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  1. Hi Many thanks for all your help, that has cleared it up for me. Cheers Garry
  2. Hi New to the caravan Talk site, first post. About to buy in June the new Bailey Vigo 2016 model. I have looked on You tube re: the touch screen controls for the heating. all ok on that. But by the entrance door on the side where the tall fridge / freezer is there is a panel with switches etc. I have attached a photo I took, but cannot find on You Tube about this. Can anybody tell me what they are please. I think one is for lights and turning the water pump on. . Many thanks Garry
  3. Hi Seen posts from here over the years with an internet search for certain ideas and info with our caravan. We have a Bailey Unicorn Valencia, hoping to exchange for a Bailey Unicorn Vigo in the next couple of months. Started with a Bailey Pageant Champagne and went onto the Valencia. So in total caravanning since Nov 2006. Try to go to sites that have a pub or two within walking distance, so a change of scenery and try the local amber nectar. ... Thought it was about time to join Caravan Talk. ... so here we are.
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