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  1. Regarding Loch Lomond/Trossachs, just heard through the grapevine that the Luss Caravan and Camping Club site is to close in 2 or 3 years. The land owners Luss Estates are planning on upgarding to lodges etc. , (glamping) allegedly. Regarding the rubbish etc. , we lived near there for 10 years and the rubbish situation is just as bad as it ever was.
  2. Post office do tracking if you ask for proof of posting the receipt slip has a tracking number.
  3. Hi, we have used the Poste Restante facility both while touring in caravan and when we lived on a narrowboat. Easy to do, just address to your name, Poste Restante and then post office address with post code. We even picked up a part for the caravan that broke while we were away - this is ok as long as it is sent Royal Mail/Parcel Force, not other carrier.
  4. Hi Little Grey Cat, My sister will be away on the 8th June. she printed off postal vote forms on the internet which she filled in. The forms have to be received back at Electoral Office 11 days before the vote, as she is going away 5th June she has the forms sent to her home address to post back 11 days before the vote BUT if you are going to be away more than 11 days before you can have them sent to another address i. e. holiday address. Below is link for the forms. All is explained on the form. https://www. gov. uk/government/publications/apply-for-a-postal-vote
  5. Found this picture on another site. I was appalled to see how close this person has parked his vehicle to the adjacent van. Also surprised that if the owner was around why he didn't ask this person to remove it forthwith. Having been caravanning and camping for numerous years it still amazes me with trepidation what these people get up to on these sites.
  6. Has anyone been to this campsite lately? Would like to know if it has improved since our visit in 2010. .. Have looked for reviews and the last one seems to have been written in 2014. Loved the area but site was a bit run down when we were there.
  7. Just over two and a half years ago we bought a Protec front towing cover for our caravan. Just back from our last trip of 2000 miles, we noticed three small tears in the cover, one around a strap and the other two where it goes over the A-frame. We contacted Protec regarding repairs and reinforcing and they said to send photos of the tears. Which we did. We got email back saying yes it can be done and they will arrange pick up, repair and return delivery for the cost of £40. , only stipulation was that it had to be clean (which we did). We mentioned we must have it back within two weeks as we would be going away again. It was picked up next day. Well within the two weeks we got a message to say it would be returned today. It arrived and on unpacking it we were surprised to find a complete brand new cover with side fixing panels, They had even removed a canal badge from our old one and stitched it in the same place on the new one. Now that's what I call customer service. It is a pity there is not a lot more companies with this sort of customer service. (I am only a customer to this company, nothing else). Well done Protec.
  8. Just like to say well done to Kent Police and all contractors etc who managed to reopen the M20 in such a short space of time bearing in mind the severity of the accident. I noticed on the midday news on Sunday that the motorway was actually clear in both directions at that time and they were just waiting for engineers report on the remaining part of the bridge structure. Motorists delayed by this should think themselves lucky that those 'muppets' in Hampshire that closed the A31 at Stoney Cross for 7 hours to clear away a caravan weren't involved in the M20 accident as they would probably have closed the M20 for 2 or 3 weeks or more!!!! Most of important of all I hope the guy who was injured makes a full and speedy recovery.
  9. Hi, yes I know but it was only diagram showing the bit on the right side that I am querying. However, I have now attached a photo of the socket from my car showing the blue bit I am asking about. It had pink and grey wires to it, but I have no idea what they are for.
  10. Hi, found this diagram on the Interweb which shows the bit I mean - labelled C and D on the right side, but site does not say what the grey and pink wires are for.
  11. Just checking wiring and undoing the 12N socket on car I find the wiring ok but to the side of the socket there is an extra bit (isolator???) with pink and grey wires to it. Does anyone know what they are for??
  12. Just spent 6 weeks touring around 5 sites in Scotland and they were all nearly empty whereas in previous years they have all been very busy. Where are they all? Weather was great, midges a pain but aren't they every year! Can't understand why on at least 2 of the sites we were the only caravan and not far short on the others.
  13. I have seen some pot holes in roads but this is the worse I have come across. Traveled from Whitchurch to the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct along the A539 and A528 and found it to be absolutely horrendous! Pot holes everywhere - some 2 or 3 ins deep or more. We have traveled hundreds of miles in the Uk and found this to be the worse ever rod bearing in mind it is an A road I would even go so far as to say that as a motorcyclist this road is a death-trap, especially if riding at night. People who allowed it to get in this condition should be sacked or worse. (Trying to find the correct department to make an official complaint as it was so bad)
  14. Surprised no one picked up on the comment ' it must be as nerve racking as going to war'. Sad!!! Teresa May should be made aware of this program. It would cut the immigrants coming over by half if not more.
  15. Well it certainly wouldn't be a British made caravan going by some of the comments I have read regarding British caravans. The way they are going they will end up like the car industry many years ago. Even the traveling community use German built caravans. Reference my previous reply - I meant to put the way of the British car industry
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