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  1. Hi Annenigel ,yes the seats are really comfortable and no movement at all , I would definitely recommend the seat upgrade. Regards Mark
  2. Managed to upload image of retractable leg installed to my brindisi
  3. Can’t seem to upload Picture of the leg installed will try and find part numbers tomorrow
  4. Endeoo They are a vast improvement and the bonus is we can still make a bed !!! I agree customer services is non existent, I also had an issue with the bed dipping in the middle, bailey have a design modification of a central leg but customer services refused to supply this as I hadn't notified them of the dipping bed in 1st year of ownership!! I made numerous complaints to no avail, only after I reported them for breach of there own warranty (as nowhere in the warranty documents it stated that you have to notify them in the first 12 months) that they supplied it free issue. This is my second Bailey but will defiantly be my last, what to choose next though.
  5. Hi I have had this issue on 2016 Pegasus and had it sorted under warranty if it’s as the image below . Water was getting past the side trim and soaking into floor . My dealer removed all side skirts and rescaled all of the van, glad to say all fixed now. I didn’t have any issues with damp getting to the inside of the van, just externally on the floor .
  6. Sorry to resurrect an old thread but has anyone got the wiring diagram pin details available for connection of an alarm??
  7. Hi mine took approx 4 weeks due to Belfield getting the design correct, speak to a lady called Kelly at Belfield ‭0115 907 1749‬ and explain you would like them as the design for Mark Smith . I didn’t part exchange but will sell my others later. The cost may be different to what I paid as I had my quote a while ago but I would say between £500-600 approx. It’s a lot to pay but Cheaper than buying a new caravan !!!
  8. Well after living with the dreaded Dreamsleep seating (Obviously my view as some may like the seats) and numerous replacement cushions sent by Bailey which were no better I decided to take the plunge and paid Belfield furnishings to make sprung seats for me. The high back rests had to go (although I liked the design pain to store when bed is made) and Belfield made me lower back rests so now my double bed can be made in the traditional way. I also had new corner blocks and armrests made from the Unicorn 3 fabric . In my view what a difference the seats are no longer like suiting on a park bench that after a period sinks and offers no support and I can start enjoying my caravan again. Shame Bailey Customer services wouldn't assist and I had to sort myself, leaves a bad taste and unfortunately puts me of buying another Bailey I am afraid.
  9. Anyone else having problems with Bailey Customer support with regard to not responding to emails !!! Sent them an email which they duly responded to in approx. 3 days, I then sent a reply and after 7 days no response, sent another email reminding them no response and still nothing !!! Perhaps I've been blacklisted lol
  10. We had a banging noise in ours in the middle of the night -woke us up with a jump, found out the glass pan storage door on the oven had fell down!!! Didn’t happen every night but enough times, the catch seems to fail and unlatch the door.
  11. I have a Bailey Pegausus Brindisi 2016 model with a MTPLM of 1450kg and MRO of 1256kg and would have thought with the new simplified bulkhead and revised furniture panels as mentioned above there would be a weight saving but interestingly on Baileys website a Pegasus Brindisi GT70 is listed as MTPLM of 1450kg and MRO 1296kg !!!!
  12. Endeeo I haven’t got the new cushions yet as I been sorting out the dimensions with Bellfield and the design as they haven’t supplied / manufactured any with the back seats as yet. In short though yes the backs will be one piece to match length of my existing seats and approx 310mm( think it’s this height as details are at work ) high so that I can make a double bed with them, also saves me having to try and find a place for the seat backs supplied every time I make the bed !!!!
  13. I am in the process of replacing my Pegasus seat cushions as follows -New sprung 1 piece base cushions -New sprung 1 piece back cushions (required so we can still make up the bed) -Corner block/ bolsters like the unicorn 3 -Arm rest end cushions like the unicorn 3 All the above will be made in the fabric and matched to the original Pegasus design for a princely sum of around £500 !!!!!!!!!!! It would be cheaper if we didn't want the arm rest and corner block/bolster but after nearly 2 years of seats that are uncomfortable and the time wasted waiting for repairs and returning cushions I gave up any hope of Bailey sorting the issue and decided life's to short to get stressed about them anymore. Wont be rushing to buy a new Bailey again but it seems like a lot of manufacturers are going for the foam lightweight option.
  14. Tried the 'Fit for purpose comment' Baileys response still to 'specification' therefore no problem, Baileys customer service needs reviewing as its shocking!!!!!!!!!
  15. I've had issues with lack of support on my Pegasus 4 seats and have had 4 sets of base seats so far from Bailey who will not do anything to upgrade/rectify as in Baileys view 'The seats are to specification' . I have all but given up with Bailey as was thinking of trading in the van but it seems that all manufacturers are going down the foam seating route and ditching sprung seats for weight saving.
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