted. My problem is I'm always having to adjust the inline pressure switch. Each time we set up at a new site it seems to keep running on or "chattering" until I adjust it again. The integral pressure switch is fine and never needs adjusting, external pump very quiet. After looking inside a twin axle van I noticed their inline pressure switch has three wires going to it,one on one terminal,two on the other. Mine has just two wires to it. I was wondering if that is part of the problem. I cannot find a wiring diagram for it or for the integral pressure switch/inline pressure switch.
  5. It can swing both ways but won't fit into the recess as the TV is too big. I tend to leave it at an angle near the first top cupboard! The bracket I made is only about 3" longer than the original and uses the original long slot. It clears the fridge too! Yes cottage on wheels! Yes you can see it fine! It was one of the first mods I did. I wouldn't have bought the van if I couldn't keep the bigger screen!
  6. I modified the bracket a bit on our Valencia and it now takes our 28"TV. It weighs around 5. 5kg. You have to mind your head when you go by it though!
  7. I bought ours in 2014 but it has no carbon pole. I believe you could buy the pole as an extra but I find you don't need it as the air beam seems to be solid enough. It is about 6" in diameter and feels like a plastic pipe when at a pressure of 7 psi. I haven't seen any water collecting on it, just pine needles under trees!
  8. Hi there Joanie,we have an Oxygen Speed One and find it very easy to put up. The awning alone is about 11- 12 kg. It has one large air beam which pumps up in about a minute, depending on how strenuous you are feeling. It has lots of guide ropes and two " storm" straps. It always feels secure but I have never had it up in very strong winds. The hardest part is pegging it out in hard ground but that is the same for any awning. I usually put it up myself while my wife puts the kettle on/ gets the beer out of the fridge!! Hope this helps.
  9. Cheers wozzer I thought you might. I will get one off eBay they are about £24. Thanks for your reply.
  10. Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone could help me. After purchasing a Bailey Valencia 3 caravan I proceeded to put in my onboard tank from our Pegasus Verona. The Verona had an onboard pump but the Valencia has an external pump. I have bought a Whale pump to go inside the tank and plumbed in the necessary valves to fill the tank and to go from the pump to the van taps. I have fitted an on/off/on switch to go between the two pumps and the system works well except the onboard tank pump does not switch off even when the system is up to pressure and the taps are closed. Can I use the existing pressure switch on the external pump to wire into the internal pump as well or do I need a separate Whale inline pressure switch?
  11. Alan that's a really good noseweight, our car has a limit of 85kgs. I always used to tow the California at about 80kgs and it was great, I regret getting rid sometimes!
  12. Thanks Alan, I have tried everything with the Verona,no weight in it,all weight in the centre but still feels the same. it is the same layout as the California yet it always feels like the tail wagging the dog in breezy conditions! Thanks to all replies, also test Driving the caravan is a good idea if they let me! We even towed our Senator California with a Vector kerbweight 1527 and it was as solid as a rock! One final question, what noseweight does everyone have on the Valencia 3?
  13. Hi Kathy657 thanks for your reply, I'm not sure, that sounds interesting how does it tow and what is your kerbweight?
  14. Thanks guys. We used to tow a Bailey Senator California with the Insignia and never had any problems towing it, even in high winds. We then changed to a Bailey Pegasus Verona 2011 but have never been happy with the towing. In high winds it can be quite scarey! We know that a lot of work has gone into the Bailey Unicorn Valencia 3 for towing well so wonder if anyone has done so with this car. ( KERBWEIGHT 1664)
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