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  1. My car insurance with Aviva has logged a claim I made for damage on my separate caravan insurance, so the insurance companies seem to note and take into consideration any claim for anything.
  2. Just to answer my own post, the fridge failed completely day 2 into a 14 day visit to Cornwall! We asked the site office if they knew a local engineer and thankfully one was due to visit the site the next day. It was one of those lovely situations where a very friendly, knowledgeable engineer found the fault within 5 minutes, which was a bad cable connection near the power pack inside the rear vents. All the info I had researched pointed towards a replacement fridge at about £1000, so you can imagine my relief! The power packs themselves are replaceable and a common item and it’s only when the cables inside the fridge carcass fail that the fridge needs replacing. 2 days later it’s all still working and I know how to dismantle & refit the connector! Big thanks and recommendation for Tony Robson, of TR Caravan Services Ltd, based in Truro, Cornwall.
  3. Hi - it was an Rac/Aviva policy I was looking at, not the RAC Arrival policy, which does cover Caravans. I’ve had Aviva breakdown cover in the past and know they use the RAC and it’s their policy which says that they would only recover a broken down caravan for an extra charge, if the car was ok.
  4. Sorry - didn’t need to submit that last post. I contacted Green Flag and yes, the Mayday Premium UK covers caravan breakdown too.
  5. I’ve got a Thetford N97 fridge in my 2009 Lunar Quasar, which has an intermittent problem. The fridge front display occasionally goes completely blank with no lights of any kind showing and the fridge internal light doesn’t work. Pressing the buttons has no effect and It’s never stayed off long enough to know for sure if it starts defrosting. After a while - anything up to an hour - the display comes back on without touching anything, all the fridge functions work exactly as they should, including turning on and off, and the fridge can then have no problem for days or weeks. Everything else is working in the caravan and the fridge fuse is ok, although it’s the yellow ‘fridge Ignition’ fuse, rather than the blue ‘fridge’ fuse that is connected to the fridge. I can pull the yellow fuse out & then back in and the fridge comes back on no problem, so it doesn’t seem to be a twitchy power supply. Im really hoping there is a fix for this as I would sell the caravan rather than buy a new fridge! Thanks for reading.
  6. Is it only the Mayday Premium UK plus cover that includes caravan breakdown or recovery? When applying for cover thro the Caravan Club site, by selecting ‘car only’ gives a quote for the lower cost Premium UK cover and selecting ‘car & caravan’ gives a quote for the more expensive Premium UK plus cover, as shown on the attached pic.
  7. Thanks AndyK for that. I’ve towed caravans and trailers on & off for 40 years and never had a problem, but now in my 70’s, having clipped my caravan 2 years ago and my wife having a small car accident this year, both of which involved insurance claims, I’m realising that I’m not as bulletproof as I thought I was! I also don’t want to throw money at insurance co.s, so just trying to be realistic and find out what is covered and what isn’t, by breakdown cover.
  8. That’s a good point about my caravan insurance - I’ve got the CMC insurance so will check that for caravan damage, but it’s doubtful it would recover the caravan for a breakdown. My RAC/Aviva breakdown cover would recover the caravan if the car breaks down, but would charge extra - £200? - if just the caravan had a breakdown. I guess the simplest ‘caravan breakdown’ would be a flat tyre, but as both I and my caravan get older, I’m just looking at what else could go wrong. For example, I've got ATC, which could fail and lock on, etc.
  9. It’s hard getting thru to insurance companies at the moment, so just seeking advice from members about breakdown cover, in the unlikely event of the caravan itself breaking down, not the car while travelling? I normally only take out Aviva/RAC roadside, recovery and at home cover as it’s been many years since I had a car breakdown while towing and way back then, the caravan was recovered at the same time as the car. Can anyone tell me if the Caravan Clubs Mayday Premium UK cover would recover a caravan if the car breaks down, or recover a caravan on its own if only the caravan broke down or was damaged? I understand my current Aviva/RAC cover would only recover the caravan on its own for an extra charge, so have any members had to do that and what was the cost? I know the RAC have an ‘Arrivals’ policy which does recover caravans on their own, but it’s very expensive. Thanks for your help.
  10. The Caravan is 11 years old, so even if Lunar could supply a new rear panel, the cost would be more than the caravan is worth. I will look into a professional repair, but will prob end up drilling a tiny hole at the end of the crack, filling it with white sealer and then covering it with either white Gorilla Tape or clear Gorilla repair tape until I sell it, possibly next year.
  11. Jus noticed five small hairline cracks on one rear corner of my 2009 Lunar Quasar. They are only between 10 and 25mm long, between the awning rail and the rear light cluster.. Is it worth drilling a very small hole in the end to slow them down, or is it nothing to worry about? Is this product any good for such small cracks - they are literally hairline. Thanks for reading. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Captain-Tolleys-Creeping-Crack-sealer/dp/B003T6EJ9A?pf_rd_p=c4861c1a-6fda-4890-9f8d-37412e8ab94b&pd_rd_wg=HE0yQ&pf_rd_r=96N84GMDPV9GM2BG3XEZ&ref_=pd_gw_cr_simh&pd_rd_w=GvaA3&pd_rd_r=b5c08a21-a77d-41b0-9d85-aa9bcf100dcf
  12. Was it possible to replace the mechanism in situ, without removing the whole unit from the roof?
  13. My Caravan often drives me nuts as there is always something that needs fixing, but I do like it when a fix works well. This is the best forum!
  14. I replaced my gas locker struts today and it was an easy process. The old struts popped off with careful levering and a piece of packing in place to protect the plastic frame. Yes, the SGS struts are expensive, but they use the original ref. no. so are a guaranteed fit. They click on easily and this version is held in place with a sprung pin. Very nice to have the door stay open now and it also stays in the closed position without needing to be latched.
  15. Ive the same problem for a few years and use a wooden chopstick to poke thro a small hole in the mesh to help the lid lift the first inch or so. Also fixed a thick foam pad to the inside of the lid to avoid cracking it as I push. Lubricating the crank slide from the roof side every year fixed it until this year, so will def try lubricating the corner!
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