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  1. Thanks for confirming that. The wheel arch protrudes into the units each side of the fridge and the sink is right next to the fridge, so because of poor Lunar scribing, there are loads of gaps for draughts to leak into the interior from the rear vents. I’ve patched some of them, but without a major rebuild, I will have to turn the heating up and wear thick socks!
  2. I understand now why you mentioned not blocking floor vents earlier. Do you have wall vents at the back of the fridge in addition to the floor vents?
  3. Thanks for that. It’s as I thought, but with caravans it’s always best to check!
  4. Thanks for that. I was only referring to sealing the gap under the fridge at the bottom front edge, under the door and the gaps in the plywood carcassing where it meets the wall and wheel arch behind the fridge. There is no draught or gap at the top of the fridge. There is no way I would block floor vents or the 2 external vent grilles.
  5. Hi, I’m in a very cold, windy far west Cornwall at the mo and I’ve got a huge draught coming from underneath and from the units each side of the under-counter Dometic fridge. There is a gap under the fridge and lots of gaps at the back of the units each side of the fridge, where the units are cut to fit around the wheel arch, etc. The caravan has recently come back from an insurance repair to the caravan side that meant the fridge was removed, so I don’t know whether the repairer (one of the biggest in Somerset) left something off or if I’ve just not been in weather this cold before, but my question is - will it cause any problems if I seal the internal gaps under and around the fridge, so that it’s only being ventilated at the back thro the external vents? Thanks very much for reading.
  6. Very interesting - spreads the load between back and front brakes. Do you know if the same applies to Insignias?
  7. Yes the back brakes will be a lot more complicated with electric handbrake and hill assist if fitted. I guess the first 5 years will not be a problem, it’s when they get to 10 years old that it will get expensive!
  8. Yes you are certainly right about that! The old battery is dead at about 11volts, will not accept a charge, yet the magic eye is still showing green!
  9. Vauxhall dealerships don’t have a fitted tow bar option, unless there might be a fold-away optional extra, that would not affect the sensors in normal use?
  10. My experience with Vauxhall handbooks is that they detail all the possible features, but the owner needs to check seperately if they have features like Hill Start Assist or not. Im in touch with a couple of main agents at the moment and it’s a grey area, where the top of the range Elite range has Hill Start Assist and the lower models may have had it as an optional extra, but you wouldn’t know until you tried a hill start!
  11. Thanks for that. It’s a late version of the previous shape - Jan 2017. The Vauxhall dealer thought HSA would operate on a gentle incline, so good to know the brake pedal needs to be pressed firmly - which you would do on a hill, so makes sense.
  12. With a few fortunate exceptions, I get the impression that most Caravans leak. Perhaps not from new, but probably about the time the warranty expires?
  13. Hi everyone, I’m keen to buy a Vauxhall insignia estate for everyday use and occasionally to tow a caravan. I’ve never had a car with an electric handbrake, so just wondering if anyone can tell me if they hold a car and caravan on a hill? The model I test drove is supposed to have had ‘hill start assist’, but the car wasn’t automatically holding on a shallow incline, so may not have that function. Does pulling up on the handbrake switch twice give extra hold on a hill? Thanks very much.
  14. Yes had already checked fuses - the old battery is totally dead and will not recharge. All good now.
  15. Update - I had the battery checked at my local garage and it was at about 20% capacity after being fully charged, which means it was dud! Bought a new class B battery and everything now works as it should. The clicking noise had been coming from the distribution box and was probably a relay trying to work, but there was not enough voltage. The Caravan engineer will call in tomorrow as already arranged, just to check the rest of the wiring, but everyone who thought that the battery was the problem - thank you - were right!
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